This Week Only Sign Up For Weight Watchers Canada Online With No $39.99 Registration Fee


A few of us girls on the forum are working on losing some extra pounds for the Summer and of course our health! I most recently joined and I thought I’d share that this week there is $0 registration fee (regular $39.99) when you sign up for the 3 month savings plan ($65.85). Theres so much information on the site my head is still kind of spinning but I love the online calculator  points tracker it makes things so much easier.  I’ve tried the free sites before but they weren’t up to par.  Anyways I signed up saved myself $40 bucks (last week and this week is the first time they’ve ever offered free registration. ) I am really hoping I have a good outcome with this program, just eating healthier and working out is a lot easier said then done when you have zero accountability. Wish me luck 🙂

Good News! This offer has been extended for another week!

27 responses to “This Week Only Sign Up For Weight Watchers Canada Online With No $39.99 Registration Fee”

  1. Lighting_gal says:

    Hey Sally

    I think you will enjoy Weight Watchers, if your looking for some good recipies check out laa loosh, she has some good ones one there.

  2. Sally says:

    Thanks for the tip!

  3. addismom says:

    i dont know how well it would work online..for me knowing i have to weigh in once a week in front of someone is a big deal to stick to it…online only i know

  4. Sally says:

    True enough, you definitely need to be commited. So far so good for me. I figured I quit smoking last January 2009 and If I can do that I can do this for my health as well! Its not just weigh ins, theres activity and points calculators, message boards, recipes, recipe finder and so much more.

  5. DiamondDI says:

    You go for it. It’s a great program. You can do it.

  6. Meghan says:

    I just started counting points (again) yesterday, tempted to take this offer but I don’t know how commited I can be with an online WW. The $65 is still alot of money for me, I’m on the fence with this one!

    Thanks for the post on this one Sally! I’m defiantly thinking about it!

  7. Linda says:

    Hey ladies…I did this last year, signed up for 3 months online, and never used it. My fault, that’s not the issue. They do keep billing your credit card for months after, $12.00 a month. With my large credit card bill, somehow (not sure how cause I check) I didn’t notice they were billing me monthly, and I finally cancelled it, and they won’t reply to any emails asking for a refund of 4 months of $12.00. There is no phone number to call to talk to a real person. It has left a very bad taste in my mouth for an organization that I previously thought highly of. Its basically negative option billing, they keep right on billing you, and its a small amount so its easy to miss. Not an issue with the WW progam, just with their online site!!!

  8. Sally says:

    Oh that sucks Linda, but it discloses that after the 3 months if youd like to cancel you just call or email them otherwise they will bill you. It sucks they wouldnt refund you since they could of been able to tell that you didn’t log in at all. If I decide after 3 months that I want to cancel I will be calling to cancel, but so far I’m loving all the online tools and recipe builder etc.
    Heres some info on cancelling accounts

  9. Sally says:

    Also I forgot to mention we do have a support group on the forum, anyone can join us!

  10. Brenda says:

    Excellent idea; i have been going to meeting for the past year and am very pleased with my prgress; 12 pounds to go and 33 gone forever I hope.

  11. wellcalm says:

    I did WW summer of 2008 with weigh-ins for 8 weeks then continued the program at home. Lost 15 lbs. in the 8 weeks. By Christmas I was down almost 40 lbs. Continued to lose at home a total of 65 lbs. and have kept it off. I don’t know if I could have done it at home though for those first 8 weeks. If you follow the points you can load your plate, not feel hungry and still lose weight. My treat for the day would be fudgesicles and Dole Juice Bars (hardly any points). You have to be patient with yourself, do the program and the weight will come off. Good luck, it worked for me.

  12. Linda says:

    Sally, I didn’t see the part about billing ongoing after 3 months. If I did I would have put a reminder in my calendar. I think at the very least they should email you to say your three months is up, as a courtesy. This is called negative option billing and its actually illegal in Ontario. I dont’ have an issue with the WW program, just the way they handle the online billing. I went online and googled WW online, and found a lot of people upset by this.

  13. Hey, I go over all your articles, keep them coming.

  14. fit4me11 says:

    Can someone please tell me where I can access the free registration coupon for weight watchers? Cheers, and good luck to all of you

  15. Sally says:

    Hi there, now its 25% off with a savings of $21, so basically one month free.

  16. fit4me11 says:

    Thanks Sally!

  17. Nvgzqsla says:

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  18. Lynn Horrill says:

    How do I get free registration with Weight Watchers?

  19. clemmie says:

    I joined WW for 6 months I think I was the only 1 in the world that gained every week. I had the right amount of points every week and sometimes I was below in the points.
    I might try again on line as I hate being weighed in especially a 90 lb. lifer (my sister in law lol)

  20. Marybell Ritchie says:

    I just heard that a manin Sask. has the rights to WW in Sask and Alberta ,is this true?

  21. Marybell Ritchie says:

    I also joined online and am getting NOwhere with it. Really P—-d off. So I will cancel in 3 months and join locally.Online must be done better.

  22. maria de cruz says:

    hy,I would like to be part of your team

  23. maria de cruz says:

    I want to loose some weight

  24. maria de cruz says:

    send e mail please

  25. maria de cruz says:

    I’d the way that peiple look when fallow your instruction

  26. maria de cruz says:

    sorry but i don’t know what else write

  27. Joyce says:

    Thanks Sally for the info re cancelling. I sat in at a meeting and couldn’t remember all the questions to ask so that is helpful. I tried to find a phone number to get more information but there isn’t one. From what I’ve read – in person is better than on line – I just hate these “weekly” things but if it really does help than I guess I’m in. What about the recipe book? I read somewhere that they give you a recipe book but I didn’t see anything when I was there for the “free” sit in? I know there is one at Costco but is that the same?


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