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If you’ve already joined Value Village’s Club Card, be sure to keep your orange card handy during your next visit ’cause they’re finally putting it to use! Today, at my local VV, the Manager’s Special was 25% off on all used merchandise. Unfortunately, if you signed up while at the store, you weren’t entitled to the discount.

In addition to Manager’s Specials throughout the year, there are other perks of signing up for the Club Card, including discount on your bday AND being able to apply 50% off the day before Sale Day!

Click here to sign up for the Club Card today…it’s FREE!

9 responses to “Value Village Canada: Keep Your Club Card Handy!”

  1. donny68 says:

    A discount on your birthday at Value Village?!

  2. kaku says:

    “being able to apply 50% off the day before Sale Day!”

    that is not true!!!

  3. Stephania says:

    @kaku – COMPLETELY TRUE! Last Sale Day, Club Card holders got 50% off on Sunday, the day before Sale Day. Whereas the previous days before Sale Day it was the last 2-hours, the day prior to Sale Day.

    I suggest that you speak to your local VV if they weren’t giving you this discount. Again, you hafta be a Club Card Member!

  4. Mr Willabie says:

    Do yourself a favor and copy the print screen. I didn’t & my printer was offline. The print screen disappears and your sol. They say it’s already printed. Tried to email them but already life is much user friendly at the sally-ann type stores. Life should NOT be made this difficult!

  5. Raedeen says:

    Kaku I agree my mother in law experienced the same thing….might be only certain stores

  6. kaku says:

    @Stephania-I am club card member..Everything was fine until last sale day. The store manager told me they don’t give 50% off before the sale day anymore. BTW, I am @calgary.

  7. Stephania says:

    @kaku – I’m in Southern-Ontario and instead of only the last 2hrs, the ENTIRE day before last Sale Day was 50% off for Club Card Members.

    So maybe you should contact VV about their inconsistencies. UNLESS it was just something the mgr here decided to do.

  8. alexxxia says:

    Kaku, I live in Edmonton and they did give the 50% discount the day before sale day, I’ve done this 2 times now without any issues. The 50% discount is for the entire day prior to the day of the sale.

  9. Pandora says:

    also in Calgary, and I was told the same thing as kaku at the NE location. However, the lady mentioned that they are having a sales day for club card holders for 50% off on either Dec 18th or 19th (she wasn’t sure which). *shrugs* No idea if this is true, she might have been thinking of this 25% off sale that just happened, but I live within walking distance so will check it out.

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