Tim Hortons Canada Belgian Waffle Breakfast Sandwich

Tim Hortons Canada is bringing back the Belgian Waffle Breakfast Sandwich. Made with two real Belgian Waffles, savoury sausage, fluffy egg omelette, and processed cheese; enjoy it anytime, any day of the week (but only for a limited time).

One response to “Tim Hortons Canada Belgian Waffle Breakfast Sandwich”

  1. AMY says:

    Don’t bother.
    They ran the TV ad last year and it’s only available in very limited locations.
    I asked 4 locations for this item and they never heard of it. One assistant manager even said I was confused, it’s Burger King. I showed him the website on my phone and he said that’s not real, that’s not their site.
    Let me get this straight… he thought I made a fake website so I can get a sandwich in which they don’t have the ingredients for?

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