TLC Extreme Couponing Revisited


A while back I made a post about the new TLC show called “Extreme Couponing.” Apparently the show is here to stay and is now a tv series.  A lot of people have noted the negatives and positives of this show, on our blog and forum.

A few weeks ago one of the couponers featured allegedly was misusing her coupons to receive a product free or nearly free, by purposely purchasing the wrong product specified with a barcode close enough to pass the scanner. When this happened a lot of people blamed TLC for promoting misuse of coupons and giving couponers a bad name.

Do you think Extreme Couponers is effecting Canadians and how we use coupons? Or do you think its shedding a good light on couponing? 

I think that it’s great more people are being informed of coupons, and are interested in using them. But on the other hand TLC is making it seem too “extreme.” Although I’m not worried that it’s going to be the end of coupons as we know it,  I am worried I’m going to see a lot more people randomly going through garbage.

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  1. happy_me24 says:

    I love couponing, however since this show, I have heard more negative comments from friends, family, random people in stores, and cashiers about couponing and the hoarders from the show. I haven’t heard ver many positive comments about it, but I still love my coupons! And even though my stash consists of only 3 tubes of toothpaste, 7 deodorants, 3 Tides, and 4 bottles of softener, it makes me proud :). I’m saving money and even if others don’t understand it, that’s okay by me! More coupons for me!!! 🙂

  2. kelly says:

    I don’t like the show because I’ve had at least a dozen cashiers comment on the show negatively while using my coupons.

  3. NB says:

    The people on that show are GREEDY. Out of all the episodes I have seen, only ONE of those families have donated to their local food bank or church. Who really needs 250 bottles of Gatorade and 125 packages of pasta?!? Oh wait, the people who are in need and can’t afford to feed their families do. Not people driving dumpster to dumpster looking for coupons and throwing their children in to help like raccoons in their BMWs and Mercedes.

  4. Anon says:

    I don’t know if the show is affecting Canadians and how we use our coupons, but then again I’ve only started using coupons so I don’t know very much yet. As much as I do love using coupons, I think the show brings a bad light towards people who use coupons. I don’t see how people could have a stash of hundreds of bottles of mustard, toilet paper that lasts past their lifetimes. I understand it’s all free or almost free, but at the same time, why not donate it? If those people were able to pay next to nothing, then that opportunity would always be available for them to get those items that cheap. There’s no need to hoard it all, even if it’s organized hoarding. As long as manufactures make coupons, and the stores have double coupon days, along with sales, those items will always be that cheap so you could always go to the stores and get it for free. Why not donate it to people who can’t afford even a single item?

  5. Maxmel2 says:

    I know it’s called EXTREME Couponners but I think we should send e-mails to TLC and let them know what we think. They can then talk about what 90% of couponners do (we share with others, we roak, we trade and we do not hog all of the stock for ourself).

    It’s ok to show poeple how to use coupons but not in a negative way.

  6. Maxmel2 says:

    I know it’s called EXTREME Couponing but I think we should send e-mails to TLC and let them know what we think. They can then talk about what 90% of couponers do (we share with others, we roak, we trade and we do not hog all of the stock for ourself).

    It’s ok to show poeple how to use coupons but not in a negative way.

  7. Angela says:

    I dont like the way the show makes other “couponer’s”look, with that being said, I saw past it and all though i used coupons before, this show has helped me to open my eyes to a whole new level. Im in no way as extreme as the people on the show, but it did help me on a personal level in a way i guess…but yes Cashiers some friends and family have all made it known that some of those people make them sick and they hope I dont turn out like them….

  8. msopinionated says:

    This show boggles my mind. Why on earth would you spend 60hrs/week collecting and sorting coupons? The hoarding part disturbs me the most. If you keep enough to keep you going for 6 months fine, but for years, most of that stuff will be no good to eat at that point. And the woman who was buying diapers and baby wipes, and has no kids. HUH! And no thoughts of donating it.

