Toy Story Trilogy (Blu-Ray/DVD Combo) Only $15 At Chapters

Toy Story_DVD_Blu-ray_Ultimate_Toy_Box_Collection

Chapters are selling the Toy Story Trilogy Box Set for just $15.  They are sold out online but check to see if a local store has any in stock or price match elsewhere.  Best Buy and Futureshop sell it for $89.99 and will match the price plus give you a discount of 10% of the difference.

Click here to check stock status at your local stores (I found some in Toronto so there are some available)

Thanks for letting us know couponmummy (find her post including Chapters in-store receipt here if you need to show it is an in-store deal)

31 responses to “Toy Story Trilogy (Blu-Ray/DVD Combo) Only $15 At Chapters”

  1. honeydoo says:

    doesnt price match only apply to items that are in-stock for immediate purchase?

  2. Wendy says:

    Seems to be used on the chapters website

  3. FallenPixels says:

    honeydoo, you can price match if it is instock at a local store if you shop in-store (price match to save, not because its not in stock)

  4. Jen says:

    I think you need to present a flyer to price match.

    • FallenPixels says:

      At Best Buy? I have pricematched an online price before, showed them it on my phone and they pricematched it

  5. Eric says:

    If we didn’t already have all three, this would be a must-grab for us.

  6. Cocozzzzzzz says:

    I just got it. She told me she can price match., but the 10% discount doesn’t apply because it needed to be in store pricing or something. I didn’t argue, because $15 was a steal!

  7. Cocozzzzzzz says:

    @ best buy

  8. V says:

    Hey Cocozzzz, which best buy did you pm at? Also, how did you prove Chapters is selling the set for $15?

    Would love to know so I can pick one up, too!


  9. Cocozzzzzzz says:

    I did it in Red Deer. and I just showed her the ad on my smartphone. She said $15 O.K. then scanned it, she had to do a double take then. Then she called over a manager to override. Easy Peasy. 🙂

  10. Toyless in Vancouver says:

    I tried pricematching in BB but to no avail. I showed the online price and stock was available in downtown. They called chapters to verify the price and was told the online price doesn’t represent the store price of $100. EPIC FAIL.

  11. Tammy says:

    I called to see if they had any in at the store near my work he said they had two that were on hold for other customers and they charged $25 he said they don’t match the on-line price.

  12. Miranda says:

    They will price match a deal in the same way the deal is offered. So since this is an online only deal from Chapters you have to call Best Buy online to price match and do a phone order to have delivered. You cant call up your local Best Buy store, get the 1 800 number or whatever it is from BBs website under their Lowest Price Guarantee section

  13. Miranda says:

    Have the link to the Chapters deal as well as the link/product number from Best Buys website available so they can verify the price and that they have the item in stock

  14. dlee says:

    Yeah, don’t even try in Vancouver. I called every single chapters and they were either sold out or they were on hold. PLUS I checked with Best Buy and Future Shop and both places said they don’t carry the product in any of their stores here in the Lower Mainland. Sad as this deal is one of the best deals I’ve ever seen!

  15. cmm says:

    I just called Langley, BC Chapters, and they have 1, but it’s regular price.

  16. Miranda says:

    Even if it was available in stores, the $15 price is ONLINE so those that have it on hold are in for a surprise when they go to pick it up

  17. sunny says:

    HeY thanks a ton.

    Futureshop link is wrong,it has 3D.

  18. cdnchk says:

    Sweet, thanks for the post. Got mine at BestBuy after work and got the 10% as well. I know what the niece, nephews and I will be marathon-ing next time they’re out here! 🙂

  19. kjh says:

    yahoo, it worked for me today. I called BBuy with my online order underway, asked for a pricematch and had their webcode for the product ready, she put me on hold and perhaps did a check on chapters web site, and proceeded to make the adjustment (I completed the order while we were talking, when she confirmed she could do it, and then could give her the order number to make the adjustment). FYI, they will process the order with the original price, and then the adjustment is credited back within 5-7 days I was told. Total $19.21 with shipping. yea!

  20. Joy says:

    I went to bestbuy , they have 1 available.
    But manager was not happy at all.
    Anyhow he was trying to hide ,So I show him on chapters website.
    He said both products are different , again I show each and every detail.
    Then he finally agree that it’s same.
    But still he was denying ,he said he can not give me price match because it’s out of stock on chapters website.
    I said “It’s out of stock that’s why I come here”.
    He keep saying ,no no no.In the last he offered me at 50$.
    And we gave up,It was so upsetting cause they have label “We will beat ANY price of our competitor.
    Don’t know what to do , suggestion will be appreciated.

    • FallenPixels says:

      They do not need to price match if it is not in stock (either online or a local store)

  21. Joy says:

    Dear FallenPixels,

    IF its not in stock at chapters ,THEN people go to bestbuy.
    IF bestbuy do not match price,THEN why people go to bestbuy?

  22. torontogal12 says:


    People will go to BestBuy to get a lower price. I.e. BestBuy would have price matched it at $8 instead of the $15 it was at Chapters. Price match policies are for stealing customers from competitors, not to give away deals to customers who were out of luck when they tried at a different store. If it’s not in stock at Chapters, andBestBuy has no competitors that will sell it for less than them, so why honour the price? They don’t want to give away deals to customers that would have spent the money at Chapters anyway. May sound harsh, but that’s business

  23. Joy says:

    Thanks torontogal12 ,
    Yeah bit harsh but true :).
    Why I am telling just because some people are getting lucky ,some are not.
    N E way thanks.

  24. kjh says:

    Joy – why don’t you try what I described above and had success with via the online system? You don’t even need to leave the house! I described all the details above and what to do. kjh

  25. papasmurf says:

    Best buy online says its sold out. Gone to a few stores and they don’t have any in stock either 🙁 too bad it would have made a great gift.

  26. torontogal12 says:

    Joy, yeah it’s too bad some people get it, and some people don’t. Depends on the cashier most of the time. This one is long out of stock at any store (Chapters, BestBuy, Futureshop) in Toronto lol

  27. alyshamarie says:

    I just got back from BB, and they would not honour the chapters on line price because it wasn’t in stock, BUT customer service called one of the stores and the chapters store confirmed they have one in stock but selling for $25 … BB offered to honour the price of $25 and then take off 10% … so total was actully 18.50. still a great deal in my mind. kids will be thrilled

  28. WinnipegShopper says:

    I’ve been getting them for $7.50 at Winnipeg Best Buys. $15 price match minus 10% difference (10% of $90-$15) = $7.50. Such an awesome deal! And they didn’t limit me on how many I wanted to buy. I just printed out the online website page and gave them the website link to check.


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