The Top 50 most visited websites by Canadians

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According to (which are well known for ranking websites) below are the top 50 most visited websites by Canadians.


  • is on the list but isn’t
  • TD Canada Trust is the only bank on the list
  • Future Shop is the only major electronics store on the list
  • Friendster and AdultFinder are both on the list.. hmmm.. I wonder if that means anything?
  • There are 2 Asian websites on this list. Are they Canadian-asian websites? Can someone please let us know what these websites are about?
  • The government’s website is at number 14! Does that indicate that our government is more or less Bureaucratic than before?

2 Yahoo!

3 Microsoft Network (MSN)

4 Google

5 YouTube

6 Windows Live

7 Thefacebook

8 Myspace

9 WikiPedia


11 EBay Canada

12 EBay
14 Government of Canada

15 Microsoft Corporation


17 The Internet Movie Database

18 CNN – Cable News Network

19 Megaupload


22 Flickr

23 Digg

25 MLS Online

26 Go

27 BBC Newsline Ticker

28 Plenty of Fish 100% Free online dating site

30 CBC Television

31 Future Shop Canada

33 Photobucket image hosting and photo sharing
34 About

35 Apple Computer, Inc. Apple
changed so that our Lazy Canadian is happy 😉
36 The Weather Network


38 文学城


41 TD Canada Trust


43 Digital Point Solutions

44 Friendster


46 Kijiji


49 新浪新闻中心

50 Adult Friendfinder

32 responses to “The Top 50 most visited websites by Canadians”

  1. eBay didn’t even make it to the top ten? The 2 asian websites are Chinese websites, I guess Canadian Cantonese/Chinese likes to frequent these sites.

  2. Technically, Apple is no longer “Apple Computer, Inc.” They’re just “Apple, Inc.”

    or.. “Apple.”

    Yes, I nitpick. Just sayin’.

  3. mike says:

    ummm….. nice list. but where’s my site?

    also, no

  4. frugiedh says:


  5. Boo Radley says:

    Lazy Canadian, I changed it just for you dude 🙂

    mike, your site is ranked 4,834,190 internationally 😛

    mike, CNN is number 18

    frugiedh lol, I can’t even compete with these big guys. But thanks for the encouragement 🙂

  6. dea says:

    friendster is like myspace but i think its more popular in asia than north america

  7. hdom says:

    The two Chinese Sites seems to be based from mainland China, one is a news headline site, and the other has more Chinese literature reading with news articles as well.

  8. lpower says:

    #38 – is a Chinese community portal web site which provides oversea Chinese with online resources such as breaking news, forums, blogs, literature etc. I heard this web site was blocked and not accessible from mainland China.
    #49 – is also a Chinese portal web site.
    To my understanding, has freedom for its content posting and most of oversea Chinese readers but is under control of the government of China.

  9. Ah, very nice. Thanks for the update. 😉

  10. alan says:

    The newswebsite is It is one of the largest chinese news website. It is like yahoo here. It is also a public trading company.

  11. jyiu says:

    I’m a Canadian Chinese but I never go to that 2 Chinese websites. Those 2 websites look like they are tagetted to the people from Mainland China.

  12. Sandy says:

    I’m Canadian Chinese too. I visited that 2 Chinese websites occasionally. I also like reading and writing blogs on millionaire site. It’s a good place for meeting successful friends and sharing experience with them.

  13. Kevin says:

    NEW !!! NEW !!! NEW!!!

    Come to see our new website:

  14. windchill says:

    38 文学城 means Literature City. It’s the No.1 most visited website by overseas Chinese from mainland China. It covers uncensored news because its servers are hosted outside China (in the States?). (However, it might be blocked by the Great FireWall so Chinese in China are unlikely able to view it.) It also has a huge online forum/bbs with millions of Chinese discussing everything from parenting to politics.

    49 新浪新闻中心 is one of the largest Chinese Portal sites like Yahoo News or Google News. It’s based in mainland China (means censored content).

    Both of the two sites above are in simplified Chinese (used in mainland China and Singapore) instead of traditional Chinese (used in HongKong and Taiwan).

  15. windchill says:

    48 is also a Chinese website catering overseas Chinese specifically (somewhat like 38 文学城 ). However, I’ve never heard of it before. Just realized it’s a simplified Chinese site when I clicked on it a minute ago.

  16. 33 and 44 says:

    check out the source of this articel –

    and take a look at 33. and 44. 😉 !!

  17. I’m a Canadian that visits much more frequently than That’s because many presumably US-based sites link to when they reference a book title.

  18. Kingsley says:

    That for the information You can visist http://www.historyof to know about the Late President Of Nigeria.

  19. Eric says: is the first site I go to every day…. still not helping.

  20. dolphin lover says:

    smartcanucks should be #51!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  21. Ciel says:

    I’d think the Weather Network would be in the top 10! Given all the non-seasonal weather that finds its way across Canada.

    Also, there are many international students at the Canadian secondary or post-secondary levels that are from China. It would make sense that a couple of portals from China would rate on the list–to lessen homesickness or to find news without having to worry about language issues.

  22. Emily says:

    Same here Eric, you should also try

  23. Larry Jay says:

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  25. Dono says:

    What I found is that those website are not the most visited website. They are the websites with the most different high numbers of IP accessing them in Canada. (IP are “digital” signature that users use, show and leave when they access a website. Even with dynamic IP, there is still an attached static IP with it. Unless a user use some specific methods to change his IP, one access point to the internet means one single IP.)

    The real top 100 of the most VISITED website in Canada is from one like this :

    Unlike the website that only count the accessed IP, there are some website that take the information even further with the number of time those IP accessed each website. On top of that, the access thought other other browser are rarely taken into account. (an example : Weather cast and news applications.)

    A funny thing is that, in Canada, the most visited website is a ISO searching engine. (ISO are pure digital copy of any data disks like CDs and DVDs)

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  28. Kathy says:

    wut. facebook? needs to be updated. 😐

  29. Gaurav says:

    Very Surprised to see Facebook and youtube at this position.

  30. john says:

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