The quest for cheap pop


I’m sure im not the only one who has noticed the pricing at the grocery store has been taking an upwards hike for the past while.

I’m  a pop drinker, Diet Pepsi to be exact. Its getting pricier and pricier by the week. Standard prices for Diet Pepsi at Zehrs now are 4.99 for 12 pack of cans, 1.99 for a 2l bottle. Last year at this time it was about 4.69 and 1.69.

Its almost getting too expensive to drink.

Walmart here runs about 4.79 for a 12 pack of cans and 1.77 for 2l, they also have 12x500ml for 4.97 of small bottles (not that bad of a deal.

So I thought i’d start a blog post for fellow ‘poppers’ where we can post our cheapest deals on pop for the week.

This week July 12-18th Ive found 99 cent 2l bottles of diet pepsi or coke at Zehrs, 3 for 12(12x355ml cans) get the 4th free of Coke or Canada dry brands

Real Canadian Superstore has an 18 pack on for 3.67  not sure if its Coke or Pepsi brands

Foodland Onatio, 3 for 9.99 of the small bottles or 12 pack cans Coke or Pepsi brands

Foodbasics, 3.99 for a 12 pack of Pepsi or Coke brands

While were at it if you drink pop are you a Coke or Pepsi drinker? I use to be a cokie, but then I decided to go to diet and I really didn’t like the taste of diet Coke, but loved the taste of a nice cold diet Pepsi.

 Let the cheap pop hunt begin!

33 responses to “The quest for cheap pop”

  1. edite says:

    I love pop too – – but I go for no name brand at Superstore! This week, starting Saturday, they are only 66 cents for the 2L!! Woohoo!! Try the new diet Lychee: delicious and refreshing!

  2. Dan says:

    Shoppers Drug Mart has 12 packs of Coke or Pepsi (including diet) 2 for $8, plus you get Shoppers Optimum points on your purchase.

  3. dunebuggy8 says:

    I’m a Pepsi drinker from way back…grew up in a village with a Pepsi factory. I don’t drink it too much anymore as I’m nursing my little one, however when we did buy it the 12 packs were usually best purchased at Shoppers when they were 2 for $5 – a sale that still happens quite often.

  4. Sally says:

    Edite, I’ve seen the Lychee I just havent had the guts to try it, so it is good? Maybe i’ll buy a bottle 😛

  5. crackercrumb says:

    For those of us who live in Ontario, Dominion stores & other “Fresh Obsessed Stores” (I only know A&P & Ultra Food & Drug) have Coke & Pepsi 2L products on sale for $0.99 cents this week! July 11th 2008 – July 17th 2008. I know I am stocking up! I agree, pop is disgustingly expensive & I’ve become accustomed to drinking more than 3 2L’s a week.. (diet pepsi, of course).

  6. spoony says:

    diet pepsi is all we drink here…

    last week i bought a box of the giant freezies and it came with a coupon for free crush. and i have to agree with everyone else so far, shoppers is usally a great place to stock up when they have the 2 for $5

  7. Nosey Rosey says:

    I love Pepsi!!!! Yes you are right it seems the prices of everything is slowly creeping up…sometimes you can find 2L of Pepsi at Mac’s for 99 cents.

  8. Shari says:

    Shoppers has sales on all the time for the 6 x 710 pack bottles for $1.99, usually a limit of 4 per person, but the SuperStore just had the same sale last week unlimited, I bought about 30 packs, we always stock up when it’s on sale as we go through a lot of pop.

  9. adora says:

    There was a sale last week or the week before at Price Chopper for about 88 cents each 2L bottles. The sale cycle comes in every 2 months I feel.

    BTW, should we have a sales cycle tracker or something?

  10. GottaLove Freeebies says:

    Sobeys next week – Pepsi or 7-Up- 2 1L bottles for $1 !!!!

  11. edite says:

    Sally – if you like tropical flavors, you will like it. I’ve heard people complain that it is too sweet, but I don’t find it any sweeter than diet orange or diet ginger ale. I haven’t tried the non-diet version yet. Oh, and I love the diet lemonade – my fav!

