Tim Hortons: Lasagna with garlic toast. Hit or miss?


So a few weeks ago Tim Hortons introduced Lasagna with garlic toast on their menu.  I kind of had a feeling something would be introduced since a previous Tim’s advisor survey had asked about different pastas.  I haven’t tried the new menu item yet and it’s doubtful I will, it looks very saucy and will be quite similar to a microwaved lasagna from what I can tell.

Have you tried the lasagna and garlic toast from Tim’s?  Did you enjoy it?

They also introduced white hot chocolate a few weeks ago to. I’ve heard good things about it.

71 responses to “Tim Hortons: Lasagna with garlic toast. Hit or miss?”

  1. Meals says:

    I didn’t mind the new meal, the garlic toast isn’t that tasty (I wasn’t expecting a lot from the toast anyways) It was filling and nice on a cool day.

  2. roseofblack25 says:

    …Wait they have white hot chocolate? How could I NOT know this! I’m have to try it since Starbucks is soooo expensive. I am a sucker for anything white chocolate. I so wish I could find a canister of white hot chocolate somewhere.
    p.s if anyone does know where I can find some let me know!!

    I don’t think I would try the lasagna I know everything comes to the store and in the picture it looks pretty close to what I can get in a microwave dinner. Sloppy and not very filling. I think I would prefer to pick up some microwave dinners on sale and a loaf of garlic bread 🙂 Cheaper and I don’t have to leave the house. I usually do that on lazy days when I don’t feel like making food for myself.

  3. Dom says:

    Has anyone seen the commercial for this, yet? Can someone post it here?

  4. Greg says:

    I’m still choked that they changed the bread for the sandwiches. Booooo!

  5. rhiannon1891 says:

    I havent tried it yet because it looks like Chef Boyardee. Not very appetizing.

  6. orly says:

    Nah looks like it would be disappointing. I’m a lasagna snob- only like home made.

  7. joline says:

    As with the rest of their food, high fat, high sodium, sugared crap. Hate their soups, hate their chili, hate their sandwiches, and as unCanadian as this sounds, hate their coffee. There are WAY better places that are way healthier and way better that I would rather spend my money on. Rhiannon1891 hit it right on the nose….it looks like chef boyardee.

  8. imasmartcanuck says:

    Looks yummy to me. I like saucy to dip my toast in, but I haven’t tried it.

    I generally never purchase any food from Timmies because I found it expensive considering the smallish portion.

  9. Eric says:

    Chef Boyardee or Hamburger Helper. I’ll stick with their Gumbo (when they have it) or the Chili. Sure, all their soups come from a frozen bag boiled in hot water, but the Chili is still yummy.

  10. JasmineNicole says:

    My boyfriend will only drink the white hot chocolate when we go to Timmies, I’ve noticed that most places don’t have it on the menu you just have to ask for it! 🙂

  11. RF82 says:

    Rose, the bulk barn sells white hot chocolate mix

  12. SmartShopper says:


    I was in the States this weekend and their Safeway was selling white hot chocolate mix. I haven’t checked the Safeway here in Canada yet but I’m pretty sure they would have it too 🙂

  13. Stephanie says:

    I tried the Tim Horton’s lasagna yesterday… it is definitely reminicent of Chef Boyardee. Not terrible, but definitely cheaper in the can.

    Second Cup comes out with cannisters of holiday drinks sometime in November, and they sell a delicious white hot chocholate mix. They also sell a peppermint hot chocholate mix as well which is divine. The thing I really like about Second Cup is they usually sell small one serving packs as well which can be good if you want to try one of the holiday drinks before committing to the whole can.

  14. Chrissy says:

    Second Cup sells canisters of white hot chocolate.

  15. csaund21 says:

    Looks good to me! And I bet my kids will love it.

  16. cookie says:

    Did try the lasagna…and it does taste like frozen…not a winner.

  17. KD says:

    roseofblack – with the holidays approaching, you will soon see the Hickory Farms kiosks pop up in the shopping malls. The make a White Chocolate Hot Chocolate that is one of our family favorites.

