Walmart Canada PhotoCenter: NEW Code for 50 Free Digital Picture Prints from


Thanks crystle for letting us know about this new Walmart Canada PhotoCenter coupon code. 

Get 50 free digital prints from Walmart Canada PhotoCenter using Promo Code Bonus50

I’m not sure of the details yet and apparently you need to sign up for a new account for this to work? If you have more information please let us know by leaving a comment 🙂

Click here to get your free prints at

52 responses to “Walmart Canada PhotoCenter: NEW Code for 50 Free Digital Picture Prints from”

  1. Mill says:

    it only works if u buy 100 prints and when u order 50 more those 50 will be free:
    “Buy 100 4×6 prints and get 50 Bonus prints!
    To redeem your 50 4×6 prints. Add 100 4×6 prints to your shopping cart and continue through the checkout process until you reach your order summary. On this page enter promo code Bonus50 in the promo code field and hit APPLY. Your 50 bonus prints will be discounted automatically, then hit the complete order button to submit your order.”

  2. Alex says:

    Harsh numbers lurk behind Wal-Mart’s smiley faces

    In a series of oft-aired television commercials, a yellow smiley face zips through a Wal-Mart store’s aisles, knocking away price-sign tiles with a wave. Workers in trademark blue vests smile at Mr. Smiley, satisfied that they’ve witnessed money-saving magic. But author Nelson Lichtenstein’s accounts of a work force struggling with low pay, erratic hours and costly, hard-to-get insurance in “The Retail Revolution: How Wal-Mart Created A Brave New World of Business” may have readers wondering why these workers are smiling.

  3. expatriot says:

    “Boo” is right. What a scam! Screw that. Stick with the other code and just hit up a few different locations with different accounts. Heck I think I have something like 12 different email addresses, so that’s 600 free pictures!

  4. H123 says:

    I wouldn’t exactly call this a “scam” any more than “buy one, get one free” is a scam. FYI – I live in a small town, and without WalMart half the people here would be unemployed and collecting welfare.

  5. vibrantflame says:

    And using 12 different e-mail address to get 600 free pictures isn’t a scam?

  6. Alex says:

    I would suggest that Walmart is part of the reason that many former manufacturingt jobs are gone to other countries.

    From HowStuffWorks website:

    Because of Wal-Mart’s massive size, it wields incredible power. It has driven smaller retailers out of business; forced manufacturers to be more efficient, often leading these suppliers to move manufacturing jobs overseas; and changed the way that even large and established industries do business

  7. dlbSolutions says:

    I thought this site was for savings?? not bitching, show me the money!! and less complaining!

  8. H123 says:

    Thank you vibrantflame…..Very Good point!

    I agree that WalMart does have a huge impact on manufacturing, and it is a shame when small business can’t compete, but I would like to point out that many of the articles you are sourcing are American, not Canadian. WalMart in Canada is one of the few companies that actually starts employees above minimum wage. Our WalMart carries local produce to support our local farmers, and has been newly renovated with solar panels, energy efficient heating and cooling systems, and motion-sensitive lights in the freezer units. As well, I can guarantee our families are eating better, when milk is $3.97 instead of $5.29 at Sobey’s. When my daughter was sick, the medicine we used was $8.59 at WalMart. The EXACT same product was $12.99 at Shopper’s Drug Mart!! If I had that kind of money to spare, I wouldn’t spend half my life on this website looking for deals!

    I realize that WalMart is not perfect, but they are not the big bad wolf people make them out to be.

  9. Annchan says:

    What’s the other code for free pictures?

  10. Alex says:

    “I realize that WalMart is not perfect, but they are not the big bad wolf people make them out to be.”~H123

    Walmart is even worse in Canada. Look what they have done in Jonquiere, Weyburn and Gatineau. This retailer is anti-Canadian, anti-worker and disrepects Canadian values.

    Wal-Mart loses Quebec Labour Board ruling
    Last Updated: Tuesday, September 22, 2009 | 6:25 PM ET
    “Former employees at a Wal-Mart store in Jonquière, Que., could be compensated for having lost their jobs after a decision to unionize.