  12. adora says:

    99 cents per 2 L bottle of Pepsi or Coca Cola at A&P this week!

  13. Sally says:

    Im almost thinking this lychee pop might make a good alcoholic drink with crushed ice and vodka… ive got summery drinks on my mind since I bartend occasionally.

    Thanks everyone for chipping in so far! Well keep this blog post alive and keep track of where to head to feed our pop needs!

  14. dilbrt says:

    I am a PC pop fan now too. There is a great variety of flavours in both regular and diet. It tastes great. The first thing I thought when I tasted the Lychee is what a great mix it would make! I like the PC versions of Coke Zero and diet Pepsi. The one thing I used to like about the name brand stuff was the different flavours like diet Coke Vanilla (MMM) and Pepsi Jazz, but now I can only find that kind of stuff in the U.S. 🙁

  15. Razzy says:

    I’m definitely a Diet Pepsi fan….I stock up on the rare occasion that Shoppers has sales of 2 – 12 packs for $4.99.
    The cheapest I’ve found recently is a 32 pack at Costco for $7.99 I think for diet Coke and for some reason Diet Pepsi was 50 cents more at $8.49.

  16. Shari says:

    Since we are on the subject, I have always wondered why we call it “pop”, is it a Canadian thing? I only ever hear the Americans refer to it as “soda”.

  17. MagpieMaggie says:

    It is even more pricier for those of us in NS, who have a 10 cent deposit fee per can/bottle 🙁

  18. amycanada77 says:

    Everyone laughs at me ’cause I stock up on pop everytime it goes on sale (usually at shoppers) 2 for 5 bucks … because normally it’s double that price – so yes my basement usually has a few extra cases when I need to fill the fridge back up …. it wouldn’t be a pretty day if I didn’t have my diet coke!!

  19. Sally says:

    Yes AmyCanada77 we do the same thing when it goes on sale really cheap, especially if were hosting a gathering within a month well buy a ton.

    I have no idea why we call it pop and the USA calls it soda… maybe just another Canadianism?

    I don’t drink coffee, but i’ve ”gots” to have my Diet Pepsi 🙂

  20. DarthJosh says:

    The BEST cheap pop is President’s Choice PEPSI clone, New Wave Cola (blue can.) It’s so cheap, and just as awesome as the real stuff – doesn’t taste like cheap rip off Cola. I don’t know how the Diet compares (Can’t stand aspartame)

  21. Sandra says:

    We often buy the PC New wave Cola as well. The diet version is great, and you’re right, it tastes just as good as Diet Pepsi.

    No Frills has 18 cans for 3.97 (coke/sprite) on sale for 2 weeks.

  22. I get half of my pop from Shopper’s Drug Mart, and the other half from Costco (through my work, since we’re a Costco reseller.)

    Anyway, I can get like 32 cans for $9 or something at my work, all name brands. That’s pretty good.

  23. meme says:

    Lychee is UBER sweet … REALLY, REALLY sweet … but it tastes exactly like the fruit!

  24. Waterdownzoo says:

    Fortinos has Coke 12-packs for 3 @ 12.00 and then get one free (so really, 4 for $12.00)

  25. amycanada77 says:

    Oh Sally you are my rival …. Diet Coke is WAYYYYYYYYYY better than diet Poopsie hahaha

    let the battle begin!

  26. Sally says:

    Diet coke tastes too ”diety” for me hehehe, I found diet Pepsi to taste more like the real thing. I use to be a cokehead(as in the pop of course) but now im a pepsihead 🙂

  27. Tammy says:

    Pepsi and Coke products are on sale at Sobey’s this week 2/5.00, limit if 6

  28. Sally says:

    I picked up some of the lychee pop Ill try it this weekend, Im quite curious to try it!

  29. Alice says:

    I picked up the Presidents Choice lychee pop at Loblaws. It is a great summer drink. They come up with all the best new things. One thing I do miss however is the black cherry pop they used to have. I guess not everything you love stays around.

  30. Jasper says:

    Gingerale is the bomb too!

  31. Sally says:

    Its on at zehrs last day tommorow 2.99 for a 12 pack, coke and pepsi products.

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