This Christmas’ New Fad: Zhu Zhu Pets!

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I saw on the news that these things are flying off the shelves and people are paying $$$ to get them off kijiji and stuff. Are you buying one? I think my cats would love them. It’s basically a battery operated toy hamster. has announced on their facebook page that Toronto stores will be receiving a shipment of 400 Zhu Zhu Pets on Saturday, November 21, and an additional 1100 for online sales.

They retail for $12.99, and are limited to two hamsters per family ! recommends that online shoppers try their luck before 7 AM. Happy hunting!

What the heck is a Zhu Zhu?

76 responses to “This Christmas’ New Fad: Zhu Zhu Pets!”

  1. Weeeooojr says:

    Um…real hamsters are the way to go, though their needs are pricey…

  2. quebe says:

    12.99 is an awesome price if this is true, they are getting hard to find and in the usa almost impossible to find at most stores, and they are 49.99 and up, here is a link to where the cheapest is 49.99

  3. Patty says:

    Cute, but still I don’t see what’s the big buzz about these hamsters. I think my kids will still prefer the Webkinz over these hamsters.

  4. Krista Martle says:

    OMg…. thank you for the info….
    I have been reading about the zhu zhus…
    and wanted on for my daughter.
    Heading to Buffalo for a dhopping day next week..
    but knew it was going to be a slim chance on getting one.
    I will be up at 7 trying my luck!

    Thank you, thank you!

  5. doodlesmom says:

    can’t see them on the toysrus site, even searching nothing shows up … same with walmart. never heard of these things before but they are cute.

  6. vibrantflame says:

    No offense to anyone, but this makes me laugh. I just don’t see the point in paying way more then something is worth because it is the “in” thing. By this time next year, that toy will be thrown into the back of the closet and never played with anymore. I mean, paying $13 for it is one thing (that’s pretty cheap for any toy), but $50+?? Reminds me of that last Elmo fad….

  7. Olena says:

    They look cute!

  8. mumlovesadeal says:

    My son, has been bugging me to get him a Hamster, I think this is a great solution. LOL Hopely I can get one, I’m not will to paid 3 times the price, when they’ll be regular price after Christmas everywhere. Which works for me, because my son’s birthday is in Feburary.

  9. Natalka says:

    Each one sounds ‘cheap’, but they’ll make the big bucks on parents buying the accessories – track, skateboard, car, etc.
    Hmm, there’s even an app for iphone – so how many kids do you know with an iphone?

  10. hm says:

    oh lawd

  11. 12 says:

    I think i might have a heartattack if i saw one of those critters running around on my floor.

  12. tracey says:

    Are these not the same thing as the flea markets have been selling for years? A hamster in the round ball? I don’t get it.

  13. casperjj says:

    They’re supposed to be just adorable… snuggles, wiggles nose, etc. They also have accessories that can come with them. They have a house that they run around in, a ball and, believe it or not, a little car. TRU Canada had a presale on for about a week in mid Oct. They shut it down because of too many orders I was told. I got in on the presale and got an email yesterday that three hamsters had shipped but the accessories are on backorder until early December. I’ve been thinking TRU will be a zoo when they come in but know what, I’ve asked lots at TRU about them and most times I’m told they don’t know what the big fuss is because they’re not asked much. They’re thinking they won’t be that popular… may not be as difficult to get them as in the US.

  14. Weeeooojr says:

    I don’t get it either. And all of those tracks to go with them looks pretty pricey. Kinda like with a real hamster.

  15. happymomy says:

    I was lucky enough to get 3 today from the toys r us online site. I had preordered them in october and they were gone from the website within a few hours. They are really cute and the price was right! Now each of my kids will have one for christmas

  16. evil.kitten says:

    O_O those things are freaky looking.. oooooh!

    They’d be perfect for scaring my mother! [has a huge rodent phobia.. so much to abuse that fact lol]

  17. spice_43 says:

    Anyone know when they are going up on the TRU site???

  18. radio says:

    Your kids have been brain washed by the TV!

  19. Natalie says:

    Are you kidding me???? I can’t think of anybody off hand who is dumb enough to go after such a ridiculous fad. I think it would be quite amusing to watch the parents in Toys r Us tomorrow. Not to mention the REAL at home pets who are neglected because they are no longer the “new thing.”

  20. anisa says:


  21. TaraF says:

    I’ll be honest….their noses are scarey looking. lol

  22. Krista Martle says:

    Thanks smart canucks… got my order in …
    my kids will be thanking you this Christmas.

