The Beer Store Deals: Carlsberg Lite Import 24 Cans for $41.80 + Tuborg Gold 24 Cans for $42.55


Having a Holiday Party? Still have not picked up the alcoholic beverages? Worry no more!

Shop at the Beer Store and get prepared for your Christmas get together or New Years Party:

  • Carlsberg Lite Import
    Carlsbery Lite is a clean, refreshing, lightly flavoured 4% beer. It has a smooth taste with subtle bitterness. It comes from European heritage.
    24 500mL Cans For $41.80
  • Tuborg Gold Premium Beer
    This fully flavoured deluxe pilsner has a crisp European taste. It has been brewed in Copenhagen. It has high quality and a unique taste that have earned its appointment to the Royal Danish Court.
    24 500mL Cans for $42.55

Click here for Carlsberg Lite Import

Click here for Tuborg Gold Premium Beer

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