The Return of the FREE Coffee at McDonald’s Canada!


The Free Small Coffee during breakfast hours is going to make a reappearance at a McDonald’s near you!  This promo is running from November 16-29 at McDonald’s Restaurants across Canada.  I never did get to take advantage of this deal last time the promotion was going on so I’m going to have to try harder this time.  I actually like the new blend that McDonald’s is using for their coffee too, much better than whatever their old coffee was.  I love free coffee!

Another thing to keep in mind with this promotion is that you can up size your small coffee and just pay the difference in price.  So if you want a large instead you only pay the price difference (I think it’s like 30 cents or something).

Huge thanks to 23edge for keeping us up to date on this great freebie offer.

38 responses to “The Return of the FREE Coffee at McDonald’s Canada!”

  1. Eric says:

    I’m not too fond of their coffee, but their mochas are really good. Better than Tim’s imo.

  2. ed says:

    Is this the same coffee as the time they offered it for free the last time or have they changed their blend since then? Because I haven’t had McD’s coffee in a while. Still, I do remember I liked it better than TH’s coffee. Also their small is bigger! Can’t lose with good free fresh coffee.

  3. salad says:

    oh no, gonna be a long line up 🙁 gotta buy timmy’s coffee on that day.

  4. itsjustmebub says:


  5. AmberLab says:

    Their coffee has gotten much better. I may try to stop by this time. 🙂

  6. maybe says:

    Way better than it use to be. It’s going on for 2 weeks so I don’t think the lines will be too bad because of it. Unless all of the smartcanucks community goes that is!

  7. smanda17 says:

    it sure beats the $ you have to pay for a timmies! and probably close to as good.

  8. Ricky says:

    As a Mcdonalds employee I just wanted to say I don’t think you’re right about just paying the difference for a medium or large coffee. You could be, though, I’m not sure.

  9. mydusty says:

    Is it free every day between the 16th and 29th or just the Mondays (16th & 23rd)???

  10. 23edge says:

    yes mydusty its free everyday

  11. Bridges_48 says:

    I am not a fan of Timmies..they just keep raising their prices over and over..

  12. gangirl says:

    And the McD’s lids are SO much better than the ones at Tim’s!

  13. sharyn cadot says:

    Good for free coffee in morning! How about FREE coffee for seniors over 60 years old on pensions ALL THE TIME….support our seniors by showing you care about us. We live on small budgets and every penny counts

  14. Ray says:

    Sharyn I agree with you. I’ve switched from Tim’s to McD’s about a year ago. Coffee is just as good and the lid is better. Tim’s price is ridiculous now and at McD’s you get a muffin and coffee for $1.39. Seems Tim’s prices raise nearly every month as well. Oh and when I order my coffee the way I want it, McD’s makes it that way. Tim’s on the other hand can’t seem to understand that when someone says Black coffee with one sugar it doesn’t mean put milk in it.

  15. Lindsay says:

    That’s too funny Ray. Sorry couldn’t help but laugh. Coffee is coffee to me as long as it has cream and sugar. Then again maybe it’s not coffee??? I heard rotten ronnies changed their coffee and it is actually not bad.

  16. Cinzia says:


  17. johnson says:

    i dont like mcodnalds coffee. its tastes different all the time.. tim’s is consistant. also mcdonalds did not recently change the coffee.. they just changed the packaging.. its the same cofffee its been for years.. (they changed the coffee in the US)…

  18. Lily says:

    Mcdonalds coffee tastes consistent?
    I work at McDonalds, but I don’t get what you’re trying to say.

    We have the same coffee blend and we use the same coffee machine.
    Perhaps its how much cream/sugar ration the workers put in the coffee?

  19. Ramon says:

    McDonald’s coffee I find to be excellent. PLUS at restaurants in Toronto you get free refills.

  20. Andrea says:

    Apparently you cannot pay the difference between the small and another size I tried this morning and asked 2 employees and both said no. A co-worker of mine had the same experience at a different location.

  21. FRED KOENIG says:

    Sharyn, you want free coffee, always? How do you suggest to pay for this? should mcdonalds raise the prices of all their items by 0.10 to provide pensioners with free coffee?
    I will make you a deal, if you submit your budget and show that you truly need free coffee, I will provide a coffee machine and can of coffee so you can make your own. If pensioners need free coffee, it should not be provided through requirements on a private business.
    Instead of free coffee, why don’t we provide free budget counseling to pensioners and other retirees so they can learn to live better on what they have.

  22. FRED KOENIG says:

    lily, do you know what consistent means? it is not a bad thing.