  9. not part of Locust swarms says:

    ” Do you think Extreme Couponers is effecting Canadians and how we use coupons? “= he$$ yes; in a negative manner

  10. Sally says:

    Today in Walmart I stood with my jaw dropped as this “innocent” old lady used a fpc PHOTOCOPIED for a 3.78 litre Tropicana juice. I wonder if she learned her tricks off Tlc.

  11. mandee says:

    so extreme, those people.

  12. Krys says:

    alot of my american friends are getting hooked on this show, they keep making me jealous with their AMAZING savings from all the coupons they have over there!

  13. kris says:

    i know like you would think those baby wipes would dry up after like a year!!and takes 9 months to carry a baby alone,helloo,lol.and assuming 3 or so to conceive. Itleast give them as a baby gift!& most food expires within a year!
    I am also not excited about more people going through trash etc.

  14. Ellsie08 says:

    I might be missing something, but I don’t think there’s any way we could get those kind of deals here in Canada. I know every week there’s like one or two things we can get for free if we have a coupon and it’s on sale, but I’ve never seen double coupon days or any other “extreme” deals like they have on that show. If we did have that opportunity I would pick up a few, probably have a two or three month stock, but I wouldn’t hoard. I agree with everyone else that the hoarding is ridiculous and they should really donate all that stuff to people who actually need it.

  15. Sharon says:

    I blame the bad rap couponers are getting on TLC for airing such a ridiculous show and stopped watching it after the second episode. It wasn’t entertaining to me to watch people hoarding and being exploited on tv and the network making money from it. I don’t even watch the other hoarding show, to me they are the same.

  16. joline says:

    I hate this show. I watched 10 minutes of it the other night and it irritated me! Why oh why oh why do you need enough soap to last you the rest of your life? Or 400+ tubes of toothpaste? When you have to build on an addition to your house just to store all of your savings, you have completely lost your mind. Their are people who buy all of that to donate, and thats wonderful, but not all do. And, seriously, 60+ hours a week to store/sort/find coupons is a a little ridiculous, if you ask me, ESPECIALLY when you have a young child in the house. And where are all of their healthy foods?? Fruits, veggies, lean meats? If I could live off of KD, pasta, and high salt foods for the rest of my life, sure, but these people don’t eat well.

  17. jen says:

    I think these “extreme couponers” are ridiculously greedy and cheap at the same time. They have more than what they need, yet they still continue to come back to the store and waste other people’s time as they hoard more stuff for absolutely nothing. I seriously don’t understand why the stores featured on the show allow all this nonsense.

  18. Bertha says:

    I take it for what it is:very entertaining. I’m not too worried b/c it’s in the States. If TLC had a Canadian represented in an episode and I’m sure my attitude would change. It IS called EXTREME couponing, so I expect to see nothing less. It doesn’t represent 90% (or more) of us who are responsible oouponers.

  19. Amanda says:

    I totally agree with joline! I worry about the time that they say they spend, making others think they’d need to spend the same amount of time to get the deals and the CRAP they are buying and eating that one lady who bought ALL those chocolate bars 🙁 just gross!!! I try to eat VERY clean & healthy which can make it hard when it comes to coupons and food but I’d rather be healthy & happy then save a few extra dollars and live on unhealthy foods 🙁

  20. slide says:

    I’ve actually wondered if the extreme couponing depicted in the show is doable up here in Canada. I’ve never seen that many coupons in the web and in newsprints nor the extra coupon deals in stores.

    As for me, I love the show. The people there are gaming the system and they are not hiding that fact. Extreme couponing is either a part-time (for those with careers) or full-time job (for stay at home parents) for them. They spend a good amount of time spent gathering coupons, planning shopping trips, and organizing every detail. It’s good reality TV. The stores and brands get some free advertising while the extreme couponer gets a wild deal.

