Tim Hortons Price Increases in Ontario

Tim Hortons Price Increases [pic source]

  • Medium Coffee: $1.17 to $1.22
  • Large Coffee: $1.31 to $1.38
  • Extra Large Coffee: $1.49 to $1.57

Tim Hortons Inc. has confirmed that has increased prices in Ontario as of April 7 as a result of higher overall operating costs at its stores.

The price increase mostly applies to beverages and coffee in particular, a company spokesperson said, but customers have been notified with signs for more than a week.

A medium coffee will now cost $1.22 (excluding taxes), up from $1.17 previously. The price of a large coffee moves from $1.31 to $1.38, and an extra large from $1.49 to $1.57.

The last price hike for Tim Hortons coffee was in February 2006.

On Friday, BMO Capital Markets said the increases would boost the coffee and donut chain’s same-store sales growth.

[via: National Post]

64 responses to “Tim Hortons Price Increases in Ontario”

  1. AC says:

    Booooooooo! 🙁
    But not surprised…

  2. Khristopher says:

    It’s not worth half the price anyway.

  3. David says:

    I agree, I don’t think Tim Horton’s is anything special.

    But then again, I don’t drink coffee (caffeine free for 25 years!)

  4. Craig says:

    I still remember when the price of a medium coffee jumped to $1.01 with taxes .. that was a sad day.

  5. Ted says:

    Didn’t they recently make the cups smaller too, or am I just crazy?

  6. Francis says:

    I buy my large Tim coffee everyday and it’s been a $ 1.38 for a long time.

  7. Lisa Francisco says:

    Same here, i’ve been charged $ 1.38 ever since Jan when the gst went down

  8. Boo Radley says:

    It’s $1.38 + taxes now.

  9. Robert says:

    I suspect that’s why timmies has the roll up the rim contest in the first place. They always seem to time the increase just after that.
    I still remember (years ago) that there was a big coffee bean shortage and prices for the product skyrocketed. Timmies increased their price twice in a very short time. Seems fair eh. But they didn’t reduce the price when the product became cheaper again.
    One thing that bugged me abit was that great canadian tradition of tim hortons coffee was (and may still be) is owned by an american company.
    One other trick that companies use to raise the price without actually raising the price (yes you read that right) is to reduce the amount of the product you receive. If timmies wants to make more money, they just reduce even slightly the size of the cups but of course keep the price the same.

    “I’m either old and cynical or just old”

  10. MissScrooge says:

    I don’t have exact prices off hand here.. BUT, it’s not just the coffee.

    I used to go to Tim’s for a sweet fix and grab half a dozen cookies for only $2 something.

    I had gone about a month ago and asked for my usual sweet fix of 6 cookies – the lady at the counter rang them in for $5 nearly $6!!!

    I guess a month before that they had put their prices up – cookies are now about $1 a piece…

    Needless to say I couldn’t bring myself to pay the price they were asking for 6 and walked out of there with only 1.

    Now when I need a sweet fix.. I bake. lol.

  11. Robert says:

    I have a craving for homemade chocolate chip cookies missscroog, where did you say you live again lol.

    “coffee and chocolate are major food groups”

  12. MissScrooge says:

    LOL Robert!!

    Passed the tree, over the hill and next to a Tim’s – can’t miss it 😛 😛 😛

    Mmmmmm melt in your mouth & fresh from the oven.. 😛

  13. tattoodprincess says:

    My friend at work was telling me the price of tea went up too. Shes pregnant so she’ll only drink Earl Grey tea not coffee, and the price on a large has gone up 7 cents. As I said, I remember when ANY size tea was 95 cents. And that wasnt too long ago. I dont know how they get away with it. I understand they have to cover certain costs but Starbucks tastes better and is getting to be close to the same price. I cant stand the taste of their coffee or bake goods. Everything seems so greasy. I make my own cookies and they are a MILLION times better!

  14. Andrew says:

    Moral of the story, make your own coffee and certainly baked goods.