  18. tthomp47 says:

    Haven’t tried the lasagne yet.
    I can’t believe I didn’t know about the white hot chocolate either? I haven’t seen an ad or anything?! Is the white hot choc at every store? Or only selected stores? I may have to go out today-it’s one of my faves too!
    Every Christmas I look forward to white hot choc & peppermint hot choc in my stocking! (the little gourmet village individual packets)…mmMMmmMmMmm

  19. adora says:

    The thing about adding garlic toast to their menu, or growing number of hot foods, is the smell disturbs the smell of coffee.

    Starbucks used to offer a tasty breakfast sandwich. It sold very well, but the smell of bacon and sausage doesn’t go well with the smell of coffee, so they took it off the menu. It comes back now and again. They don’t wanna smell like a coffee place at truck stops.

    I guess it works better for Tim’s because they are clearly portraiting themselves as a low cost diner these days. But if that’s what they are trying to do, the price of this lasagna and toast is way too expensive. It’s like $4.99 for a tiny portion! As everyone noted, it is on par with microwave food. It should be around $3.

  20. $avvy$hopper says:

    Haven’t tried it yet but from the pic, it looks like chili with pasta. As others have said, i like a traditional homemade looking lasagna so it’s doubtful i’ll buy the one from Tim’s; can just imagine the price. Love their chili though…I’d buy the garlic toast to accompany the chili.

  21. Anon says:

    I agree… looks like chef boyardee. why pay for it there, when you can buy it in a can for $1.

  22. Alex says:

    I agree looks like chili.. Can’t say I’d call that lasagna.
    Only think I like at tims is the chicken soup &blt sandwhich
    Ocasionally ill have a sausage breakfast sandwhich 🙂

    I love Second Cup’s white hot chocolate and am also surprised
    I haven’t heard anything about it. I’d also like to know if
    It is only at select locations? I’m also a sucker for Second
    Cup’s chai lattes… They are amazing I buy them in the canisters
    Not sure why I didn’t think about finding the hot chocolate ones.

  23. Diesel69 says:

    Yuckk—I`ll stick to my Chef Boy-ordie

  24. Gloria says:

    Not good at all – taste like it came from a can and no cheese on top of it – too pricey for the product.

  25. mrie says:

    too expensive and i don’t like lasagna the coffee is starting to taste crappy too

  26. Bytown says:

    Nutritional information:
    Lasagna and Garlic toast:
    Calories 560
    Fat 22g
    Trans Fat 0.5
    Cholesterol 55
    Sodium 1260mg
    carbs 71g
    sugar 15g

    Throw in a donut and you might as well head over to the Cardiac ICU and buy a membership for future use.

    And you wonder why there’s talk of a junk food tax in Canada.

  27. FreebieChick says:

    Doesn’t look appealing at all!

  28. Sallycat says:

    Tried the lasagne casserole last night. They shouldn’t be calling this lasagne because it tasted more like spaghetti sauce with pasta. There was way too much sauce.

  29. Elizabeth says:

    To “Me”

    Calm down. If you don’t want to read about it, don’t click on it. It takes a second or two to scroll past and at least two minutes to click and comment. Clearly, the other 28 people who commented were interested in this post despite it not being about “freebies, shopping deals, coupons, or contests”.

  30. Lisa says:

    You can buy white hot chocolate at IGA or Sobeys. It’s pretty decent.

  31. itsjustmebub says:

    @ Me: It’s NOT just a freebie site. You do realize that right?

  32. capistrano6 says:

    I have seen others eating it but not tried it. Here in Toronto, they don”t give you garlic toast. Instead it’s a small, square, crusty bun. I think the cost is way too high given that pasta is an inexpensive ingredient.

  33. Jenn says:

    When i heard “Lasagna at Tim Horton’s”, i squirmed. I’m sorry but Tim Horton’s doesn’t have the same feel anymore since then.

    I won’t go as far as describing their Lasagna as the same as the can though. It’s a bit better, like the Michelina’s frozen Lasagna. Just saw the video for it at Tim Horton’s yesterday, it’s just like they took their chili, took out the beans and chili powder and added in the pasta and cheese. I can imagine the large amount of sodium is in there. The garlic toast is just their sandwich bread, toasted and probably spread with a little bit of garlic butter. So, no, i don’t think i will try it, but other might, those who usually eat lunch there.

