Walmart Canada Deals: Big Boss Juicer on Clearance Sale for Only $39


Get yourself a brand new Big Boss Juicer from Walmart while they are on clearance sale! You can currently get them for only $39. The Big Boss Juicer at Walmart would regularly sell for $59. You can purchase your Big Boss Juicer online at or from your local Walmart store. Just to give you comparable price examples, at it’s sold for $79.99 and (US Site) it’s sold for $69.99.

You will receive FREE Standard Shipping if you purchase this Big Boss Juicer from This is the ultimate kitchen assistant. The Big Boss Juicer boasts a powerful 700 watt, 2 speed steel juicer that allows whole fruit consumption. This Big Boss Juicer is easy to clean with dishwasher friendly parts.

The Big Boss Juicer is better for soft foods or dense foods partially cooked like carrots. Juice extraction can have uneven clarity. It is made out of plastic. Overall, The Big Boss Juicer is a good introductory model if you are just starting juicing and are feeling your way around. I suggest you read some of the reviews on here to know its pros and cons before going ahead with the purchase.

All of my local Walmart stores have plenty in stock. So head over to your local Walmart or  Click here to purchase your Big Boss Juicer from for only $39 here.

One response to “Walmart Canada Deals: Big Boss Juicer on Clearance Sale for Only $39”

  1. SarahSuz says:

    I bought this on Thursday. I used it once. It totally sucks and is going to be returned. Don’t bother with this one. If you want a juicer, save for an extra month or two and get one that’s worth it (slower rpm’s = better).

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