    I’ve learned a few things from the show like… how mustard doesn’t expire (haha) and getting a raincheck deal on items. I still think it’s weird to get a few year’s worth of mustard though even if it was dirt cheap but to each their own.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I saw it for the first time on Wednesday. Seemed like they were overloading on a bunch of junk food. Seriously hundreds of bottles of pop, pizzas, etc? Please tell me they buy healthy groceries at some point too. Poor kids headed for a life of obesity.

  22. greenbear says:

    Hopefully, it won’t negatively effect couponing in Canada. I love coupons, not to any extreme but use them when I can. I use 4 or 5 a per trip if I have them.
    I agree with a previous comment that these people are greedy. No one needs a toothpaste room, or a wall of orange pop.

  23. Megs says:

    I keep thinking that they need to donate it as well. I know that in the states you are given tax credit for donating to the Salvation Army I’m sure they would get it for the food bank as well, they could be making money off of it as well. The hoarding is nuts, and the food is going to expire. I can’t imagine me ever going in a garbage can for a coupon, or taking my kids and pregnant friend. I have found that cashiers are checkign coupons more then they used to is anyone else?

  24. olivercat says:

    I used my fpc for 2L coke, my fpc for 2 cans of cat food, and a couple of cents off coupons–and had a young clerk who had watched the program–she acted like I was stealing. This is the first time I have had this happen, usually I am asked where I get them — so they can get them for themselves–I often find myself giving out the site or others. Maybe because this cashier was young (looked 16!) and not “paying” her own way yet! I hope it was an isolated incident! I am going to keep using coupons. (and should I recieve negative comments at the checkout, again—I will speak to the manager!)

  25. liberty says:

    i don’t know how it could affect canadian couponing since we have no where near the amount of coupons available or the same type of coupons. i am a stay at home mom so i have time to really search out coupons and if at the end of my grocery trip i used $5 in coupons i know that is a lot! when i shop in america i get so many great coupons and deals and then shop on certain days at certain store to get double off.
    the show can only help here in canada to bring to light the rip off we get from the very same manufacturers that give away stuff in america and give us $.50 off a $10 item here!

  26. evil.kitten says:

    my SIL was at walmart on tuesday and this ladyaheadofher told the cashier she called walmart HQ and they said their policy is to DOUBLE up on coupons since the show aired^. So they doubled up 4 of those $10 off similac baby coupons!! At they end of it all they owed her $4 and didn`t bat an eye. Well my sister was angry and called HQ to inquire and they said they do not double up coupons.. well that`s unfair and total crap that the cashier didn`t call over the manager to confirm just took this customers word for it. I hate this show!

  27. Lily says:

    The show seems to paint these people as wonderfully smart, but in reality, just like any habit which i pushed to the extreme, their are sick and need help.

    As for TLC, their show would be a lot better if they featured a small capsule with couponning tips (from a sane person) without pretense that these extreme couponners are the ideal

  28. iwannadeal says:

    It just isn’t possible to do here in Canada. I used to live in the states, and there we did get far more coupons in the weekend paper. The coupon section was thick, whereas here it’s thin and has a lot of silly ads instead. Stores down there double and triple coupons routinely, and the register spews out more when you pay depending on what you’ve bought. Coupons are easily scanned and here they have to enter the code for each manually. Couponing is more widely done in the states, and here I found people would stare if i hand the cashier more then about 3. I saved a lot of money on groceries in the states by couponing though certainly not to the extent that the people on the show do (maybe $20 on a $100 purchase). This in addition to their already lower prices. I remember commenting that this was a great place to be if you’re poor!
    Here, not so much.

  29. cjunk says:

    Not sure if it is a good or bad thing that a lot more folks are finding out you can get stuff for free with some organized couponing. Although you can’t do it as much in parts of Canada where there is no London Drugs, I wonder if there is a risk that coupon values diminish as couponing #’s climb (e.g. P&G coupons used to be buy 3 save 9.00). I have been enjoying the extreme savings of free or near free with coupons and would be sad to see that decline. I have also noticed on my shopping trip that when I use more than 10 coupons in a visit somewhere, that the cashiers and folks in the line-up refer to me as an “Extreme Couponer” (when really I am not) and then I feel like some weirdo with all of that strange attention.

