TheSource.Ca: Freetalk Bluetooth Speakerphone $9.96


Right now at this Freetalk Bluetooth Speakerphone is on sale for only $9.96, regular $49.99. According to the website:

Need a reliable and affordable handsfree device? Look no further than Freetalk’s Bluetooth speakerphone. It features a simple clip-to-visor design to keep it out of the way while still being close enough to use.

Equipped with noise and echo cancellation the speakerphone produces and transmits clear, crisp conversation. It can support up to two phones so you can share it with your husband, wife, etc. Its portable design makes it easy to switch between multiple cars or take it with you wherever and whenever you travel!

The included rechargeable lithium-ion battery gives you up to 12 hours talk time and 980 hours standby time and it only takes 2-3 hours for a full charge.

Enter coupon code TS831 for 10% off. Thanks Leo M!

Remember that you can choose free in-store pick up. Otherwise, standard shipping is $4.99.

44 responses to “TheSource.Ca: Freetalk Bluetooth Speakerphone $9.96”

  1. Airdom says:

    Anyone know how long this offer will last?

  2. Larry G says:

    I ordered 3 this has great reviews 5 of 5 Christmas coming up Super stocking stuffer :))

  3. TarynM says:

    Thanks so much for posting this! Picked up a couple for Christmas gifts; what a great, safe present 🙂

  4. Fred Fortin says:

    It says it’s not longer available

  5. Fred Fortin says:

    Forget it …. It’s all back I need to pick it up in 1 hour!

  6. misslollieputty says:

    Just ordered 2 for Christmas! Free pick up is awesome!

  7. Airdom says:

    no more left online, gotta get it in store!

  8. PammieJ says:

    I just ordered two – stock still seems to be available.

  9. SydtheCat says:

    Just ordered one…great stocking stuffer for hubby!

  10. Leo M says:

    I just ordered one and there appears to be more left. At least it says it is in stock and available for 3-5 day in-store pickup. Also for anyone wanting to order one, use the following coupon code (found on this website) to get an extra 10% off: TS831

  11. Kailey says:

    There are two colours – White and Blue. The White is no longer available online, but Blue is still available!

  12. SydtheCat says:

    P.S. it appears the white is no longer available online…but I got the blue!

  13. Gisele says:

    it would allow me to order more than 1

  14. Gisele says:

    oops I meant to say that it wouldn’t allow me to order more than 1… but now it’s too late.. none available…grrrr

  15. valerie says:

    It’s out of stock online now!!!

  16. romero55 says:

    I just went to my local Source (Waterdown) and they also have color Titanium for $9.95 :))

  17. couponladysno1fan says:

    the sales clerk lied to my hubby, first saying its not such a great product…doesnt have good features…then when my hubby persisted, the guy’s like, ohhh we r sold out….then my husband called up again, another guy answers and says yes its available…he’s now going to pick 2 up!! eeerrrrrrrrrrgggh!!

  18. couponladysno1fan says:

    by the way the image has a typo..’’ 😀

  19. sara says:

    The website told me my local store only had 2 in stock. When I went there, they had 6! It comes in blue, grey and white. Sign says $19, but it scans in at $9.

  20. Kailey says:

    Thanks Leo M for the 10% off code!!! Makes it an even sweeter deal!

  21. IRefuseToPayFullPrice says:

    couponladysno1fan – Thanks! Fixed it 🙂

  22. Becca says:

    Stores aren’t even aware of this offer yet – the store I called had no idea..only had 5 in stock though!! I put 3 on hold….

  23. Jonathan says:

    THESOURCE.CA had 21.5″ 22″, and 23″ ACER LCD computer monitors on clearance last week for $99.96 (reg price ranged from $249-$299). I picked up 2x 23″ ones.

  24. donna007 says:

    I called the store and they said that they have 2 available, I put it on hold, so can I pay it online then pick it up?

  25. IRefuseToPayFullPrice says:

    @donna007: You pay for it in the store. If you placed an online order, you have to pay online.

  26. Dixie says:

    Thanks for the promo code. My husband and I have been thinking about getting something like this for a while. So I bought 2 and hope they work. Otherwise I can always return it.

  27. donna007 says:

    he he, I meant, can I pay it online and then go to the store and pick up the ones I put on hold?…dumb question, but I’m just not thinking right now…Did you get one IRefuseToPayFullPrice?

  28. IRefuseToPayFullPrice says:

    @donna007: If you pay for it online, you have to wait til they ship it there and then pick it up. If you buy the stock they have in store, you pay for it there.
    I didn’t get one as I don’t drive 🙂

  29. Colsgirl says:

    Rand the store and they have 2 left so they have put 1 away for me. I have been wanting one of these for a long time. My husband paid $80 for his work one, I thought I’d wait until I found a good deal!! thanks OP – this is an awesome deal!!!

  30. Jonesy says:

    I just went to the Ajax store and bought 2 of them, they have all three colours in stock.

  31. Jonesy says:

    I went to the Ajax location and bought 2 of them, they have all three colours in stock.

  32. Nelles says:

    Thanks for the great deal alert! I got 2. One for me and one for dh.
    I also picked up my head phones today! Beautiful! I got 2. One for me and one for DD.

    Think there’s a pattern here? 🙂

  33. ccg says:

    can’t find it sold out perhaps?!

  34. Valerie says:

    Can anybody give me the item number?

  35. sam says:

    What is the item number please, I can’t find it on line

  36. Monique says:

    Here’s the Product number 1713164. I picked up 3 yesterday in store, what a great deal!!!!

  37. sam says:

    Thanks Monique, no product search came up, they must be all gone

  38. Amy says:

    I ordered 2 of these online yesterday and picked the pickup at a store in one hour option. I placed my order around noon and arrived at the store at 5:30pm to pick them up and they told me they did not have any left – they sold them all. I told them that I have a confirmation that I purchased them and they told me that people order stuff online and have it shipped to the store all the time and do not show up to pick it up. They told me they would try to get some from another store, but probably could not because of the sale. They had 5 hours from the time I ordered them to the time I arrived at the store to look for 2 from another store, but did not. If I had of known that this particular store was not going to hold 2 for me, I would have ordered them from another location, but they made no effort what so ever to contact me to tell me they could not fill my order OR look for 2 at another store. gggrrrr

  39. Skippy says:

    Thanks for the post and comments.
    Was this the “Circuit Breaker” for a specific day?

  40. Julie says:

    I got three of them here in Montreal, the store had a ton of them left.
    Great stocking stuffers indeed.

  41. Mike S. says:

    I searched for the number and cannot find it. Is it still available?

  42. Colsgirl says:

    It has been pulled from the website but if you phone the local stores they may still have some. I had lunch with someone I used to work with and I was telling him about the deal. I had the receipt in my purse so he phoned the local store while we were eating and they still had one left at $9.96, so he got them to put it to one side and picked it up this afternoon.

  43. PINKROSE says:

    I went to a store last week in Westmount but they did not have any left.
    Today, since I was passing by another Source store, I walked in and asked and they had four left 🙂 , two whtie, one grey and a blue left. I picked up one white and one grey. So who ever would like the other two they are still at the store in Montreal. PM me if you would like to know where in Montreal.


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