    I think they are trying to be too many things to too many people, sometimes it can backfire on you. I think they should just stick to what they do best, they’ve been doing well with it for so long. Even if they have to raise their prices on their coffee, i’m sure people will still be going. If there is any doubt, the other places will never have to offer free coffee so often.

    P.S. Haven’t seen or tried the white hot chocolate at Tim’s, but Second Cup has one of the best white hot chocolate. Also have bought a canister from Timothy’s to make it at home.

  34. nscouponchick says:

    To me:

    Didn’t your mother ever tell you ‘If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all?’

  35. Sally says:

    Me, i’m removing your comments. We were all having a nice conversation until your bad mood tried to ruin it. I manage the blog and I wrote this piece. Smart Canucks has had off topic posts since the start of the site. You do not have to read them, kindly scroll past. Please refrain from swearing. Thanks.

  36. LP says:

    I tried it as well, it tasted almost identical to Michelina’s frozen lasagna.

  37. Amy says:

    I tried it, and it’s pretty bad. $4.49 for a very small portion – you are better off buying a can of Chef Boyardee, since it tastes relatively similar. Or, just stick with soup or some chili – both tastier and cheaper options (and yes, I am aware that neither are made in-house, but they do the trick in a pinch).

    I heard an advertisement for Tim Hortons on the radio, talking about new paninis and sandwiches. I was excited for a minute, only to hear “select U.S. restaurants.” It’s kind of sad that a formerly Canadian chain that has expanded to the US seems to be doing better on the innovation front in the US rather than Canada. I think a greater variety of sandwiches, like paninis, would be better-suited to a chain like Tim Hortons than something like a “lasagna casserole.”

    Finally, I’m glad the official name is “beef lasagna casserole” and not just “lasagna” as was mentioned when it was just released – because what they are offering is not remotely similar to lasagna.

  38. CentrallyCalm says:

    Had not heard of the Lasagna… but that doesn’t look like lasagna to me! It looks like a can of Chef-Boy-R-Dee… like what other SmartCanucks have mentioned! Looks soupy too. I’ll stick to the homemade version. I won’t try it… and the sodium count (one SC posted the nutritional facts for this little meal)… wow off the chart! Don’t need it. They changed their donuts a few years back, we don’t buy them. They changed their chili, we stopped buying that too… it’s gross! When it isn’t broke, don’t try fixing it! The only thing they added to the menu that we liked this summer was the cold smoothies. Once in a while, it’s a “hit” to add something to the menu. I would say this bowl of wanna-be, never will be, lasagna is a “miss.”

  39. Dotty dot dot says:


    Personally, I don’t open food; I cook it. And whatever *that* is looks like factory-processed garbage. Unlike others on the thread, I won’t call myself a “lasagna snob” for preferring the homemade variety — I’m human and I simply prefer human food.

    Time to bring back the fresh!

  40. Christa says:

    Haven’t tried this and not really wanting too but the white hot chocolate is amazing!! I love it while eating a pumpkin spiced doughnut. The best taste combo ever.

  41. Mungi says:

    WOW, 560 calories – 22 grams of fat and huge sodium content – I will definitely not be eating this stuff. Shame on Timmy’s, I thought they knew the name of the game is we are all trying to eat healthier to hopefully live longer, not do ourselves in early!

  42. roseofblack25 says:

    Thanks everyone that recommended places that I can find white hot chocolate. I’m going to track some down here. I don’t have all of the stores mentioned but I will check the ones I do have close and see if they carry it.

  43. Pandora says:

    Have not tried the lasagne, but have had the white hot chocolate. It was surprisingly very good. I hope they keep it as starbucks tastes almost the same and is much more expensive

  44. ash says:

    to “roseofblack25” Timothy’s sells white hot chocolate you can make at home, and closer to Christmas you can sometimes find white hot choc mix at Walmart, I think the brand was “Carnation” it will be with the regular hot chocolate mix

  45. TallNFunny says:

    I haven’t tried it, but it doesn’t look like LASAGNA to me. Lasagna isn’t adding flat-ish noodles to tomato sauce…it is so much more than that! Call it noodles and sauce.