    The Quebec Labour Relations Board ruled Tuesday it was illegal for Wal-Mart to lay off 190 workers in April 2005, shortly after they sought union accreditation.”

  11. Avery says:

    Does anyone know when this expires?

    I thought people were saying they got their 50 free of charge

  12. H123 says:

    Avery and Annchan – The code for the 50 free pics is 50MOM
    Alex – we will just have to agree to disagree.
    Have a a nice day everyone!

  13. Filipe says:

    I ordered my 50 yesterday and got them right away. I won’t be abusing the system by ordering 50 different pictures in different locations…That’s one of the reason why stores stop doing any sort of promotions or start coming up with thounsand restrictions, because people abuse! In the other hand…Walmart has done terrible thing in the past in some countries..maybe time for karma? LOL

  14. Lynfan says:

    I used my 50 free with the 50MOM code and my pictures were ready right away. When I went to pick them up – the employee at the photo counter said that they have been having lots of problems with people ordering more than the 50 per person – so they are now keeping track (doesn’t work if people use aliases)- hence is the reason why we won’t get these deals in the future when people are abusing this!

  15. Bosco says:

    If you don’t know anything about a promo or how it works, don’t bother posting it and wasting our time!

  16. moonglow says:

    Thanks for posting this offer. I will probably use it after Christmas if it’s still good.

    My feelings are if you can use it, do so, and by happy. I find all the negative comments disheartening … thus I don’t post much any more.

  17. suzifevens says:

    yeah I have two “real” walmart accounts that I use (ended up with two because I had two different e-mail addresses and forgot about the first one . oops!). Anyway, since I have been a paying customer with both accounts I didn’t think I was taking advantage of the situation and used the code on both accounts. Well when I picked up my photos today I had to pay for the 2nd 50 even though there were sent from another account. I didn’t think it was a big deal – at least my first 50 were free.

  18. Renee says:

    The 50MOM doesn’t work anymore. I called them but, they say that if you do physically have the coupon you just order your 50 pics, on the web order it’ll charge you but, if you come in with the coupon they will vouch it for your free 50 pics.

  19. FreebieChick says:

    Geez, it took me about 15 minutes or so to choose 50 photos from my files only to find out the promo code doesn’t work, so i’ll have to pay the $9.50 plus tax now 🙁

  20. Wilson says:

    Bonus50 doesn’t work.

  21. Tanya says:

    50MOM didn’t work for me 🙁
    It said the items in my cart did not qualify.
    I ordered 107 pics figuring I’d get half of them for free 🙁

  22. momof3 says:

    The 50MOM code is over…don’t waste your time doing this.
    I spent over an hour getting pics from my hard drive..not worth it.

  23. RachelAngel says:

    It’s disappointing how people can be so rude. I am thankful for the people who take time to post these offers. I used 50MOM two days ago and it was still working. The comments on the initial post clearly stated that nobody knows the duration of the promo.

  24. Weeeooojr says:

    😛 I got my mom to select pictures and we edited stuff, yadiyadiyadah…I should’ve checked to find out that it expired! lol. Oh well. At least we edited them so we don’t need to later…they’re all on my trusty USB key 🙂

  25. Corbinx says:

    Neither of the codes worked for me.

  26. Alx says:

    I used the code on Tuesday and it worked fine. It didn’t work when I had 49 pictures, but it DID work when I added one more. It must be 50, no more, no less. Well, I did it online and I picked up my pictures the next day for free. I’m not sure if the code still works.

  27. crystle says:

    Bonus 50 is for if you are buying prints, then you get 50 ADDITIONAL ones free – sorry I should have been more specific, the 50MOM one does still work.

    & they do keep track, I wasn’t allowed to pick up my 2nd order I had to choose one or the other or pay for one ( at the Walmart here anyways )

  28. supersave says:

    Re crystle: I have order 2 times as well but i’ve created another account using a different email and contact number. when pickup they just gave it to me.

