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I was just checking my Facebook news feed and a friend of mine posted this link about the new sizes of hot drink cups at Tim Hortons.  I love my coffee and I can’t wait to try out the new extra large size.  I’m thinking I might have to make it a triple triple instead of my usual double double though.  There will not be a change in price to cup sizes they just renamed, but it doesn’t say how much the new extra large will be. They will be introduced across the country starting on January 23.

Here are the details from Tim Hortons:

Tim Hortons announced it will be brewing its biggest cup yet, with this month’s introduction of a brand new extra large cup. Beginning January 23rd, the new cup will offer coffee lovers across Canada a premium quality, extra large coffee at a value price.

To accommodate the brand new cup, the names of the other hot cup sizes have shifted: the original small is now extra small, the medium is now small and so forth. The change in names of the hot cup sizes will apply to all hot beverages – guests will still receive the same amount of coffee for the same price, only the name of the size has changed.


74 responses to “Tim Hortons Canada Introduce New Extra Large Cup Size”

  1. Anniep says:

    I’m too happy!

  2. Julie says:

    Wow! The extra-large is really big! I would never be able to drink it all!

  3. Minou says:

    my goodness… there are going to be a lot of strung-out caffeine addicts on the road!

  4. lori says:

    Its always been like this in the USA timmies. I hate that they are making it so american now.

  5. cathy says:

    I usually get a large (soon to be medium) tea and I already have a problem with the tea being cold by the time I get to the bottom. The extra large would be brutal. Do other people drink really quickly or do they just not mind drinking cold coffee/tea?

  6. Shelly says:

    Double Double is the same no matter what size we adjust the sizes of cream and sugar to the cup. So if it is double double you like I would stik with it, it will taste the same as normal just be more of it!

  7. Eric says:

    @Shelly, Adjust the amount of cream, yes. Sugar, no. It’s still basically two spoons (or two packets of sweetener). At least it as when I worked there.

  8. monkeymommy says:

    I stopped drinking timmies once I got addicted to Mcdonalds coffee…I have a feeling they did this because Mcdonalds medium is bigger than tims medium…..competition….

  9. parent says:

    mcdonald’s coffee way better than tim’s ,nothing in tim horton’s impress me but the maple oatmeal! the rest i wouldn’t pay a penny for it, runny coffee and cold baked goodies!

  10. Krysta says:

    i am so excited. i just toss er in the microwave when it gets cold… sometimes i dump it over ice and have an ice coffee

  11. Rosie says:

    I’ve tried the extra large when I was in the states. It’s a lot of coffee.

  12. Becky boo says:

    There is no difference to the price. It’s the same as what you paid for an extra large before. Here it’s 1.90 and will continue to be 1.90. The only price I’m not sure of is the new extra small. Also if it’s triple triple that you usually drink then continue to get that since the machines are calberiated to put out the right amount of sugar/cream for that size. I’ve worked at Timmy’s for almost 4 years now.

  13. JasonL says:

    Bala Ba Ba Ba…I’m Lovin’ it
    McD rock !!

  14. Sherri says:

    The New XL (24oz) will cost $2.00! It is the same cost per oz as it normally would be! I am very excited. I had a few when I was in Kingston! The machines that dispense the cream and sugar are supposed to compensate for the more coffee. Hopefully they will! 🙂

  15. Kahley says:

    So…. they just put it back to the size it used to be before they changed it…? >.< Wow!

  16. Dayanara says:

    I remember seeing this when my hubby lived in Buffalo, could not believe it. I cannot drink that much, end up nuking it over and over with the normal XL…

  17. Matt (kanewtz) says:

    We’ve had this new size here in Sudbury, Ontario for quite some time now. Apparently Sudbury and Hamilton were “test” sites.

    Personally, the 24oz is way too much to drink!

  18. xlissa says:

    Yup we already have this here too. (In Kingston). Have had it for awhile.

    My husband LOVES it. He drinks his coffee fast as it is, so this one at least lasts a little longer. haha.

  19. Fransiska says:

    As much as i love timmies (i drink a small cup every morning), this is a bad idea. It will make the Canadian society even more obese, because believe it or not those calories add up 🙁

  20. Dale says:

    I’ll stick to medium (now small) with one cream. Like to taste the coffee; what’s with the fixation of drinking syrup flavoured coffee? Wean yourself off the sugar folks. I almost hurl when I smell those double doubles.

