Walmart Canada Anniversary Sale Flyer



I was in my local Walmart tonight and good thing the Anniversary sale is starting because the prices were outrageous! I’m waiting for the sale before I buy my Ziplocs!

The flyer has now been posted and you can view it by visiting

You can also view the french version of the flyer on our forum by clicking here. Kindly posted by Janetta.

29 responses to “Walmart Canada Anniversary Sale Flyer”

  1. AIJ says:

    That’s hilarious, I just bursted out laughing ! I sure hope this was a funny joke.

  2. Ada says:

    mm.. flyer is not yet posted on the website.

  3. Sally says:

    Ada, view the QC flyer then, they will be close to the same.

    No joke, well Im sure it’s an error. I took it at my local Wally tonight.

  4. jojos_n_kelowna says:

    definitely an error…LOL…but is it supposed to say 50 cents?? that can’t be :O stampede in isle 6

  5. Nic says:

    I find the QC prices are always cheaper than the B.C. ones so here’s hoping we get to see it soon!

  6. Gazpache says:

    I’ll leave some things on the shelves for everybody else lol… I looked through the flyer on the French side and didn’t see anything our family uses for a good price. I figure I’ll just let all of you guys get the deals lol!!

  7. mhk says:

    Reverse scop??

  8. tarrie01 says:

    well where is the anniversary flyer, I cannot find it, This is the same flyer I saw a few days ago, nothing about a anniversary sale…… OHH Walmart.

  9. Sarah says:

    Flyer not posted for aurora, ontario yet.

  10. AmberLab says:

    Looks like the price Ziplocs would be, if there was a WM in Nunavut.

  11. Mandy says:

    For me, the Ontario flyer for the sale is up 🙂

  12. julyprincess says:

    This is the amount I would spend in taxes if I buy the entire stock of Ziploc at WM using coupons 😉

  13. TallNFunny says:

    Thanks for the laugh.

  14. Stephanie says:

    Anniversary flyer is up for Oakville, ontario, if that helps. 🙂 Just enter this postal – L6K 3C6

  15. Stephanie says:

    1. Man, this flyer kinda sucks. LOL My apologies, but there isn’t ANYTHING that I thought was a real deal.

    2. These signs with the prices wrong can work both ways – I got a full comforter for $5.00 thanks to their sign, which should have said $50! Ha ha! 😀 One of the best deals for me ever.

  16. Twinmommy says:

    Didn’t really see any great deals either. I may buy the Rubbermaid 40 piece set for $12 in an effort to replace all my containers that do not seem to ever stay together. Grocery prices look about as good as they do each week. Happy shopping for those of you who found good deals!

  17. Katie says:

    yeah – nothing astounding here…still I’ll be picking up a couple of things if I can. Usually everything is cleaned out before 9am in my local walmart. It is getting a bit frustrating…

  18. kingy says:

    dont you get it for free if the price on the receipt doesn’t match the displayed price?

  19. jojos_n_kelowna says:

    kingy, I think the SCOP is only when the item scans in higher than the shelf price…isn’t that right my fellow SCers?

  20. Youngmom says:

    Ours is up in London, but only for the Supercenter.

  21. Youngmom says:

    OK, it’s the same flyer for the other stores.

    I have to agree with Stephanie. This flyer does suck! The only thing that I’d be going for is a box of diapers! CRAPPY! Does anyone know if they’re doing the 2 weeks again? Usually week two has better deals then the first week.

  22. imasmartcanuck says:

    I thought the flyer was much better than years past. With their already low prices, I think a buck or two off, with whatever coupons we might have, is a smokin’ deal in this economy.

  23. Nel says:

    just checked it out and there is nothing good like they usually have every year…actully disappointed as i look forward to the super deals evey year 🙁

  24. Sally says:

    Maybe they are trying to make their money back on the comforter error stephanie!

  25. Nicole says:

    When is this sale on for Alberta? Theres no flyer up for Alberta yet …

  26. Denise says:

    i just checked slave lakes flyer and its there 🙂 theyre great deals for me seeing how the nearby stores have sky high prices. thanks for the post!

  27. sacha says:

    meh….. even the diapers are an okay price but I have gotten pampers with coupon at rcss for about 12 or 13 cents, best i can do on these is 14 cents. ok deal but not the best I have seen them have. the duracells are a decent price though if you have the $1 p&G coupon too.

  28. JSAM's Mom says:

    Some of the stuff in this sale is on for a better/cheaper price at No Frills this coming week!
    For example…
    Ritz @ No Frills $1.50, Walmart $1.88
    Lysol 4-in-1 cleaner 650-800 ml @ No Frills $1.50, Walmart $2.50

    I only had a quick glance at the flyers so far. Has anyone else noticed better deals elsewhere that are in the Walmart flyer too?

  29. Rebecca says:

    Last year for the anniversary there was free cake, do you know if that’s on friday, saturday or if they are even doing it this year? I like free cake.

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