  23. Jeff says:

    A month ago I switched from TH to McD’s coffee. Loved it and the price but for the past week or two it tastes like crap/watered down so back to TH I go 🙁

  24. Mike says:

    I’m a manager at Tim Hortons in Montreal…the comments we’re getting from our customers with regards to McDonald’s coffee is that giving it out for free cheapens it. They question the quality… and never get the smile they’ve grown to appreciate from TH…I know I AM biased…these are the kind of comments I’m getting

  25. Nathan says:

    McDonalds coffee has definitely gotten better. I don’t like TH’s coffee because their lid is horrible. Major splashing if I ever decide to walk with the cup. I’m not sure about the smiles, but the employees always give me a smile at McD’s.

    This said, I’m a Starcrack drinker…

  26. Annie76 says:

    If the lids are horribles, not good or something else, why don’t you use travel mug with good lid and isolation. And as a bonus, it’s good for planet.

  27. FRED KOENIG says:

    Mike, a couple years ago I complained about the cappucino that I was served at a tim horton’s. one of the high people in the company told me “according to the beverage industry there is no coffee in cappucino” I replied that this is news to the country of italy!

    I think it is a great promotion on the part of mcdonalds. I am sure that the average person that gets a free coffee spends more than enough on other things to pay for it. It also exposes a large number of coffee drinkers to try it, some will surely come back and pay for it in the future.

    tim hortons is good and always busy. my advice is that if you want to improve your business come out with better products

  28. D. Rod says:

    I just upsized to a medium and they charged me the normal price, are you sure about the whole upsizing thing? their event page in FB doe snot advertise the upsizing as well

  29. Gary says:

    The free coffee is not free in Vancouver – read on….
    As you may know, McDonalds is offering a free coffee with your breakfast choice for 2 weeks (last week and this week) The ads are all over…

    Today, I went to the Waterfront McDoanlds in Vancouver as I usually do each morning, and I ordered my regular breakfast combo meal:
    1) bacon bagel
    2) hashbrown
    3) small coffee
    The regular price (including the coffee),for this combo of the 3 items is $4.49

    Today I ordered the same combo of 3 items and they charged the following:
    1) bacon bagel – $2.99
    2) hashbrown – $1.29
    3) coffee (free?) re: their promotion
    The total price for the exact same order, including the “free” coffee was $4.49 (where is the free coffee savings)

    The price is exactly the same – except I don’t get a free coffee as advertised – the promotion is a scam!

    I found a manager and brought it to his attention. He advised the staff on duty of the correct way to ring up the meal combo sale, as individual items, thus ensuring the coffee is actually free. He corrected my transaction.
    The woman who served me, laughed and stated she has been over charging customers all week!!!
    How many other staff at this and other McDonald’s are doing the same thing and overcharging customers during this supposed “free coffee” campaign?

  30. ass says:

    my ass tastes better then coffe

  31. luis says:

    my tastes better then coffe

  32. Tammy says:

    I ordered a large everyday last week & today and got it for free!!!! Guess it just depends on the location.

  33. lala-chan says:

    Help the planet!
    Just make your own coffee and put in travel mugs, no more spills and no more cups and lids go into waste after being used for merely minutes.

    and BTW, i had given up on TH because none of their locations in my area have consistence coffee. maybe 1 in 4 times i get good ones, the rest of the times are totally water down crap.

    I don’t go anywhere for coffee anymore, only buy fair trade beans and make my own.

  34. delbert says:

    I love your coffee.
    When i was a kid I love to go to Mcdonalds and
    I love to go till today…it the best place.
    I love your promotions on the FREE Coffee.
    keep on the good promotions…love the coffee and muffins

  35. dave says:

    McDonalds is just threatened by TH’s. Timmies has always had the best coffee and biggest smiles. If McDonalds is that scared of TH maybe they should leave Canada altogether. PLEASE

  36. sathy says:

    McDonalds in flemigton is a rip off. They say the free coffee is only small and when i asked for medium they wanted to charge me. Other McDonalds gave me free large or mediums. They said i didnt give respect when i said the other McDonalds gave it to me.They are very rude with customers. Im a regular customer because of free coffee i didnt go to McDonalds cause the manager treated me very rude and impolite. Her “name is theepa” is what she said and she also didint have a tag on her uniform. Im not happy with that branch anymore.

  37. !SCRIBBl3Z! says:

    @ Salad

    Hey you said this right?
    oh no, gonna be a long line up 🙁 gotta buy timmy’s coffee on that day.

    Then why not just go to Tim Hortons and ask for a cup, Excuse if they ask is: The cup in my car is hot, would you like me to burn myself?

    This way when u order a free large coffee @ McDonalds for free, just pour it into the Tim Hortons cup, lol that way u did go to Tim Hortons.
    And everyone thinks thats where ur coffee came from lol LMFAO.

  38. Jacob says:

    A far as the size of the free coffee, it depends on location/manager. Some of them will just give you a large if you want it for free, others will insist on only the small size being free. I do not believe they will allow you to “pay the difference” as they would be dealing with pennies, literally. I’ve never seen it anyway. As for T.H. coffee versus McD’s, I also think McD’s has the lead.

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