Tim Hortons Canada: $1 Frozen Lemonade, All Summer Long!

Not sure how many people this deal will appeal to, but Tim Hortons is offering their new frozen lemonades at $1 – in Original (lemon flavour, I’m assuming) and Raspberry! I may try the Raspberry flavour sometime, but personally I’m not a big fan of lemonade. Why aren’t they offering their ice caps for $1? 😉

Offer ends on August 31st, 2012.

Click here to visit Timmy Hoho’s website!

18 responses to “Tim Hortons Canada: $1 Frozen Lemonade, All Summer Long!”

  1. Beth N. says:

    I tried the Raspberry frozen lemonade the other day and it is so very good!

  2. Digi says:

    I’ve had both, and they’re delicious!
    My 2 yr old DD prefers the raspberry, she actually finished a whole one lol.

  3. Middleclassmom says:

    McDonald’s sells their Iced Coffee (small and medium sizes) for $1 all summer long. Also, you can get Ice Cold Pop (any size) at McDonald’s for $1 all summer long too.

  4. Michael Kwan says:

    Nice counter to McDs, but it lacks the caffeine factor.

  5. Ruby says:

    Just remember folks, before letting a young one suck back a large lemonade, keep in mind that it contains 49 grams of sugar. A McDonald’s large Coke, in comparison, is over 80 grams. Sure, it’s a nice treat – blah, blah, blah – but there are alternatives.

  6. Hailey says:

    I find the advertisement a bit misleading it says for 1$ but you only get a small for that price but in the picture they are definitely featuring a medium or large cup.

  7. tester says:

    i tried to lemonade… ugh… terrible. save your money.

  8. Bellissima says:

    They aren’t that good. I thought they would be more tart or sour, they are sickly sweet. Pass.

  9. Theresa says:

    These are so yummy!! Great price too.

  10. Christa says:

    I Love The Raspberry Lemonade! It Tastes Just Like A Cyclone Popsicle In My Opinion 🙂

  11. J says:

    I agree with previous posts, too sweet, just mediocre stuff. $1 for a small is not that much of a bargain in my opinion.

  12. notJacMarketing says:

    It tastes like syrup water… gross…

  13. radio says:

    The problem with Tim Hortans is that every one of those smoothies and lemonade don’t use precise measurments for their syrups. Everytime I get one, it will take differnt, hence I prefer the McD’s version of the smoothie since its all automated.

    The first time and only time I tried the lemonade, it was too sweet.

  14. Miranda says:

    drink water. it’s free and better for you.

  15. Jean says:

    I tried this after ready about it on Smartcanucks. I can see this being quite refreshing on a HOT summer day but I just didn’t enjoy it all that much while sitting at home with the AC on. I got the raspberry lemonade and if you don’t drink fast you’ll end up with sweet syrup. I’m going to give the original a go and see if it tastes any better. I’m just so used to REAL lemonade that this stuff just tastes so artificial.

  16. Talimomali says:

    This stuff is pretty good, as long as you don’t expect it to taste like real lemonade! On a hot summer day, sipping it in a car with the widows rolled down, it was heaven. Also, FINALLY a cold cheap treat that doesn’t involve any dairy!! Summer is cruel to the lactose-intolerant!

  17. glowworm2k says:

    After trying the smoothie last year, I will not be trying the lemonade. I bought the smallest sized smoothie and had to make DH eat it after 2 sips because it was so disgustingly sweet and chemical tasting… I learned my lesson and will continue to just ask for a glass of tap water, which they will happily give you for free 😉

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