Tim Hortons Canada: Free Summer Swimming Schedule *Ontario*


Tim Hortons has posted the free summer swimming schedule.  My kids love taking advantage of this, too bad our pool is a real hike from our house.

Click here to view the free summer swims.

7 responses to “Tim Hortons Canada: Free Summer Swimming Schedule *Ontario*”

  1. Rockin' Kitty says:

    Hamilton, ON (Tim Horton’s Capitol) no free swimming 🙁

  2. angelamary says:

    Thrilled with Tim Hortons extending Brockville to all summer long. Easier to get there!

  3. kriscat says:

    no free swimming for mississauga

  4. ValeriE says:

    No swinnig in ottawa

  5. damsle says:

    Yup none in Ottawa. I guess all the political hot air turned them off..

  6. mickeymouselam says:

    Once again we who suported the very first store to grow into the huge chain that is is today gets overlooked AGAIN! It seems that every move their company makes excludes us in Hamilton. If anyone has visited stateside recently and walked into a tims they will notice not only free flavour shots but they also offer sugar free. When will timhortons get on board with offering us the same kind of deals that the U.S.A. has???

  7. Leenoseworthy says:

    No Free Swim In Brantford this year !!!! Whats that about !!

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