  15. Lesley says:

    They keep getting “away with it” as long as we keep buying it! lol As consumers we have a lot of influence but we need to practice restraint to get the point across! The price for coffee and tea is ridulous, I don’t care how good they think their coffee is … it realy isn’t! Its the tea that kills me, they still use 1 team for all the sizes, and water isn’t costing them that much! Too bad I enjoy an odd coffee out, well, it won’t kill be to go back to baking again, some things I make taste better and are definately healther … ok, you’re all invited to the my acreage for coffee, tea and goodies in August! Oh buy the way, I won’t ge charging!!!

  16. Lesley says:

    So many typos, sorry … think I was in the blueberry tea … I wasn’t, just playing netwinner at same time as typing this…

  17. JP says:

    I might be wrong, but I’m pretty sure Coffee Time has had for a while now at least any size coffee, same price.

  18. JP says:

    Sorry, I meant Country Style, the one near me has had that for a while now. (Pape and Carlaw)

  19. Jaz says:

    People, the reason the prices went up is because the Minimum wage went up. Its just not timmies raising the prices its everything else that now cost more. soo we should be really blaming the government for raising the minimum wage now we who earn minimum wage earn less.

    for those who eat and drink at timmies everyday were stupid the day they were born for eating out everyday. you people will always be poor. I earn minimum wage and i save more than a person making 40k a year.

  20. Alex says:

    I doubt that a few pennies is going to hurt us that much.
    Think about the people in the world who make 30 cents an hour. We should be purchasing some ‘fair trade’ products in my opinion. Though the cost is going up [for a cup of coffee]we have a great life in Canada. Thank you Canada!!!

  21. Gloria says:

    Eh. You know what? Still beats paying $3 at Starbucks or Second Cup for the same cup of mediocre coffee.

  22. tuesday says:

    i remember the days when people had a coffee maker at home and coffee was made when you got up in the mornings with the automatic timer.

  23. Eri says:

    Jaz, I noticed the same thing…Everytime minimum wage goes up they raise their prices! That’s why raising min. wage to ten bucks will do little to help those making minimum wage…even though it is good on paper. It basically just boils down to greed and those making the big bucks’ ability to objectify people (their workers, those growing the beans in other countries etc).

  24. Justine says:

    ya, still a lot cheaper than starbucks or second cup.

  25. Mona says:

    We have been paying $1.70 (1.79 with tax)for many months already here in Alberta, I am Tim hortons addict not sure how much it would have to cost to stop going there. Can’t get it to taste the same at homw no matter how hard I try. Apparently others feel the same hardly ever at ime where there isn’t a line up.

  26. Shaunah says:

    Miss Scrooge,

    The girl who rang through your cookies was likely a new employee. I worked at Timmies for several years, and on my first day was put in front of a till, no training whatsoever. If you’ve never worked till before, you don’t know all the tips and tricks . . . like 3x, 6x and 12x orders for cookies, muffins, etc which cuts the cost almost in half. She probably just rang through six cookies, which are almost a dollar on their own. Try to avoid staff with training tags! (sometimes they dont have them, so you cant tell)

    I think its kind of silly to raise the price. The owner of my Timmies told me if he sells 1 cup from a pot, he’s already made a profit. Each pot will make almost 4 large cups, more if they have sugar/creamer in them.

  27. Nicole says:

    The other day I was running late and didn’t have time to make my tea at home. So I just grabbed a tea bag and travel mug, and went into the Tim Hortons close to my work. They charged me for hot water! I know at Starbucks and Second Cup you can get water for free (especially since I had my own mug and wasn’t using one of their cups). Has this ever happened to anyone else? Is this standard for Tim Hortons? How much can one cup of hot water really set them back??

  28. Justine says:

    Ya, I’ve seen people charged for hot water before.

  29. travelgeek says:

    Starbucks hiked their prices too… $1.84 tax incl for a tall (small).

  30. belgradar says:

    if only it was that cheap in westeran canada

  31. Jaz says:

    People reading this blog site should try to control their urge to eating out. I dont want to get into the health issues here, but 10 to 15 years from now, we the North American will see some serious issues regarding health. We are already starting to see some effect of it (obesiety and some types of cancers). This will also carry onto our offsprings where they will pay price for our bad habits. Eating a home cooked meal is a pro choice, compared to something thats in a open environment where 1000s of people walk in and cars driving by (eg. fast food joints, some restaurants), dont you guys think the pollution of the cars and peoples bacteria is getting into the food.