  30. glowworm2k says:

    Two quick points.

    First, I’m the child of a hoarder; seeing that kind of hoarding and waste (seriously, the pop will go flat and the toothpaste will go bad) makes me feel sick. From my personal experience, these people need help to curb the hoarding – *not* the praise and awestruck fans that reality TV generates.

    Second, I agree with the above posters; the stuff you can get with coupons is often not very good for you. It’s pretty rare to get coupons for fresh fruits and vegetables, and that’s why I redeem only $5 or so worth of coupons a week. I am a careful budgeter, and 60% of my grocery costs go for fresh foods, mainly fruits and vegetables. Too much couponing encourages loading up on unhealthy fare – too much pizza, pop, chips, snacks, etc. – these foods are fine for an occasional treat, but are not for everyday eating! We have an obesity problem in North America for a reason! 🙁

  31. Tina says:

    I love the show as it is EXTREME people and their habits. Few people look at me funny when I use my coupons and people are more interested in how I got them.
    I do think they are greedy on that show and TLC needs to come to Canada and see how much of the product SCer’s obtain through couponing actually goes to charity or to help others in general.
    Maybe we need to start a CHARITABLE CONTRIBUTION section to put make it official that CANADIAN couponers are GENEROUS people!

  32. jo says:

    I fear the show might cause manufacturers to reduce amount of coupons they issue.

  33. bratnic says:

    My biggest problem with couponing is getting the cashiers at the stores to accept them. Awhile ago at Superstore I tried to use a coupon on a clearance item but was told that I couldn’t. I got angry and emailed HQ telling them what happened and what the H was the issue since the company gets reimbursed for the coupon anyway! I got an apology letter back stating that I was right and the cashier should have accepted the coupon.
    I know that we can’t get anywhere near the deals available in the US, but after learning the coupon policies of the stores near us, we’re definitely using those to our advantage – HOWEVER, you’d think with the show airing that these stores would all go over their coupon policies with their employees. We’ve had some cashiers at Wal Mart not even bat an eye when the coupon exceeds the retail value, and the other day the cashier argued with us until she finally digressed that, yes, the remainer of the coupon could be applied to the rest of the order but that she couldn’t give us any cash back (uh, yeah, you can).
    I’m not getting thousands of dollars worth of stuff free, and I don’t have a stockpile of stuff that’s going to expire before I can use it. The money I do save on groceries from using coupons is happily put towards other groceries, or more stuff for my family – clothing, entertainment, toys etc… and because of this – I don’t even care about the comments people make about using coupons and will spend time arguing that yes, in fact, the store does accept XX coupons for XX products.

  34. Natalka says:

    I haven’t seen the full shows because we don’t get that tv channel, but I’ve seen some of the segments on YouTube.

    I can sure see the difference here on SC – some of the newbies since the show aired, then they found SC, and some seem to be very rabid couponers, eeking out every little loophole they can in any deal.

    A lot of us out here are still just thrifty shoppers, using coupons to help us out when we can.

  35. thatgengirl says:

    Extreme couponing is, to me, another form of hoarding. As someone who has lived with OCD since early childhood, I get quite angry when TLC airs shows like these. It paints all of us with the same brush, and it’s completely unfair. I have OCD, but I do NOT have a super-clean/organized house and I do NOT wash my heads 20 times/day.

  36. thatgengirl says:

    er, *hands

  37. Dyan says:

    I really dislike this show. The one I seen was with the woman clearing out the mustard and her husband stating that he doesnt even like mustard. Its just plain old greed.Now if I seen her drive her car over to the food bank afterwards then maybe I would enjoy this show a bit more. I am irked at the fact that this scamming/greed has put a very bad light on us everyday (normal) couponers. I went into my local Metro last night to pick up a carton of Silk, sale price 3.99 coupon 2.00 off, and was informed that they do not take internet coupons. The cashier was very apologetic and said she didnt think it was right but that the manager was afraid of being scammed.