  46. Steve says:

    Tried it and will never have again. Tasted like canned pasta and sauce.

  47. lil e says:

    ommggg I also did not know timmys had white hot chocolate! mmmm sounds soo tasty.

    ^ roseofblack25: I would also recommend second cup white hot chocolate mix. They have theee best white hot choco. in my opinion!! =p (although I haven’t tried timmys just yet.. )

  48. Stephania says:

    I haven’t tried it, but I saw them squeezing chilli out of a plastic bag and I NEVER ate it again! It just reminded me of how processed + probably over salted their food is, so no thanks.

    If I hafta, I’ll stick to a sandwich or something.

    And YES, I do hafta agree that it looks like Chef Boyardee!!!

  49. amanda says:

    i’m with rose, love anything white chocolate! will need to try it!!

  50. really? says:

    I really don’t like much of anything Timmies has to offer.

    The food is not tasty. It is just fairly cheap and served quickly so people turn to Timmies by default like its Canadian comfort food, when basically it is just crappy food like McDonalds and all of the rest. It is crap in disguise, it doesn’t come in the form of french fries, a hot dog or burger but it is still crappy food.

    I do like their iced capps though but hey do not taste like coffee at all and I’ve heard that their real fruit smoothies do not actually contain fruit lol.

  51. Amy says:

    “I think they are trying to be too many things to too many people, sometimes it can backfire on you. I think they should just stick to what they do best, they’ve been doing well with it for so long. Even if they have to raise their prices on their coffee, i’m sure people will still be going. If there is any doubt, the other places will never have to offer free coffee so often.”

    @ Jenn,

    Actually, I think the reason Tim Hortons is expanding their menu is to grow out of their donut and coffee “niche” and pad their bottom line. McDonalds is intruding on their market share quite significantly – and make no mistake, McCafe is a major competitor of theirs now. As for the free coffee they hand out? I’m sure McDonalds is in no dire need to hand out free coffee – they do it as a marketing strategy, and it works. Some people are reluctant to try their coffee, which is fine – but one taste, and it’s easy to taste the difference between TH and MCD (I personally will not go to Timmy’s for coffee anymore – it just doesn’t compare – and I drink my coffee black so it’s not the same as loading it with milk and sugar to the point where the taste of the coffee itself is overtaken).

    Not only is McDonalds creeping in on their coffee market, they are a major competitor with respect to breakfast items now – with their offering of biscuits in imitation of Tim Hortons.

    My point being (I promise, I don’t work for McDonalds): Raising prices will not keep customers going to Tim Hortons – their offering just is not good enough to charge a premium on. Basically, they’re not really doing anything well enough anymore.

  52. JayGal says:

    Fiance had the lasagna is nothing special, waste of money.

    White hot chocolate is a little too sweet but much better than the regular hot chocolate they sell.
    Also favoured smoothies; french vanilla, butter carmel etc have all been removed and replaced with white hot chocolate. Extremely disappointed because I do not drink coffee and like Timis very little. Finally found something to order and now I’m back to nothing.

  53. suzanne says:

    The white hot chocolate is great!
    The lasagna needs some cheese on top and a bigger bun!

  54. Mist_ynight says:

    @ Eric, not all the soups are frozen from a bag, the chilli is but the soups are packaged and you add water to them. The egg and sausage are also frozen and you warm them in the oven. I worked at Tim Hortons for 3 years as both a baker and counter staff.

  55. :) Monica :) says:

    It does not look like lasagna. No Thanks for me!
    As for the white hot chocolate, can’t wait to give it a try.

  56. Elaine says:

    I tried the lasagna – too much tomato sauce and not enough cheese. Also a little too salty.

    I didn’t get garlic toast – they gave me a sandwich bun instead – yes the ones they use for the sandwiches – no butter on it or anything either – just a plain bun! I feel ripped off but was in a rush to leave and didn’t look in the bag until I left. I can’t even go back as it is not a usual location I visit.