    Just a thought. Avoid outside food if you want to live healthy. Forget all this healthy choice thats thrown at you at foodstores.

  32. Nackawicker says:

    The cost for a large in Aurora WAS $1.38 and is NOW $1.45 — New Brunswick is $1.54 for a large — what’s up with that????

  33. Lisa GArdiner says:

    I used to manage a Tim’s for many many years. From my perspective it is not just the cost of the bean but all the operating costs that affect the price. I employed alot of hard working people who, at the end of the day, went home with alot less than they deserved.If at the end of the day paying a couple of cents more for a cup of coffee, and that is what we are talking about cents not dollars, means that some of those people start getting paid what they deserve then I will gladly pay it. Just remember when you are standing in line and there are 20 people ahead of you and 20 people behind you, that those are real people working really hard and if you have a couple cents left over, for god’s sake leave them a tip.

  34. mememe says:

    i don’t mind paying for the coffees but the cooookies … i have heard SO many ppl complaining lately that they are outrageous. you could buy a WHOLE PACK!

  35. Trent says:

    Is that it? We are paying $1.79 for extra large in Alberta

  36. Anna says:

    tim hortons changed it’s cookies, if you haven’t noticed. they are bigger, thicker, chewier, yummier. retail 89 cents plus tax each (AB). 6 are around 5 bucks. at a starbucks I paid 1.40 for a cookie. as for coffee, either buy it and be happy or make your own and stop complaining.

  37. Paul G. says:

    To the person that said to tip the people at Tim’s… You gotta be joking, people who work at places like Tim’s work there for 2 reasons–they are high school kids–or can’t get hired anywhere else.

    Why would I give extra money to a kid or some dead-weight who only exists to serve coffee? If you work THAT hard at your Timmies job–I feel sorry for you. Slinging drinks and donuts is one of the simplest, trivial, mundane, meaningless jobs out there and is designed for those 2 types of workers only.

    You don’t deserve tips and if someone gives you a few cents, outta pity, have some appreciation and say Thank you. The world doesn’t owe you a living, a job, pity, or tips.

    My advice, get a really job or get your butt back to school.

    ..p.s. It shouldnt be hard to work a drive-thru window but Timmie’s employs some marvelous characters!

  38. Layne says:

    Minimum wage should have been raised steadily every year. A few cents a year would not be as hard on business owners as the “catch up” they are playing now. Everything, and I mean everything, has gone up: taxes, gas hydro, food, natural gas etc. etc. etc. I often wonder how a person making minimum wage can keep their head above water. Gas to and from work each week alone can cost at least $50 and usually more! If businesses want to keep raising their prices then maybe tipping should be banned and better wages should be the practice.

  39. In Spite says:

    To the guy above me, Paul G?
    Yeah, Its low life like you that sit behind a computer and Insult, just to compensate your sad sorry lonely life.
    I worked Tim Hortons for 4 years, and used that minimum wage paying job to help me manage my post secondary expenses.
    I seriously don’t think you could last 8 hours, standing, and listening to irate caffiene addicted customers.
    some boring you with their life stories, and others who order a large double double, and slam it on the counter claiming they ordered 4 sugar 2 cream.
    or the people who try to scam.
    try working a nightshift, andat 2:30 am the next customer that comes in pulls out a handgun, and demands the cash drawers to be emptied.

  40. Alice says:

    My advice, get a really job or get your butt back to school.
    ..p.s. It shouldnt be hard to work a drive-thru window but Timmie’s employs some marvelous characters! Paul G

    I agree ‘In Spite’. There used to be a time when you were only considered a bum if you did not work. Now people who DO WORK get stepped on by the arrogant self important educated. Everyone deserves respect and a decent living. Unless society pays for post secondary education then jobs should be paying a living wage. As it stands now, not everyone has the resources or opportunities to go to university/college.
    When I read comments like Pauls, I wonder if it is more about helping others vs making themselves feel superior? I would suggest the second to hold true.

