*Deal Over* Walmart Canada: Secret Flawless only 16 cents with coupons


Some of you have already taken advantage of this super deal, but in case you haven’t here is the rundown. Secret Flawless antiperspirant is on sale for $1.66 at Walmart this week. With the P&G coupons that are $1.50 off you get them for 16 cents! Which is an awesome deal!

I know some of us haven’t been receiving the P&G coupons in the mail, myself included. If you don’t get the P&G coupons in time, there is a save.ca coupon on right now where you get $2 off if you buy 2 Secret Flawless, which works out to 66 cents each. Still pretty good.

Thanks to TNatywary and mamasaidshop for sharing this deal with us!

18 responses to “*Deal Over* Walmart Canada: Secret Flawless only 16 cents with coupons”

  1. tnatyway says:

    woo hoo…..my deal made it !!

  2. Queen Sadi says:

    I got my P&G coupons today, but I was wondering if they are still valid as the expiry date is 2/04/2010. As on the save coupons the format is mm/dd/yyyy. Can someone clarify please? Thanks! 🙂

  3. thekaraokechick says:

    I am going to use my save.ca coupon
    Great deal..gotta get to walmart!

  4. Corbinx says:

    I bought a bunch at Wal-Mart with the Save.ca coupons…very good deal! Couldn’t find any of the P&G ones though. My flyers haven’t been delivered lately so reading the brags has been extra helpful with planning my shopping trips. I can’t believe I used to pay full price for things, lol.

  5. Louise says:

    I used 2 brandsaver coupons on this deal! One had the 2/04/10 written on it but they took it with no hassle. It should be valid as P&G have said that it is meant to be April 2nd.

  6. JeLLo2775 says:

    Great, thanks for the heads up!

  7. Rosa says:

    I bought some last week, but I will buy some this week too!

  8. Aileen Degre says:

    Good job, see you then. I should just give up and take lessons from you

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  9. Nevs says:

    Ugh. I went to the Wal Mart at Scarborough town centre and they weren’t even on sale! They were original price, 3.68 or something. With the coupon it’s still a good price, but I only had a loonie on me and didn’t feel like busting out my Visa for 2 bucks. So I ended up going home instead. Sigh.

  10. Mamasaidshop says:

    Isn’t this a fab deal???? Yay for SC & coupons!!!

    • Justine says:

      Some people are reporting that this over, since it was last week’s special, so just be warned if you do go looking for them.

  11. susan says:

    has anyone seen the sale in a gta location, when is the sale over because i really dont want to miss this deal

  12. dustykatt says:

    Picked up 6 today 3 4 with the $1.50 coupons and 2 with the save $2 wub 2 with a bottle of salad dressing it came to $4.03. I love coupons 🙂

  13. bibce says:

    Went today to the Milton Walmart and they were not on sale. I checked the price on a number of them and they all came up regular price.

  14. Alex says:


    Wal-Mart Cuts Over 13,000 Of What It Calls Jobs
    (From the Onion)(Satire)

    • Justine says:

      I went tonight and yes, they aren’t on sale anymore. I scanned like 6 different ones hoping that I would find something, but no. Sorry guys false alarm.

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