Walmart Canada: HP DJ1000 Single Function Printer only $20


Walmart is offering HP DJ1000 printer for only $20. I bought one last year, around back to school time for about the same price and it has just recently ran out of ink. Seeing as a new cartridge is about the same price I’ll probably be replacing mine. Offer available online as well as in store. Advertised in flyer from March 2-8, 2012.

27 responses to “Walmart Canada: HP DJ1000 Single Function Printer only $20”

  1. Tj says:

    @ supermommy do you remember how many pages you managed to print when you bought this printer bcoz usually the printer only comes with a startup cartridge and not a full cartridge so you can’t print lot of pages with the cartridge that comes withna new printer.

  2. bigphil26 says:

    When I bought my hp 3050 it came with 2 full cartridges not starters.
    Also according to HP’s website on both the printer page and the cartridge page it says the cartridge will yield 190(black)pages and 165(colour).

  3. Sunshine says:

    Why would you replace instead of getting a new ink? Aren’t there lots of discount ink places so maybe it would actually be cheaper to get ink?

  4. Nicole M says:

    I think that is incredibly wasteful to go out and buy a brand new printer for fear of it costing a bit more for a replacement ink cartridge. There there are many places that offer to refill your ink for a steep discount then buying new. What a wasteful world we have become!

  5. Lori says:

    When your ink cartridge costs 50 bucks to replace and a new printer is 20 bucks, it’s not wasteful, it’s common sense. We have no cheap place to replace ink in our area unless you want to drive 4 hours.

  6. Jenny says:

    there are a lot of on-line stores that offers very low-priced ink cartridge replacements. you can order, it will take you only around 5-10 minutes. that’s what you call being resourceful, and smart!

  7. Amy says:

    You also have to remember you have to pay an envirmoent fee on new printers… and they had this printer on sale for 10 bucks back in october when i bought mine 🙂

  8. E. Blaze says:

    Guess I’m heading to Walmart in the morning. Thanks for the info!

  9. Me says:

    Because you know that the OP is going to throw the printer out & not either give it to someone who needs one, or donate it to a thrift shop. How wasteful indeed!

  10. amelia says:

    I follow your blog daily, and it is very disheartening that you are going to throw out a completely fine printer just because the ink cartridge costs about the same. This blog my be about saving money, but you can’t forget about your responsibilty to the environment. That is so wasteful! I hope I never read anything like this again on this blog!!

  11. sharp1 says:

    I had to re-read the post a few times to understand what was being said. It seemed so implausible that someone would replace the printer instead of buying compatible knock-off ink cartridges. You can even check this website for good, quick online store info.

  12. Sandra5 says:

    While we’re on topic, anyone know where to get reeally cheap unlined printer paper?

  13. bigphil26 says:

    While I do agree that it is wastefull in tossing out a working printer this blog is about saving money. So the op is correct to buy the printer as they get $50 woth of ink for $25 and can donate the printer to value village, goodwill or something like that.

  14. Me says:

    The OP never said they’d be throwing out the printer, but replacing it. I’m quite sure they’re smart enough than to throw a perfectly good printer in the garbage (especially with yard sale season right around the corner).

    the assumptions in this thread make me weep for the intelligence level of people nowadays…

  15. honeybee. says:

    I just ran out of ink. While we’re on the subject, where can I get knock-off ink cartridges from? Thanks.

  16. sapphire27 says:

    I know from experience that the ink refills and cheap ink will ruin the printer anyways, so I always just buy a new printer and take the old one to recycle or donate it. I’m not wasting money on ink when I can just buy a new printer for less money.

  17. sharp1 says:

    I have been using knock-offs in my printer at work and home for years and it works perfectly fine.

  18. daystar says:

    all the nice people who said ‘common sense’ to get a printer than the cartridge – do you all really think the printer/cartridge manufacturers have no ‘common sense’. All printers some with sample inks that last for a while, but does not go the full length – unless the have a promotion where they will include a full cartridge.

  19. laura pollard says:

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  20. LovelySteph says:

    20 bucks for the printer and like $80 for the refill ink. lol

  21. fred233 says:

    Who cares, OP does what he wants. Screw the environment, we won’t see any major changes until the next 100 more years or so.

  22. saver says:

    i’ve also had a printer ruined by ink refills. i can understand the ops frustration at the high cost of ink. they make their money off the ink not the printer.

  23. Annatree says:

    as a owner of a hp printer sometime it doesn’t see the refill ink and you have to paid the $50 for the color and black ink.

  24. Bustamyth says:

    Hp does not give out *promotional or trial size ink cartridges*. That is an old wives tale. There is two sizes available, standard and XL.

    People who say there is should stop spreading silly rumors when they haven’t take the time to simply investigate it themselves.

    All you need to do is pop open the top of the cartridge and you will see the ink pad size and the coloration of it to determine that it is equivalent to the standard size.

    If you don’t want to spend the money testing it yourself, simply go to island inkjet or a comparable refill facility and they will show you the demos themselves.

    HP’s MOST profitable department is their Ink sales, they have no reason to short their customers on the initial ink cartridges.

    People, do your homework, stop believing silly myths, and anyone who says they have checked it and I am wrong is simply lying.

  25. dolphin lover says:

    Dollarama has printer paper 100 sheets for $1.00 AWESOME DEAL!!!

  26. couponfreak says:

    For all people who are flipping out about buying a new printer when the ink runs out where are you when there are soo many posts about people using coups on trial size products. there are people buying hundred of trial size products for one or 2 uses to get them free at least the printer lasted a few months and wasn’t a one time use item! Donating items without ink is a waste tho no one buys them they usually don’t even make it onto the floor at a second hand store (I use to work at one) and they get thrown out no one takes the time to store them for recycling.

  27. The DJ1000 is a great, simple printer which is relatively cheap to run, so to see it at such a low price, it’s pretty amazing! I’m sure it would be cost effective to buy three or four 😛


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