  41. Manny says:

    IN SPITE….

    i agree with you 100%…….

    me and some buddys use to hang out at tim hortons after work …i do construction in the summer……
    but this winter im allways laid off in the winters.i looked for a job so i applied at a tim horton DRIVER AND i agree with you alot of the front people work thier ass off.its a none stop all day……..

    and i use to say .thats easy work now i know its not easy ..not because i work there its because i now see how hard tehy work and the bull**** they go thru all day

  42. Kam says:

    Unfair increase, Ti Horton is getting greedy. After 13 years of loyalty, I will be looking for other options right away.

  43. tinytina says:

    Just wanted to share with you a letter, Tims coffee has gone up again another 7cents that is 14 cents since april 09.
    This letter was sent to Tims web site!

    TO Paul G.
    If someone did not work @ Tim Hortons then no one would be there to serve you your coffee, and in the area that we live in its mostly retired people that work there and some students. Personally I think that you have a problem, and need to be medicated. I appreciate the people who work at Tim’s and serve me my coffee every morning, I appreciate the fact that I did not have to make it.
    If you dont want to tip them that is fine, but to be arragent about is another thing. It takes all kinds to make this world go around, would you say that about the bus driver that delivers your kids to school, even some like you who have nothing better to do then try to make yourself feel better about having a small penis.

    I tip at Tim’s.

    Now on to the letter

    Well the one thing that I really like is my morning with a Tim’s coffee, I get into my big rig with a cup of Tim’s coffee, things are slowing down work wise for me and my wife has us on a budget, and I can only get the one cup of coffee in the morning, and little to my surprise the darn thing has gone up 7 cents per cup that is ridiculous the cheapest thing to make and it is now more expensive the gas and diesel.
    Well my allowance has not gone up so I guess your competition at the corner has now become my friend, the coffee is not as good but it is coffee and it is cheaper then yours.
    You have lost me as a customer and my mouth will not stay still about this either, one customer gone is many and I am a truck driver so I talk to hundred a day.
    You would think that in today’s society with so much job loss, and cut backs that coffee; at least Tim’s coffee should stay the same price, that you would be doing your part.

    I must say that I am sadly disappointed, but want you to understand that one unhappy customer is many unhappy customers.

    Have a good one!

    I feel bad, wish there was something that I could do

  44. Alex says:

    “My advice, get a really job or get your butt back to school.”~Paul G.
    (…get a really job…..?????)

    Why have we become an arrogant smug society? These people [eg. Tim Hortons] are working and trying to make an honest living. No one knows there circumstances. There is nothing shameful about showing up and serving people.
    Everyone answers to someone. And everyone has people who earn more then them and less than them. Each of us is not that special and if we dropped off the face of the earth tomorrow, the world would continue.

  45. Nietz says:

    I know a few employees at my local Tim Horton’s and they all have college degrees – a couple have advanced degrees. They work a lot harder than I do at my comfortable desk-job and deserve respect.

  46. Fluffu says:

    I have not had a decent cup of coffee from Timmies in over a year. From Brampton, Mississauga, BC, and Toronto. Timmies is starting to taste horrible just like KFC, even my kids have noticed a change in taste.

  47. bob says:

    I still prefer Tim’s over other coffee. In fact, my wife and I always buy it by the tin and enjoy that when we go south.

    I must also agree with the earlier comment – with or without post-secondary education these people are working and deserve to be treated with respect.

  48. vibrantflame says:

    First, it’s not just Tim Horton’s, Country Style charges the same price and in my opinion their coffee is not as good.

    Second, I must go on a little rant here. It really irks me how people who work “menial” jobs are looked down upon. These jobs may not be difficult in the sense of challenging your mental abilities, but they are psychically demanding and require a great deal of patience because people treat you like dirt. Believe me, you get worked very hard for the tiny bit of money you make. Compared to those who make lots of money and get to sit on their butt all day. How is it that those who work the hardest to make a bit of money are the ones that are looked down upon? And those who barely lift a finger to earn all their money are somehow glorified? It’s ridiculous.

  49. Lily says:

    Wait, what?! They still have small sized coffees right? The price isn’t changing for that, is it?

    And since when did Tim Hortons have extra large sized coffees?!

    Unless they changed the medium to small size, large to medium size, etc. ?

    But either way, this price change is ridiculous. I mean they did not increase by much, but those few extra cents each day, they are going to add up…

    And the extra change is definitely NOT going to the employees. I’ve work in the fast food industry before. It is not going to those hard working employees who work minimum wage. It’s going to the company, which is sad because they already make so much money off us.