  23. Mark says:

    is this a joke?

  24. Jackie37 says:

    They are all sold out online already!

  25. fokxxy says:

    I am on the website right now and Num Nums is there! Everything else is sold out. But if you want one.. num nums is online right now.

  26. fokxxy says:

    OH.. and its 7:28 am Nov 21st.. again.. Num Nums hamster still available online. I still have him in my cart but my sister finally got hers.. so I am releasing him in a sec. The site still shows him available though!

  27. judrew says:

    yay!! i got num nums, thank you for the heads up!

  28. fokxxy says:

    NO problem. Glad you got him!

    For anyone who missed him. If he is gone..sold out.. I am about to release mine. Trying to see if someone here wants to refresh their page and get him off my cart. haha.

  29. culater says:

    I just checked the toysrus website at 7:46 am. Chunk is not available but the rest are. Go to Toysrus exclusives on homepage, click on narrow by price $10-$20, scroll down, click on Num Num, then click on small writing “by Cepia”.Click on your preferred pet and proceed with your order.

  30. evil.kitten says:

    There’s always a fad/must have toy every year.. For me it was that damn FURBY trend.. I was made fun of for not owning one of those ugly stupid things bleh..

  31. Lisa says:

    They seem to be all gone.

  32. andreakralj says:

    They’re all GONE! Every last one of them….oh well; I was actually looking to get one for my Border Collie….

  33. Eric says:

    Neither I nor my kids even heard of these. hmmm..

  34. evil.kitten says:

    And there you have your fad/tread this holiday season ^.^

    I have a similar one that’s actually a CAT TOY I purchased from wal-mart for $5… you pull the tail and it shakes/vibrates and is filled with catnip.. lol.. he loves it.

  35. Louise W says:

    must be april fools day

  36. Justine says:

    Louise – kinda late for april fools!

  37. Eric says:

    It’s such an April Fool’s joke, that it extends to November 🙂

  38. Faith says:

    Amazing how parents will go extreme measures to get the latest toy fad for their kids. The money they pay out and the time they spend looking for the toy.

    I remember when Cabbage Patch Dolls caused riots at the shopping malls back in the 80s. People have real problems when that starts happening.

  39. Val says:

    I can see this becoming a very expensive venture once you start adding on the accessories – ramps, cars, etc. that go with them.

  40. Jackie says:

    Oh geez. People fall for the stupidest marketing…

  41. John says:

    Its incredible how a simple Toy has so high demand
    people are literally fighting to get this thing before
    they are sold out.

    The main problem is that many third party sellers
    are reselling them for up to $50 dollars.

    Here is a tip that im going to use to get one of those
    for $12 dollars before the holidays.

    I will monitor with
    so it notifies me with a sound alarm the second the
    zhu zhu pets become available in in-stock at
    retail price.

  42. Jackie37 says:

    $400! That’s crazy. Maybe I should just sell the one I got this morning!

  43. spiritedside says:

    Thanks for the post! I got up early and got my order in for all four:)!:)!:)!

  44. Rayn (raynygirl) says:

    Anyone still needing a Zhu Zhu but in the Scarborough area, the Eglinton Town Centre has a temporary store set up with about 100 or so still in stock ! Run ! Run ! =) (Limit of 2 per transaction)

  45. Weeeooojr says:

    I still don’t understand! This toy looks pretty bad too. What’s so special about it? It’s a stuffed animal that has wheels? The website video also shows so many ramps and what not which will also be pricey…someone explain to me please!

  46. anisa says:

    Thank God my kid isn’t a bopper, gimme-gimme, whining brat asking for the latest ‘it’ annoyance.

  47. trucks says:

    i cant believe people are buying these….they are creepy looking
    and i have some sort of rodent phobia

  48. zeekid says:

    I am hoping that other stores sell them as not every place has a toysrus

  49. JSAM's Mom says:

    I asked my 9 year old son about them…he thought they looked kind of stupid and didn’t see the point of having a “pet” that does nothing. He wrinkled his nose up and said maybe girls would like that kind of thing… lol 🙂

  50. CandyP says:

    Could be a great investment!! Buy now and wait to post on eBay. I harken back to the days of the Care Bears (once again with Toys are Us) when I was phoning daily to see if the expected shipment was in. Had to get some for my 2 daughters. These cuddly creatures were selling on the ‘free market’ for a HELL of a lot more than they were worth but some parents would pay anything for the ‘kids’ at Christmas. Luckily, I was not one of them and a shipment came in just in time to make it happen. P.S. From the video it looks like there is a whole hampster village to go along with them. The cost of this is ??$$$$$$. We have had live hampsters with little villages and they are not cheap.