  29. Sharpie says:

    does the 50MOM work or not? Id like to know for sure. Anybody knoe for sure?

  30. darci says:

    It only makes sense that if people abuse the system it will stop working, and in reply to the whiners about uploading and it not working. Now they are there for the next time they offer a deal.

  31. Invictus says:

    This promo was working… I registered for myself and my boyfriend and we got a total of 100 free pictures. We got the pictures printed on Friday and picked them up on Saturday. $0.00

    but when I tried again with my sister’s name and info today, i think its expired now. 🙁 *

  32. Invictus says:

    correction.. my last note was for 50MOM promocode

  33. lotus says:

    that’s a shame this promotion has expired — we were just about to try it out. thanks for the original post and please let me know if anyone knows of a current promotion code! I want to test the quality of these images out before I pay for them.

  34. JESS says:

    didnt work for me i tried it almost the first daY it went up here, and now the other code doesnt work

  35. mommaC says:

    Bonus50 worked for me today. I ordered 100 and got 50 free so they only charged $9.50

  36. TJ says:

    Can you use the Bonus50 code IN-STORE as oppossed to using it ONLINE as I don’t have the time to upload the pics .

    I will be printing 100 so I guess the first 50 will be free & the second 50 I will have to pay for…but I just want to walk into the WM photocentre physical location ( its only 10 mins away for me ) with my USB stick & avail of this Bonus50 offer as opposed to doing it ONLINE…can I do that ??

  37. KJ says:

    4×6 4×6 101 $0.19 $19.19 Remove
    Enter Promo Code: bonus 50 is not a valid Promo Code.

  38. I see that you are smart when it comes to pc’s!!! I am having a problem with my “vista” startup menu….when I click on my Documents folder it will not open…It is in my c: drive and I can find it and open it so I know its there but I just can access it in my startup?..??? I also have 4 desktop folders….1 is above my owners folder and 3 are in my owners folder…..i have some how really messed up my file synchronization….the desktop and documents are my main concern. But I also have problem in my whole fileing system…I am looking for a way to get everything back in order…. thanks for reading and for any info you can give!

  39. Shaun says:

    This worked great. I live and ordered in Ontario. Prints being done at Mississauga store. 108 prints, paid only $12 and some change for what originally costed $22 and change. The promo code is valid… “Bonus50″….

  40. Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again – taking you feeds also, Thanks.

  41. T says:

    Just used bonus50 it worked for me and I saved $10 by searching. Can’t complain about that, will let you know hoe the pics turned out…

  42. This a very great writeup by you looking forward to visit more very soon.

  43. Maybe you should edit the blog subject title Walmart Canada PhotoCenter: NEW Code for 50 Free Digital Picture Prints from Canada to more better for your subject you write. I loved the post withal.

  44. Rachel says:

    Is it this hard to get a promo code that is good for March 2011… SIMPLE answer.. does anyone have a promo code for photos on the walmart photo center website in canada????

  45. Sheegara says:

    I just used Bonus50 and I got my order for Half the price

  46. Alex says:

    I just used this promo code and it saved me almost $10.00!
    Thank you so much!!

  47. Tina says:

    Just used bonus50 and saved ten dollars. Thanks!

  48. Hey says:

    It works in Canada. Just got 50 out of 100 prints free. Only 9.50 before tax compared to 19 dollars. Awesome deal. When i enetered 50MOM it said it expired. When I entered Bonus50 before I had 100 4X6 pics in my cart, it said i didn’t qualify. I only had 96 4X6 prints and 4 8X10 at the time. Added 4 more 4X6 prints, tried the code again and worked perfectly. This was on April 25,2011 in Toronto Ontario. I am just about to go pick up my discounted prints now =D

  49. Kris says:

    I used this code today (May 8th 2011) and it worked no problem. Changed my order from over $24 to only $14.82 before taxes.

    Thanks very much!

  50. Shadow604 says:

    I used this code today (June 22, 2011) and got my 50 pic off 🙂
    Thanks for the code!

  51. Jax says:

    The code Bonus50 actually does work !

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