  38. carpentershirley says:

    I am writing a complaint to TLC, mainly because they are showing people couponing from the US and not Canada. It is a Canadian show and people are being very negative about the show and how we coupon. Have you not also noticed that coupons have been getting more strict and a problem to use. All because of this show, all it shows is people who take advantage of coupons. Why does anyone need 1000 tubes of toothpaste – the only one I watched and the last one I will watch. Very disappointed in the program.

  39. Mel says:

    The show is called”Extreme” couponing. Obviously the show asked them to do their most extreme shopping trip. I don’t think there is anything wrong with the show. I do not think having 50 bottles of shampoo makes you a hoarder. A lot of us are going through financial difficulties, have we not heard their individual stories about job losses? I say WTG!!! Way to take care of the family and loves ones. These are everyday necessities. Some of the people on the show make donations.The only bad thing was that woman Jamie who fraudulently used coupons. She makes us all look bad but I just ignore negative comments from people. I am smart enough to save money and smart enough to ignore ignorant comments.

  40. Mel says:

    I also do not think it is anyone’s business if they are eating unhealthy choices. That is a lifestyle and who are we to butt our noses in?

  41. leslie says:

    I think the show is going to end the use of coupons. What are those people really going to do with 500 boxes of cereal in their garage? Grabbing everything off the shelf, that is called greed. It is great getting things for free or close to being free. I love couponing. But it “sickens” me when I see people with carts full of laundry soap, baskets of 100 tooth brushes etc. These are what we call “greedy” coupon shoppers, they are the ones who will cause London Drugs to stop “stacking” which they are already discussing as people are coming in and clearing the shelves. Just because it is free or a great deal don’t hoard it all. Do you really think that Manufacture are going to continue with coupons when they are losing money or stores are going to let us stack when their shelves are cleared out by one person. Coupon shop with pride have fun save money but don’t be greedy about it. And your question about the show. I hate it and I don’t watch it and feel those people will be the cause of coupons coming to an end.

  42. bambinoitaliano says:

    There’s always a few bad seeds among the bunch. However, it’s also quite tempting for some to cross the line. There’s always a justification when certain people try to push the limit. At least manufacturers still giving out coupon. Though they are not as generous as they use to be.

  43. Heather says:

    I definitely think that they make it look a lot easier then it really is. Maybe it’s more difficult because here in Canada they can’t scan the coupon. I’ve had cashiers read over the coupon with a fine tooth comb… and internet coupons are hit or miss. And let’s face it they aren’t really showing you how you can save money through the use of coupons. They are just showing you extreme examples of people that hoard and spend more time clipping coupons the some people work in a week. That’s a bit much. I like saving money and I like using coupons but I do wonder whether shows like that will make stores change their policies and manufacturers often even less of a reduction. And here in Canada we don’t have stores that double/triple the coupons or anything so there’s no way we can save as much.

  44. tattoodprincess says:

    I love watching this show! But some of these people are just obnoxiously ridiculous. The one woman last episode with an 18 year old son wasn’t bad. She fed all her sons friends with her stockpile, and she lives in an area with major home foreclosure so I’m sure those parents of the kids she feeds are very grateful for the relief from their food bills. But the other woman who dumpster dived..I wanted to hit her. She was just so smug about it. plus, she gets her coupons ILLEGALLY! I hope the police keep an eye out for her and ticket her now.
    I’m a firm believer in “don’t buy what you won’t use” and I don’t understand these ones who have boxes upon boxes upon boxes of diapers. My sister pointed out that we all eventually know someone who has a kid, yea that’s great, but what about these shelters who are desperate for things like diapers, formula and baby food? If you don’t currently know someone who can use them, donate them! Even if you do, why are YOU keeping them? Shouldn’t you give them to who could use them? Also things like shampoo and deodorant. They have shelves full of these things, would it kill you to donate some? I know a few of them have said they do, but they still have rooms FULL of this stuff. One guy in an episode was shopping for care packages for U.S Soldiers. I applaud that man.
    It’s very difficult to coupon like they do in U.S. I’ve yet to find a place (at least in my town) that doubles coupons, has a discount card,and we don’t offer coupons anywhere as nice as the states. I do the majority of my grocery shopping in the states at Tops because of their store card. Plus I really don’t have the time or patience to devote 40-60 hrs/wk to cutting coupons and printing them lol.

