Tim Hortons Canada Announces “Slight Increase” In Prices of Unspecified Menu Items

Your regular morning double-double may be going up in price this August, though hopefully it won’t be actually doubling in price. Signs across Ottawa and Toronto indicate that Tim Hortons Canada will be giving some of their menu items a “slight increase” that will come into effect on August 2nd 2017.

The reasoning behind this slight price increase is “due to rising operational costs” and this increase will affect both hot beverages and some breakfast menu items, meaning that your morning B.E.L.T or breakfast sandwich could be one of the items taking the hit.

The last time that Tim Hortons increased their prices was in November 2014, where they increased the prices of hot beverages and sandwiches by approximately $0.10. The next increase is not specifying how much, nor is it detailing if the price increase will take place across the country or just in the cities with the posted signage.

If you’ve seen a sign like the ones mentioned above in your local Timmies, and you live outside of Ontario, please comment below to let others in your area know that the forthcoming price increase could be affecting their morning routine as well!

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17 responses to “Tim Hortons Canada Announces “Slight Increase” In Prices of Unspecified Menu Items”

  1. Diane says:

    Going to be loyal to McDonalds coffee they are more loyal and have a rewards card. Their coffee is also less bitter! Bye bye Timmies won’t miss you.

  2. sdab says:

    I only go to Tim Hortons if I’m picking up something for my mother. I personally can’t stand their coffee or their service. The other day, I had to correct them on my order 4 times before they got it right, and it was just for two beverages. 9/10 they either don’t have what I want in stock or they get it wrong. If I want cheap coffee, I’ll go to McDonalds. If I want bitter coffee, I’ll suffer with the swill I make at home. Though, I haven’t noticed any notices about an increase in prices here in N.S.

    • Cathy says:

      My sentiments exactly My experiences at Timmies is the same as yours They either don’t have it or mess it up

  3. Canada Calling says:

    Well, this is what happens when you sell a Canadian company to Americans

    • Ilona says:

      Hi Canada Calling. Actually Tim Hortons is owned by a Brazilian company now. Burger King and Popeye’s Chicken are also owned by the same company, 3G Incorporated.

      But I get your point.

      Well, this is good news that they are raising their prices. So we will save more money by not buying food and drink at Timmy’s.

    • Me says:

      No this is what happens when minimum wage is about to go up!

  4. Mekissa says:

    Edmonton Alberta Canada Millwood there is 3 of the tims have signs saying prices going up

  5. Craig says:

    Who cares. Depending on where you go the cost is different anyways. I go near the airport and it’s cheaper than if I go up in Vaughan.

  6. Tammy king says:

    Edmonton prices went up last month,

  7. Tammy king says:

    We have been paying the increase for couple months in Edmonton

  8. Ivan says:

    Very likely due to Alberta and Ontario announcing the increase in minimal wages. Expect lots of businesses doing the same soon.

  9. Christopher says:

    Why anyone goes to Tim Horton anymore is beyond me; I never went their, never will.
    Coffee stinks, Donuts shrink and shrink and their Tim Bits are beginning to look like chocolate chips in size and their taste is horrible.

  10. SuzyQ says:

    It is related to crazy high hydro rates, upcoming changes allowing employees to refuse shift work with less than four days’ notice, increased personal emergency leave, and increasing paid vacation to three weeks from two after five years, and increased minimum wage, …expect this at all fast food locations and restaurants. A lot of companies that are able to are planning on leaving Ontario.

  11. Timmy says:

    Raise the price by $4.00 and I’d probably still buy it. That’s the power of addiction! But really though, obviously it has to go up sometime. It’s a fast paced world out there and the cost of living, hydro, gas, wages etc. is not getting cheaper….

  12. Linda Murphy says:

    their coffee is disgusting, don’ t know why people spend their money on this crap, we are able to travel each year on money that people could save if not doing timmie crap and they have enough nerve to say “must be nice to have money to travel” That is when I give then a piece of my mind on what they spend on foolish crap like tim hortons. We have coffee at home, buy maxwell house on sale, we only buy coffeee when in las vegas from starbucks, you pay for the first fill and get rest of cups refilled free.


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