Walmart Canada Introduces NEW “Fast Lane” Checkout

Walmart Canada is introducing NEW Fast Lane checkouts as part of the new, State-of-the-Art, “Urban Supercentre Concept”! Walmart unveiled its new Urban Supercentre Concept in Toronto, ON, allowing the retailer to better address the evolving needs of its current and future customers.

Walmart has chosen its Toronto-Stockyards location to bring new “Fast Lane” checkout technology to the store and to fully integrate the My Walmart app to allow customers to scan their own products as they shop. Store associates – including new full- and part-time associates – work alongside state-of-the-art technology to help make shopping as easy and convenient as possible for customers. A second Supercentre Concept will launch in Thornhill next year and best practices will be used in future store renovations.

Our new concept is a symbol of what’s to come in retail and demonstrates our vision for helping Canadians save money and live better, now and in the future,” said Lee Tappenden, president and CEO of Walmart Canada.

What does the new Urban Supercentre Concept look like?

  • Life in the Fast Lane: When My Walmart App users are ready to check out, they enter the “Fast Lane”, scan the barcode on their order, have the order charged to their credit card on file and show the receipt on their phone to the “Fast Lane” associate. Associates have received additional training to help customers use the Fast Lane smoothly.
  • Third-Party Licensees: New concept stores will offer customers an array of new and exciting licensee concepts based on Walmart’s evolving licensee strategy. At the Stockyards Walmart, licensee partnerships include Freshii, the Party Shop, The UPS store, MINISO, Naoki Sushi and a newly renovated McDonald’s. These licensees reflect current and emerging trends and aim to make our customers’ lives easier while offering an enhanced shopping experience.
  • Family-Friendly: The new store features two dedicated nursing rooms, a redesigned toy section and the company’s largest and only full-service Party Shop.
  • And much more

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4 responses to “Walmart Canada Introduces NEW “Fast Lane” Checkout”

  1. Arteme says:

    I saw one of these “Fast Lane”s in my local Walmart and asked the associate about it. The thought of *tediously* scanning each item on my phone as I add it to the cart seems completely ridiculous to me.

    I’m also not a fan of “self-checkouts” – let’s not do the work of paid employees to put even more money in the pockets of giant multi-nationals!

  2. Elle says:

    Offer me some sort of discount for using this :/

  3. Ron says:

    Keep people employed. Refuse to use this self serving concept that in reality only benefits the corporation.

  4. Colsgirl says:

    This is not new technology, it may be new to Canada, but other countries have been doing it for years. I used to live in the UK and Safeway had this technology back in 1998 … they also had recycle bins like the green ones RCSS sell to use for groceries. the Safeway ones were a smarter design, the short sides of the bins were slightly different … you could turn one in the opposite direction and they would stack on top of each other without squashing the groceries.

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