  45. Linda says:

    I love the show. Even though its in the states it still gives me great ideas on organizing my coupons and my stash. Sure some of them are extreme and probably do have a problem but all the others are just saving money like we are trying to do. I dont think it gives all couponers a bad name it just shows you how many different types of people are out there the scammers the honest ones the newbies the crazies lol. I find the majority of cashiers in Canada are so anal they pick on everything. Some cashiers even make up there own rules regardless of the store policy. Seriously we couponers actually have to carry a copy of a stores policy to prove to the store employee we are not thieves or cheats and they still pitch attitude. I would love to see a Canadian show about the things we couponers have to go through just to honestly redeem a manufacturers coupon here in Canada. Kudos to all the great informed and helpful cashiers out there that really make your day, they are few and far between unfortunately.

  46. not part of Locust swarms says:

    ” I find the majority of cashiers in Canada are so anal they pick on everything. Some cashiers even make up there own rules regardless of the store policy. Seriously we couponers actually have to carry a copy of a stores policy to prove to the store employee we are not thieves or cheats and they still pitch attitude. I would love to see a Canadian show about the things we couponers have to go through just to honestly redeem a manufacturers coupon here in Canada. Kudos to all the great informed and helpful cashiers out there that really make your day, they are few and far between unfortunately.”

    completely concur with the above statement

  47. glamorousgirl says:

    I love the show. I shop in the States a lot and have been using coupons there for years. The amount of coupons that are available, and the range of items they are available for (from food to clothes to restaurants to liquor) are amazing. My hope is that stores in Canada will be more excepting of coupons. In the States they take your coupons and don’t even bat an eye, here they scrutinize the coupon, the item, some people act annoyed or rude when you give them coupons. But like everyone else, I do agree there is no reason to be greedy.

  48. linda s says:

    I think this show is very negatively impacting Canadian Couponing. While coupon use is increasing those of us who have been couponing forever are getting scrutinized at the cash registers now. People are now photocopying or scanning and reproducing coupons to save money and all it is doing is stealing from the stores as they will not be reimbursed. Some cashiers are so slow and then they have to read thru all identical coupons, really…can’t they see they are the same not really a fan of the show but I do watch it so I can be able to discuss it in the lunch room….

  49. kelly25 says:

    The show is the reason I started using coupons! So I would say yes it effected Canadians. In no way am I as extreme as them nor do we Canadians have the opportunity to do so. I use coupons on stuff I know I’ll buy and if I haven’t used it when its about to expire I’ll leave it at the store beside the product. Would I want to have toilet paper, diapers and toothpaste all over the house—HELL NO. I do get negative comments about couponing because of the show but I see it as a hobby and don’t care about their judgments.

  50. gomo2010 says:

    Remember this show is luring viewers which in turn lures advertisers and in turn makes TLC and the creators of this show a bunch of money. I have an issue with people that spend 60 hours a week on coupons. Do you not have a life. I’m also concerned that showing dumpster divers will eventually lead to a tragedy. I want to save a buck the same as the next guy but this show is ridiculous.
    For the people who say they learning about couponing, why not save a lot of time and read the timely and informative posts on, you’ll probably end up saving more.