  21. Moonieya says:

    This isn’t going to help those new years resolutions to be healthier esp. If people are considering trying triple triples. Hello diabetes, hypertension and other lovely health issues!

  22. Raedeen says:

    woohooo that new extra large will sure help me egt through my night at work maybe now i wont have to add a shot of esspresso

  23. Melissa says:

    If they’re changing the cup size to compete with McDonalds, they need to change their coffee as well, for the past year every time I’ve had Timmys it’s either burnt or tastes like chalk.

  24. Skippy says:

    It is 4oz more than the next size down.
    Has anybody done the math to compare sizes?

  25. Peppermint Patty says:

    As long as it still fits in my cupholder lol, but have visions of it being top heavy and tumbling over!!!

  26. ddsprkchp says:

    the states xl is 32 ozs

  27. Alyssa says:

    An average bladder can hold up to 550 mls of liquid. 24 oz is 709 mls. Eek!

  28. bhlombardy says:

    Becky boo says… “There is no difference to the price. It’s the same as what you paid for an extra large before. Here it’s 1.90 and will continue to be 1.90. The only price I’m not sure of is the new extra small. ”

    You’ve mis-read… “guests will still receive the same amount of coffee for the same price” — meaning what you were paying for Extra Large today, you will be paying for “Large” on January 23. (the same amount of coffee for same price of $1.90)

    The NEW price you seek will be the price of the NEW size, the new EXTRA LARGE.

    If you work at Tim’s, you should realize that.

  29. Twalker says:

    They used my city as a test market for it. There intense.

  30. Deb says:

    I could never get the extra large!! I am happy that when I order a small coffee, I will actaully get what “I think” should be a small coffee. I found the small to really be too small.

  31. Casey says:

    Omg I normally get a large Triple Triple and I by the time I get to the bottom, it’s usually cold and just insanely sugary lol. Imagine trying a new Extra Large Triple Triple and that sugar rush 😐

  32. becky boo says:

    Lindsay Ball
    So does that mean if I order a small coffee I’ll actually be getting the old medium size but for the small size price?
    Like · · 5 hours ago ·

    Tim Hortons Hi Lindsay, yes that is right.
    4 hours ago · Like

    Lindsay Ball Awesome! Thank you!!
    4 hours ago · Like

    Tim Hortons No problem – have a great day!
    4 hours ago · Like

    That was taken from there Facebook page. It sounds to me like you are still getting the same price for the cup size you always order. And it says right on there ad it’s only the name of the size that’s changed doesn’t mention price changing at all. Plus I also phoned the guest services number she said the prices are not changing.

  33. johnbigone says:

    time for us all to get fat….

  34. tudorchick says:

    i love it..too small as it is..their large is a medium by most standards

  35. tudorchick says:

    this doesn’t add to obesity if you dont load it with large amounts of sugar…geez i get sick of those “oh lets all get fat” types..so don’t drink it then,and don’t add sugar..derrr

  36. You’re all nuts, and half of you can’t spell. I think it’s time to stop drinking coffee

  37. Sabby says:

    I will be peeing the whole 401 long………..

  38. tudorchick says:

    spelling and coffee? okay…it has such a link..the grammar police has returned…or is it have?

  39. supermandy says:

    basically tons of people will go and order their regular size, not realizing it or by routine and getting ripped – since they will get a lareger size coffee – that they didn’t want. too confusing!

    They should have left the cup sizes the same and then created a new name for the new extra large cup, like grande or Timmies size or something…

    I have been ordering a medium coffee for years, it will be strange to switch (then again – what do I care – I never go to Timmies… gas is too expensive to idle that long)

  40. tovey_c says:

    Sudbury has been one of the two test markets for the new cup sizes… Most people can’t finish it and it is extremely tippy in cup holders… Beware people all the coffee will definatly leave a mark!

  41. Teal says:

    To anyone concerned about an upcoming obesity epidemic because Tim Hortons increased the size of their coffee cups, maybe consider switching your “double double” to a “single single.” Better yet, try your coffee black or with a sweetener or with milk instead of cream? On second thought, loading Tim Hortons coffee with cream is about the only way to make it palatable.

    If you’re worried about calories, the frappuccinos and flavoured latte supremes with extra whip pack much more than a coffee ever will.