    I’m buying mine from McDonalds now!

  50. Æter Dominus Umbra says:

    I used to work for tim hortons and they state that increased costs of sugar and milk cause the price increases. my argument to the district manager, which resulted in me no longer working for the company was “by that logic, shouldn’t a medium black cost less than a medium triple-triple?” i still never got an answer to that.

  51. Na says:

    a small ice cap has gone up too, it’s now $1.98 was never $1.98 before! almost $2 for a small… wow

  52. Natalie says:


    Coffee maker + travel mug= extra dough

    Take that Timmies!!

  53. Natalie says:

    I use to work for Tim Hortons coming out of High School. 5 years later I now own my own company and owe a fraction of the skills I obtained through customer service at Tim Hortons including PATIENCE with ignorant, and rude people to where I am now! Don’t look down on people to make yourself feel better.

    By the way- the tins of Tim Horton’s coffee you buy to make at home aren’t filled with “Tim Hortons” coffee. It’s all in your head for anybody who believes otherwise.

  54. All I can say is continue to keep it up. This blog is so essential in a time when every person just really wants to speak about how quite a few persons someones cheated on their wife with. I imply, many thanks for bringing intelligence back towards net, its been sorely missed. Great things. Please preserve it coming!

  55. Atty says:

    Now now, stop moaning over a few pennies. Here in the UK, a latte for example will cost you the equivalent of $6.90. Thats right $6.90!!!! So rethink this folkes, it’s pennies.

  56. Eric says:

    Atty, Tim Horton’s does not do the “fancy drink” coffees. They sell regular, old fashioned Coffee-flavoured coffee. For those who want lattes, cappuccinos, etc – they go to Starbucks where yes, they will pay about $6.

  57. Matt says:

    If only Tim Horton’s sold the size of coffee as featured in the picture! That would just be awesome!

  58. blurb says:

    I just got charged $1.98 for a single cookie by the owner of a Second Cup in Ottawa. Unbelievable! I can buy a bag of cookies next door for $1.98. Needless to say, she still owns that cookie.

  59. Rob says:

    I read above Tim’s had not raised their price since 2006?? It did mention how they down sized their cup sizes. I have left Tim and gone to McDonalds better richer coffee, real eggs on their breakfast meal and FREE refills. This is a no brainier for me. At Mc Donald’s a medium coffee which dwarfs Tim’s medium and a muffin for the price charges for a large coffee?

  60. Johnny says:

    We can place part on the blame on the Ontario Liberals(Dalton) If coffee prices increased as much as Min. Wages has increased in the last 5 years, it would cost you much more than it currently does for your cup of Joe. But don’t worry, the gas in your car is costing you and our planet far more that the cup of Mother Parkers coffee for Tim Horton’s. Do us all a good deed today and stay out of those drive thru lanes or should I say drive thru lames.

  61. torontogal says:

    @ Rob I don’t know why this thread is popular today, this thread is from 2008!!! Tim Hortons increased its pricing in 2011. http://money.ca.msn.com/investing/news/business-news/article.aspx?cp-documentid=28272609

  62. Amada Yontz says:

    Tôi đề cử cho anh CXN bà Bùi Thị Minh Hằng giữ chức thứ trưởng Bộ Giáo Dục Đại Học và Dạy Nghề, phụ trách mảng đào tạo nghề biểu tình.

  63. liam says:

    im 12 and i love coffee thubs up if you started drinking coffee atna young age

  64. LS says:

    All I want, other than a good cup of coffee, is a “Thank You” from the person behind the counter or at the window. I hand them the money and all I get when they hand me my change is “here ya go”. It doesn’t take much to thank someone for giving them business and not going elsewhere. The prices don’t bother me. It saves me the time and energy of making breakfast myself, so I will pay what it costs.
    I understand they are timed at the drive-thru windows and are in competition with other stores inthe area, but take the time to say thank you. AND GIVE ME TIME TO PUT MY CHANGE AWAY. I love Tim’s. Make it a good experience and people will come back. Customer Service is the most important thing in business these days. We will pay almost anything if you are nice to us.

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