  51. redhdlois says:

    I find it interesting that the show that follows ‘Extreme Couponing’ on TCL is ‘HOARDERS’! LOL

  52. cashier says:

    I’m a cashier at a retail store and around 4 months ago, I had this lady come through my line and use 60 of the $1.00 off the Snuggle Fabric Softener coupons when the fabric softener went on sale… I mean, come on! Do you REALLY need 60? I understand if it was around 10 or so but SIXTY???

  53. adrianne says:

    This show is my guilty pleasure. I love and envy the fact that Americans can take such advantage of couponing, and that the stores are so supportive. I personally don’t eat or shop like that, but who am I to judge? I can use my coupons to make necessary personal care and household items cost either pennies, or nothing…and the savings goes to the produce, meats, and dairy items that I consume.
    Thanks to these sites, and this show (to an extent, I believe), stores like WM are forced to revamp the way they treat us and our money. Policies are changing for the better, and the staff and associates of these stores will catch on soon.

  54. Lisa Hallman says:

    I have yet to see the show, but I think I’m going to be angered. I am downloading them via uTorrent so I can watch it. If you have uTorrent, for those who haven’t seen it. But I work as a cashier and had another girl commented that I’m like those “women from the tv show”. I said except I don’t hoard, and I give my stuff away.

  55. slide says:

    I just watched episode 4 and some store policies don’t make sense o_o So this woman gets a buy 1 take 1 laundry detergent promo in the store for which she has a coupon for the laundry detergent. For some reason, the coupon also applies to the free laundry detergent -_-‘

    Also, I know here in the stores I’ve been in there’s a limit to how many coupons of the same type we can use. But you know what, I’m glad we have a more sensible system up here.

  56. Candi says:

    Canadians are unable to extreme coupon like Americans. I use coupons as often as I can but not nearly as much as I would like to, given the limitations in most Canadian stores. I could never let myself waste my time dumpster diving and begging my neighbours for their unwanteds, let alone the time it takes to sort, clip, plan and shop. The program on TLC “Extreme Couponing” was only fun to watch the first time or two, after that I began to think, “these people are hoarders of another sort”. When you start to fill up your kids closets with toothpaste and toilet paper, CAWMON? Do any of these people donate to food banks? One last thought, I am so glad I am NOT a cashier!

  57. CaseysCoupons says:

    A part of me feels sympathy for some people in the States, especially the South. There is a huge cultural mindset down there that everything is in short supply, jobs and cash included, and you never know when the floor might fall out from beneath you, so you’d better provide for yourself in any way you can. They haven’t experienced relative economic safety like we have in Canada. I can’t say I understand, but I can see why there might be a tendency to create a whole new breed of extreme down there right now.

  58. Kelly says:

    I love this show! Take it for what it is: entertainment. It’s amusing to see how far people would go to get things for free (e.g. going through a dumpster for coupons). Although I do feel bad when they drag their little kids into it…

  59. thatgengirl says:

    Okay, I just watched a few episodes, and I’m shocked at something not being mentioned. How are these people seeing to the proper butrition of their families? I have yet to see anyone buying fresh fruit/vegetables. I know there are vegan alternatives to items like milk and meat, but from what I can tell, these people are subsisting on canned meals like Chef-Boy-R-Dee. I hope they’re getting all their vitamin supplements for free too, or at least have coupons for their early graves.

  60. thatgengirl says:

    Or processed meats and cheeses and cereal. yum…

  61. TLU says:

    Like the rest, I like to save and I like to use coupons. This show sheds a bad light on couponers, IMO. They appear greedy and irrational. I don’t understand how a family will be able to eat 100’s of boxes of pasta before they expire or become infested with wheat weevils. I remember when a bunch of college students caused an infestation at a propety I managed because they had stored a case of cheese noodles long past expiry. It was disgusting. Someone also mentioned ‘hoarding’ flour. Flour gets racid pretty fast. That too is gross!

    These people can do what they want with their time and resouces – but I think they need to be more conscious about how their greed (need for 100’s of items) affects others. Clearing the shelves of all the sale items and then taking up so much time of the supermarket staff, is just plain greedy and inconsiderate, IMO.

