Valentine’s Day Canada: 6 Free Valentine’s Cards

Valentine's Day Canada

Thanks Melody113 for posting this freebie in the Canadian Freebies & Samples section.

ScrapBooksEtc is offering 6 free Valentine’s Day Cards.  Enter the code valentine at checkout to claim your 6 FREE Valentine’s Day cards. Shipping is also free so you get your cards totally free 😀

Freebie expires February 1, 2009

Click here to order your free Valentines Day Cards

43 responses to “Valentine’s Day Canada: 6 Free Valentine’s Cards”

  1. Ann says:

    Thanks, I did this and it was a little confusing at first, but after I figured it out, I ordered the cards. Hopefully they’ll come soon!

  2. TaraF says:

    Awee this is an awesome find, thanks! I made a card with a picture of all of my neices and nephews and will get all of them to “sign” it as best they can and give it to their parents for Valentines Day.

  3. liz says:

    this awesome mine a being sent now

  4. mick says:

    How do you build the card? It’s extremely confusing!

  5. roonie says:

    Thanks so much for this! I just ordered a box of 6, hope it arrives soon!

  6. Kim says:

    This is great! Thanks for posting!

  7. Kim says:

    Now that I’ve tried…I’m having some troubles too

  8. Nic says:

    I’m having troubles too.. I can’t seem to “Add Photos” to my album.. I’ve tried Firefox as well as IE on both a PC and a Mac, can’t seem to get it to work. Anyone else having this issue?

  9. Jane says:

    I tried too…once I upload a picture it wont let me go to the next step. The “done upload” button seems to go away. Anyone else know what to do…I have the cutest pic and it would be such a fun card!

  10. TaraF says:

    You have to download their software(at least that’s what I had to do in order to do it) Than you need to upload your photo,than you need to go to the main album that has all of their stock photos in it and yours will be there as well. You can at that point add your photo to the card. At least this is how it worked for me.

  11. Nic says:

    It’s working now…

  12. Kris says:

    mine’s not working 🙁

  13. Blue says:

    It’s fixed now!

  14. NIKKI says:


  15. Sandy says:

    Thanks for this Boo! What a great deal! Wonder if they’ll arrive in time for Valentine’s.

  16. Wendy says:

    Doesn’t seem to be working for me either…I keep getting an error code when I try to upload my pictures…Too bad, they were really nice…

  17. connie says:

    thx…worked fine for me

  18. starrynight8765 says:

    got an email from them today and it said they don’t offer free shipping to can still get the cards but have to pay for shipping

  19. starrynight8765 says:

    and I went back to enter the new code (VALENTINE-INT).., shipping would cost $21…

  20. newtotheburg says:

    I am so upset! My son was so excited to get these cards, and then they send me an email saying they aren’t coming after all. And the email came so much later too! We had been watching for them in the mail – they could at least have let us know immediately after ordering that this would happen. I will never order anything from them ever again.

  21. Blue says:

    can we argue with them and say that it did not say that on the website at the time of the order and it’s false advertising????? I REALLY want those cards..

  22. Blue says:

    and that they should, send it to us anyway, with free shipping!!!

  23. Catherine says:

    Got the same e-mail over a week after ordering. They should have specified that the free shipping didn’t apply to Canada. After spending so much time making them just right it’s very disappointing. They should have been way quicker with their e-mail if they weren’t going to honor the offer.

  24. hm says:

    haha yep just came on here to show the email:

    Thank you for creating your free Valentine’s Day Cards on Stories by Everyone. We appreciate your interest in our promotion. Currently, free shipping is only available in the 48 contiguous United States. The free Valentine cards offer has expired. We would love to extend the offer to you, however, if you would like to pay for shipping. Please enter the code VALENTINE-INT at checkout. You will receive 6 free Valentines. Your shipping rate will be calculated and charged in the shopping cart. Thanks again for your interest, Stories by Everyone

    LAME. everyone should answer back and say “shipping to Canada is only like ten cents more!” (b/c I think it’s close to that)..

    even if I were to pay for them (no), they’d likely not arrive in time.

  25. nelly says:

    this kinda sucks my kids got really excited 🙁

  26. Joel says:

    I received them

  27. Nicole says:

    I sent them a nasty email saying how I was really disappointed, and would never use their site again.

    they responded back with apologies, and said I will be receiving my cards are promised, with free shipping. 🙂 Bet they don’t get here in time for Valentines Day though.

  28. TaraF says:

    I haven’t received any emails from them accept the intial one that said “thank you for your order”. Wonder if I’ll get them or not. *shrugs* It would be nice to though, as others said we took the time to make them and it didn’t specify at time of ordering that free shipping didn’t apply to Canada.

  29. Sally says:

    I don’t think they realize how much potential future business they just lost with Canadians.

    Its really unfortunate it took them over a week to let everyone know.

    Not the greatest way to handle business.

  30. Connie says:

    I called today. Apparently there was “miscommunication” with the Cdn orders but all that have been processed will be honoured with no shipping and were mailed out last Friday.

  31. newtotheburg says:

    They just called me personally to inform me that they shipped on the 6th and will hopefully be arriving soon, with their apologies for the misunderstanding. They also blamed the whole incident on a “virus” that somehow leaked an offer intended only for Better Homes & Gardens subscribers onto “every free site on the internet”. Oops!

  32. Catherine says:

    I sent them an e-mail and let them know what I thought of their not honoring their offer in Canada on Feb. 4. I didn’t hear anything until today. I got an e-mail saying that I would receive the cards afterall and that they were sent on Feb. 6. They haven’t arrived yet, so unless they’re in the mailbox today they’re completely useless at this point.

  33. neyugn says:

    what the heck… they said they were mailed out on the 6th and I still haven’t received them.

  34. Blue says:

    yea same, they claim to have mailed them out on the 6th, but it’s wayyy overdue and v-day is long gone…umm let’s use them next year once they arrive? LOL

  35. Sandy says:

    Just got the cards today. They were nicely packaged and pretty good quality. Will use them next year.

  36. TaraF says:

    I got my cards today and they are just oo freaking adorable! I used a photo of all of my neices & nepwhews so they can give them to their parents. No worries that it’s past Valentine’s Day, better late than never.

  37. Catherine says:

    Still haven’t received them!

  38. Kris says:

    I finally got mine!
    With a nice coupon for 15% off my next order….
    “when you order before December 31, 2008”
    Anyone know where I can get a cheap time machine?

  39. melissa says:

    I still haven’t recieved mine I was so angry I demanded a refund on my shipping and additional cards i purchased I ordered mine jan 28 and recieved email they were shipped feb 6 still nothing I will never use this site again My son’s first valentines day and I couldn’t use them. Well It will be interesting to see if i get my money back and if I ever get the cards CONGRATS to those who recieved theirs I am sure they look beautiful.

  40. melissa says:

    Kris I totally agree with you we could split the costs on one if you like LOL

  41. Blue says:

    I FINALLY received mine, on the 23rd!! So I guess i will use them next year lol. My photo turned out kinda grainy though. Perhaps it’s cuz of the transparency that I chose. Oh well, they were free so i shouldn’t complain.

  42. Catherine says:

    I didn’t get mine until today. Same thing – an expired 15% off coupon for my next order. What next order? With the service we’ve all received they won’t be receiving a next order from me.

  43. smak says:

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