    Finally, it’s about time Tim Hortons caught on – McCafe capturing a significant amount of their market share no doubt played a large role in this decision to upsize. The current TH small is a joke anyway; any smaller and it would be a shot glass. McCafe gives you bang for your buck, not to mention astes infinitely better than Tim Hortons.

  42. Jenn says:

    Think it’s unnecessary to introduce the new extra large. Don’t think it’s going to help much with their fight in the coffee war. Not very good for your health either, not just because of the double double, but because of the high amount of caffine. (Heard that it is equivalent to the maximum daily amount of caffine intake.) Haven’t anyone heard of the health problems link with oversizing, why are we still continuing this trend?

  43. Sue says:

    @ Kahley about the sizes. THAT’S what I thought too, that they were simply going back in time to the original cup sizes. Are we right or are we both losing it?

  44. Me says:

    Hey Jenn, you know Timmies sells things other than coffee in those cups, right? Green tea is good for you, & they sell it. They also have white tea & herbal teas, which have no caffeine in them.

    Not to mention, we’re adults. We can decide how much coffee we want to drink. If we want to drink 5x the daily recommended dosage, that’s our problem, not Timmies’s. What’s stopping someone from buying 2 large coffees for themselves?

    Personally, I won’t give Timmies money since they started the ’20 minute limit’ for how long you’re allowed to sit in their restaurant, but I’m not about to look down on them for upping the size of the cups.

  45. joline says:

    Wow – now Timmies is on par with American sizes! Good job timmies! I don’t understand the addiction to Tims – I don’t drink their coffee and neither does my husband….we both think their coffee is terrible!

  46. Jillei83 says:

    they made this change where I live a few months ago – sudbury, ontario. I don’t go often, but the few times I have I have forgotten to order the x small for my daughter. the new small if way too big for a kid! (hot chocolate by the way 🙂

  47. rob says:

    time to get an extreme sugar rush and get the new XL hot chocolate

  48. Jenn says:

    To Me,
    I was not born yesterday. I do know Tim Horton’s sell other beverages. I was making a general comment, like most of us here. I’m talking about the majority here, c’mon, the majority that goes to Timmies are to buy coffee. And FYI, eventhough it’s very minimal, green tea does contain caffeine. Yes, we are all adults; however, we are not known to make wise choices sometimes. Companies are profit driven and we, the consumers, drive the market. If it wasn’t available then we won’t be buying it, if we keep buying it then the companies keep offering it. It’s sad how it seems like we take one step forward then take two steps back. Eg. Here we are trying to reduce waste by recycling, but at the same time companies are making things with extra packaging. We all need to be smart consumers,like most people that visit this site, but, unfortunately, not all of us are that smart.

  49. Me says:

    Personally, I’d rather spend my time protesting trans fat than someone getting an extra 4 oz of coffee…

    & I never said green tea doesn’t have caffeine, I said it’s good for you (antioxidants & whatnot)
    I said white & herbal teas don’t have caffeine, which they don’t.

  50. Me says:

    I’m a different Me, but a similar attitude.

    Personally, I’d rather not waste $2 a day on one cup of coffee no matter what size. Is it not a hint that the coffee is bad when you need to add so much cream and sugar to make it taste good?

  51. SeriousSally says:

    Typical move on the fast food franchise front, if you “super-size” it they will come. As other posters mentioned here, beware of the extras added. What seems like a little bit of extra sugar and/or cream really adds up in a daily calorie count. Once in awhile o.k., but not something you’d want to make a daily habit. At 24oz..I need a loo just thinking about it.

  52. jay says:

    they could have called it the extra extra large

  53. xxx says:

    alternative name: JUMBO

  54. happy_me24 says:

    ^^ I thought the exact same thing as jay….

  55. Lana says:

    I can make a 33 cent cup of coffee with my tassimo, I’ll just stick with that.

  56. mandy says:

    I use to be a timmies coffee addict but most of their locations where I live serve coffee that’s either so burnt it smells like ciggeratte ashes or its very watered down. I don’t think tim hortons does enough to internally check on their franchise locations in the gta which is the reason I stopped drinking tims. I now use my keurig, buy mcdonalds or starbucks.

  57. Chris says:

    Am I the only one that thinks Tim Horton’s will make a good bit of revenue from people accustomed to ordering medium/large and realizing that they’ve actually paid for a large/extra large? 😛

  58. Sara says:

    I never understood people who say they ~loooove~ coffee when they put a ton of cream and sugar in it…. triple triple, really? Want some coffee with your calories and fat? Maybe if Tim Hortons made half decent coffee people wouldn’t need to cover the horrible taste. I would get people complaining to me when I worked drive thru because their “coffee” with 5 CREAMS in it was too cold….. sorry, but there was no room in the cup for any coffee!