    IMO, coupons should never be able to exceed the purchase price of an item $0.00 should be the best possible ‘deal’. ‘Being paid’ to buy items seems to fuel the unbelievably greedy couponing.

  62. damsle says:

    Extreme Couponing never seen the show but these tactics have been around for decades. Every women’s magazine had an article on stacking coupons, coupon Queens etc. These articles are all for Americans who have double and sometimes triple coupon days and can “stack” their coupons. I have used coupons since I was a teenager (many moons ago) and only recently am having trouble with the computer printed ones. The stores in this area don’t like them because they think they can be altered or something. I use coupons to make a good sale even better.

  63. JWO says:

    I have to admit that Extreme Couponing has opened my eyes to clipping coupons – we have cut back on our spending by using their tricks to keeping track of their coupons and looking up flyers, and honestly by seeing their stacks of supplies we have been more conscious of wasting (we don’t need 60 boxes of cereal unless we are donating to the food bank/ churches, but we do stock up on non-perishables, but within reason).

    A positive of the show is when I watch people who use their skill for finding deals and share their supplies with their church or soldiers overseas, but my heart sinks when I see boxes and boxes of perishable items sitting on shelves. Everything – with the exception of honey – has an expiry date (and not everything freezes well), and if you have to throw things out you are not saving money.

    My fear is that grocery stores will start raising their prices so shoppers won’t be able to get good deals, or put (tighter) restrictions on the coupons that manufacturers send out. With larger families and families on tight budget, every good deal and coupon helps…

  64. sam says:

    These people need a shrink!! They need to donate all the stuff that will go rancid in a few years time. Seriously, would you want to wipe yourself with toilet paper that is 20 years old??? And the lady who buys diapers and has no baby??? WTH?? I feel sorry for them as they have a sickness, and spend all their spare time couponing and have no life. They are obscessive, compulsive. The only thing I can justify for them is given the fact that healthcare is extemely expensive in the U.S., they may need to get stuff free just to pay their medical bills, and for that I am glad we live in Canada.

  65. lovesagooddeal says:

    I like this show, I think it’s interesting to say the least. These people dedicate far too much time to doing this for sure. I personally have a stock pile in my basement not huge or anything but enough that I don’t have to buy stuff full price. If anyone has been in the situation that you or you husband has lost a job or my situation you would most certainly have your stash. My hubby is a crane operator and he has never worked for the same company for more than 7 months at a time. Their idea of lay offs is permanent vacay. Anytime between Oct and Dec he WILL get laid off and then he spends the winter looking for a job. As of recently we act like his time off IS a vacation because we are stocked up for long enough ( and I pay bills in advance) for the winter to be over. My friends think I’m crazy but my husband LOVES it. With 3 girls in the house you can NEVER have enough shampoo conditioner, pads, tampons whatever and they are all very expencive things to buy. I do think that having 1000 tubes of toothpaste is insane, we use about 4 big tubes over the winter so I might by 6 just in case. But I don’t think I have a hording issue myself pesonally.

  66. Melanie says:

    Personally, I like this show, even if I don’t want to go that extreme. I did not see just greedy people, but generous one too. I did not just see sick people, but I saw some people that find a way to survive economic crisis too. I learn some tricks on way to manage my stockpile of find coupons. But I know that there is a big difference between what they could do in USA and what we could do in Canada, especially in Quebec. I would love to be able to do easy couponing as they are, but of course, I would use it mostly to give to needy people, after keeping my fare part. But I don’t think it never goes that way in Canada.

  67. checkit says:

    agree with these comments, especially about the lack of nutritional groceries, and the greedy hoarding. (if i had 100 bags of chips in my basement, we would eat them constantly and gain weight fast.)

    I also wanted to mention another reason why we can’t do extreme couponing in canada = taxes/bottle deposits/recycling fee (in most provinces). when i saw the shoppers getting 100 sports drinks for FREE – that would not be possible here. . .


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