  51. kimberleyjj19 says:

    Zhu Zhu means piglets in chinese baby talk.

  52. Denise says:

    Why on earth do people have to comment negatively on here. So what if a person indulges in the latest craze, I know I did when my boys were younger – think Beanie Babies. Let’s not forget the Cabbage Patch kids, Care Bears, Tamogochi’s. Gosh, take it easy people, it’s not your $$$ they are spending!!

    • Justine says:

      @Denise – people leave negative comments on the blog all the time, I guess they just like to let their opinion be known. Sure there are better things you can spend your money on, but people throw money away at christmas gifts all the time. It’s Christmas, why not indulge a bit? and it’s a kids toy!!! when are they ever practical?

  53. Patricia says:

    Hi, I was into toysrus website this morning and if you go into exclusives on left hand side and then click on view all, it looks like Mr. Squiggles is there for purchase, don’t know how many they have so good luck with it!

  54. Catherine V says:

    What to do? Do I go out and spend $40 each on two hamsters for my kids? Or wait and hope that they get another shipment in and rush out to stand in line to get them? I found someone on kijiji selling them for $40 each, and someone else selling them for $50 each who told me that he/she has already sold 4 and only has 12 left. What is wrong with these people?? How were they able to get their hands on so many and then try to get all of us parents to fork over more than three times the price? What has our world come to??? 🙁

  55. Shashi says:

    I don’t get how this toy has become the “thing to get”. They dont do anything but wheel around and imitake hamster noises. If you’re going to get your kid something, get something they can actually use like LeapFrog or a baseball mitt, or LEGO. Something useful, and something they can learn from.

  56. Srenaeb says:

    Fads will be fads, and people will find what they want to spend money on and spend it. Elmo, Tamagochi, BeanyBabies, trolls, whatever. But this particular one just isn’t cute at all…the nose is the worst part. Look forward to seeing this piece of garbage in bargain bin hell next year.

  57. Jen says:

    They are online here in Canada at They have the 2010 ones………

  58. sharp1 says:

    How is $45 the retail price? They retail for $12.99 at Toys R Us. You can get them on Ebay for $40 if you’re desperate.

  59. Justine says:

    sharp1 – who said the retail price is $45?. I clearly point out they are $12.99 on the toys r us website.

  60. sharp1 says:

    Sorry Justine. I was referring to Jen’s link above my post. Hubby bought one for 12.99 that’s why I’m shocked it said retail $45.

  61. Sandra says:

    I went to Toys R Us today and they told me they are going to get more for mid-december with the same price $12.99

  62. Rob says:

    My daughters go crazy for this sort of toy. Fortunately for us they have not seen any ads for them yet, but it would be nice to be able to pick a few up for them. It is sad to see people buying them just to sell them for a ridiculous profit.

  63. ratatouille35 says:

    Check out this article. These toys might be unsafe:

  64. Ciel says:

    After parents were concerned about phthalates in rubber duck toys and other plastic objects (massive rush to bin them), I would think some of them would look into all future new toys with caution until there was a lab or organization that assured them the chemical levels of a toy would not harm a child.

    But hey, parents have to be aware of substances that can affect their offsprings’ growth vs hot new toys.

  65. wbmommy says:

    FYI TRU website updated that they are on their way and will be available for sale again soon.

  66. Ryan Jacobs says:

    Are yall stupid, these are the gayest things i have ever seen. I wouldn’t take one of these if they were free!

  67. Jen says:

    I got mine yesterday from They arrived and my girls went crazy for them right away.

  68. DF says:

    2 per customer?? what if you have 3 kids?

  69. skatergirl says:

    those cute hamsters look so realistic and why do they have those buttons on their noses that is what makes it wierd

  70. skatergirl says:

    how long does it take to recive your hamster if i order it today?

  71. Justine says:

    Zhu Zhu pets at Toys R Us December 21st!

  72. BrooklynGirl says:

    HEADS UP!!!! if you live near the walmart in sarasota on cattleman they get a new shipment tomorrow at 7!!!!!!

  73. Deborahmaree says:

    Thanks for this info, I also have a zhu zhu accessories site and you have given me some great ideas thanks


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