  59. Anniep says:

    So, any of you know how much cost this new size?

  60. Sandra5 says:

    From Dr Oz website:

    “Coffee has been shown to have several benefits ranging from lowering your risk for dementia to decreasing your risk of sudden death. Now a new study looking at over 70,000 women found that those who consumed at least a cup of coffee with lunch were one-third less likely to develop type 2 diabetes over several years than non-coffee drinkers.

    The study looked at both caffeinated and non-caffeinated coffee. Important to note here is coffee is not defined as sugar, fat-laden frozen, iced or hot coffee concoctions found on your local coffee shop menu (think mocha java drink with whip cream). If you’re planning a coffee break around lunch time with the girls, go for it but stay away from coffee “drinks” and stick with a pure cup of Joe instead!”

    So more coffee = more health!

  61. Ginger says:

    The larger size won’t make people obese. Accountability, people. The larger size is not going to force people to drink it. People will still have the ability to make decisions for themselves and what they consume.

  62. chrys says:

    I am flabbergasted at the thousands of dollars spent on advertising. The marketing dept. should have simply named the new cup size “SUPER”. Timmy’s will be receiving many angry letters,emails, etc. a people order their regular size drink in the drive-thru, and then discover that it’s not what they’ve been ordering for years.

    Such a simple solution. Everyone knows that SUPER is larger than an X-large anything. What a waste of thousands of dollars and man-hours.

  63. Carla says:

    The cups are huge. We’ve had them here for a couple of months now. But it is still the same garbage water in the cup. I’d much rather Mc Donalds coffee.

  64. Cigale says:

    Take the coffee away and our civilization will collapse.

    extra small
    new extra large
    water citern -o- coffee
    olympic pool -o- coffee
    olympic size pool -o- coffee

  65. Lisa says:

    I’m with Sara. Although we have Timmies on the west coast, I am a Starbucks fan. I drink my coffee black, no sugar. I like to taste coffee. When you drink Tim’s coffee black….it’s terrible! It must be the cream.

  66. Alex says:

    Why would you have to make yours a triple triple now? You know the amount of sugar/cream is relevant to the size so it always tastes the same. The new extra-large double double tastes the exact same as the small double double.

  67. Leah says:

    They charged me 20 cents more for a large tea!

  68. Bergenm says:

    Watch out for these… The cups are taller and thinner than usual so they don’t sit securely in the car’s cup holders. I wound up with 24 oz of french vanilla all over the floor of the car before I was even out of the Tim Horton’s parking lot… I’ll never buy another one of this size if it’s going to go in a vehicle.

  69. Heather says:

    So knowing that the new cup size holds 24 oz, which is 4 oz more than the old extra large, my mom and I bought an extra large and a large coffee. After drinking our coffees, I filled the large cup all the way to the brim and poured it into the extra large cup. There was only about 1/2 of space from top, which we all know timmies doesnt fill that high anyway.
    So why are we paying for more coffee and not getting coffee? Seems like timmies pulled the wool over our eyes!

  70. Heather says:

    Oh, and to the person who stated more coffee = more health, as a student nurse I highly recommend not exceeding over 2 cups. Coffee is only good is small amounts, and will make your bones brittle and have numerous other side effects if drank in large quantities

  71. Moe says:

    Tim’s is an American corporation, and as such constantly requires rising quarterly profits so to sooth its hungry investors fixated on escalating profits.
    So what’s the angle?
    As always follow the Money or profits.

  72. victoria says:

    They charged me 20 cents more for a large tea also, I thought the prices were not going up…. they lied, surprise surprise…

  73. bluebunny27 says:

    Easy, make your own coffee at home and put it in a Thermos container … You’ll save a lot of money, time, etc. I used to go to a hospital next to a Tim Hortons and everyday I would see people lined up at the drive-thru to get coffee and a muffin … how long does that take … how much does it cost ?? I’d rather make a bunch of muffins once a week and make my own coffee, saving time and big money too. 🙂

  74. jellybean says:

    Just to lighten things up a bit, 22 minutes did a spoof about the increasing cup sizes at Timmies: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TtWje9-kN0&sns=fb

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