  57. Stephany says:

    Laura Secord sells a really good canister of the white hot chocolate mix. I think it sells for about $7.99 but well worth it!

  58. jimbo says:

    i’m waiting for them to fire up the espresso, cappucino and latte machine. there’s been one for weeks at a local timmy’s but they haven’t received the ‘go’ to start serving.

  59. Bran says:

    Tried the lasagna last week, and it just like chef boyardee. I was not impressed by the portion size either, and the garlic toast they give you is not what’s pictured. It’s just a dinner roll with garlic spread.

  60. Smyleybears says:

    @roseofblack25 …you can find a canister of white hot chocolate powder at many local grocery stores here in the Vancouver, BC area. I actually just finished one a few weeks back. You can even make your own using white chocolate melting discs…I have had both and like each of them equally:D

  61. Vic009 says:

    Timmies has really gone downhill and the lasagna(?) doesn’t help their cause. White hot chocolate tasted like dish water and the service continues to decline…I will now pass on Tim’s whenever I can.

  62. Sandra says:

    In the words of my husband, “lasagna should not be served with a spoon.” I have to agree with him on this one. Will not be trying the lasagna, sorry Tim’s.

  63. annette says:

    Miss! I tried it the first week, and frankly, I felt ill after. I buy coffee and sometimes food from Timmies on a daily basis, but i”ll never get this again! Stick to the chili.

  64. roseofblack25 says:

    Thanks everyone for still suggesting places I can check for white hot chocolate! My sister found it at her bulk barn so she got a bag of the mix for me 🙂 The bulk barn where I am is lame and doesn’t sell many drink mixes. Just the regular milk hot chocolate and french vanilla 🙁

  65. Sandra says:

    This sounds like a fabulous hearty new entre. I will be trying it when it arrives in Kitchener-Waterloo.

  66. heather says:

    The White hot chocolate is going to be pushed and advertised come December…..right now it’s available in Tim’s but under a soft sell…
    or so I was told today

  67. Satin says:

    Bulk Barn sells white hot chocolate powder and it is very good. I think it’s around for 5 months out of the year so I buy a big bag and it lasts me a long time. Plus you can usually get it for 20% off. Their candy cane or white peppermint hot chocolate is yummy too.

    I was a Second Cup fan myself, and you can purchase their tins year round…no need to wait for the holidays. But after trying Bulk Barns, it’s definitely comparable and MUCH cheaper.

  68. Lena says:

    I tried the lasagna a few days ago.. It wasn’t horrible but for the portion size I found it on the expensive side. I was surprised about the lack of cheese. I didn’t see or taste any. They should have called it a pasta casserole rather than lasagna. Anyway the amount of calories and fat content I won’t be having it again. Not impressed.

  69. Stephen says:

    I tried it… I gave it an honest effort… the first few bites weren’t horrible… I even tweeted that it was good, not great…

    But as I worked my way through it, it just started to get to me. It definitely feels like an expensive microwaved lasagna… I couldn’t finish it. I’ll never get it again.

    I preferred the garlic toast, but it was too small. I think they should give you one of the regular sized buns like they do with chili.

  70. Lemon says:

    I tried the white hot chocolate because i looooove white hot chocolate. SO. FRICKIN. DISGUSTING. It tastes like steamed milk and water pumped full of chemicals. SO nasty, i will loyaly stick to NORMAL hot cocoa, thanks very much. The lasagna looks good…

  71. Danielle says:

    @ Bytown…..
    you think 560 calories is a lot? for a snack, yes it’s a lot of calories. For a meal, 560 calories is not bad at all. multiply that by 3 meals per day and you’re still at less than the daily recommended caloric intake of 2000 for the average North American adult. and for anyone who thinks the portion size might be too small, it’s not bad. I’m usually the type of person that needs to eat every 2-3 hours. I have a high metabolism. But today for dinner I had a regular size lasagna casserole and garlic toast from tim hortons then went for a 45 minute workout. it kept me going through the workout and I didn’t need to eat again until 5 hours later. not the best lasagna I’ve ever had, but not the worst either.

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