What Is Good Customer Service?



Recently, I’ve had soo much bad customer service that they’ve literally eclipsed any of my positive experiences. In fact, I’m beginning to think that good customer service is going the way of Blockbuster! 🙁

(Part of the reason which contributes to bad customer service is that many people in retail just seem to HATE their jobs. And rightfully so, as they are most likely overqualified, underpaid, and overworked.)

Retail, especially dealing with weirdos, rude people, and slobs, is just not fun. I should know because I have over 10 years experience in retail. And although it’s nothing to be proud about, one valuable thing that I’ve taken away is that I KNOW Good Vs. Bad Customer Service. Furthermore, I know what I’m entitled to as a customer.

Here are some signs that you are getting good customer service:

1. A Greeting. Whether it’s as soon as you walk into a store OR sometime while you’re in the store, a sales associate should acknowledge your presence. A smile will suffice.

2. Good Manners. I wasn’t going to mention this because it’s pretty obvious, but sometimes the sales staff is as rude as some customers. A pleasant demeanor + Ps+Qs goes a long way!

3. “Do you need any help?” This should happen if it seems as though you’re looking for something. While folding jeans, a salesgirl recently asked, in a monotone voice, if I needed help…without even glancing up at me. Sorry, but that doesn’t count!

4. Fitting Room Follow-up. If you’ve made it as far as the fitting room of a clothing store, chances are good that you’re serious about spending cash. So how difficult is it to check-up on customers, ask if they need another size, or simply give your opinion on how something looks on them?

5. Know Your Needs, Before You Say Anything. If you’re walking around with an armful of clothing and a staff member offers you a shopping cart, that is a total bonus! It’s sort of like having your glass refilled with water at a restaurant…before you even have to ask. 🙂

I can provide a list of things that make for bad customer service, but let’s focus on the positive, shall we?

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  1. xxRene says:

    I agree some places have some rude employees! I worked in numerous places, I would greet the customer and they would flat out ignore me. I would ask how they like an item and get an eye roll in return.
    It goes both ways, after numerous rude customers its hard to keep acting friendly..

  2. Stephania says:

    I ABSOLUTELY agree, xxRene! There are some pretty rude people out there. I do try to do the “Everyday is a new day” type attitude in mind. Easier said than done!

    Thanks Sally, I like this pic better! 🙂

  3. rc says:

    how about not hovering over a customer if they’ve said they don’t need assistance. i appreciate a greeting and help when i need help, but when i’m just browsing around the store, GO AWAY! i didn’t ask for a personal shopper and i certainly don’t need anyone over my shoulder like that, it just weirds me out and says to me ‘i don’t trust you’. i get that often…maybe it’s because i’m young or maybe it’s because i put off a ‘don’t need any help’ vibe when i shop, but to me shopping is a pretty personal experience and i enjoy doing it alone! i’m not out to steal stuff, i just wanna browse in peace!

  4. rc says:

    oh and i should say i’m not being rude…i try to treat everyone with courtesy and respect. i just tend to have employees in retail stores hovering over me like i’m about to slip things in my bag, and i’d never steal!

  5. SY says:

    @rc a good trick is to stick headphones in and smile at them and just keep browsing haha

  6. Tiana says:

    I have to agree that some costumers can be pretty rude too.
    I work in the service industry, and getting one nasty costumer makes me appreciate the next one like if they were the best i’ve ever served. Definitely makes you appreciate nice costumers more.

    One of the worst place i’ve seen is the grocery store. Half the cashiers do not look at you or say anything. (they don’t sell anything = no comissions + minimum wage = they don’t care) I’ve stopped counting the times the only words the cashiers said was the total price.

  7. tudorchick says:

    well i will say anyone that doesn’t text. last week i had a cashier at the grocery store laughing and texting while i was paying with my debit card..would it kill you to bag my items and maybe look me in the eye and say have a nice day? sheesh

  8. Lori says:

    I was in the city this week and had wonderful service in a couple of clothing stores. They greeted me warmly and left me alone until I had my hands full, then offered to start a fitting room for me. They let me try on alot before asking me if I needed any different sizes. They gave me opinions when I asked for them and I left very happy (and broke). The only trouble I have is when I go into The Body Shop or Bath and Body Works. I am constantly being asked “can I help you find something?” by seemingly EVERY employee in the shop as soon as I walk in until I leave frustrated.

  9. Lori says:

    Oh I also find it very rude when I am being put through the till and the clerk stops in the middle to answer the phone. I’m a live customer, right here, right now, shouldn’t that be the priority?

  10. Kim says:

    In a lot of the smaller retail stores often times the debit/credit machine is connected to the same line as the phone, and probably if they don’t answer the call, they wouldn’t be able to continue to finish your transaction unless you were to pay with cash…or they would have to wait until the phone stops ringing, which is most likely when the caller hangs up.

    Not that picking up the call and carrying on a 10 minute chat is excusable, but I have had to answer the phone before during a transaction. Though I typically explain to the customer that the debit machine is on the same line, and I just ask for the callers name and number and say we’ll call them back with whatever they need afterwards.

  11. kerry says:

    I find Drugstores,especially Shoppers to have very good polite employees.I can’t say the same for Wendys,Tim hortons,and Zellers…

  12. Shwa Girl says:

    Good customer service – cashier showing a customer where the stockpile of the sale priced cheese is located

    Excellent customer service – cashier giving you a coupon zone coupon for a sale priced cheese

    Priceless customer service – cashier noticing that your cart is full and overflowing and calling the grocery departmetn to help you to your car.

    That cashier gets a comment card filled out or a call to head office.

  13. supermandy says:

    People in general these days are crustier. I recently changed my attitued and try to smile as much as my face can handle.

    When you walk in a store and say good morning with a big smile – watch the reaction you get. Happly people create happy people.

    Recently at a Walmart checkout I was chatting with the cashier (a teenage boy) and he was so nice and friendly that I popped to customer service to make sure that they knew how awesome this kid is. Be sure to take the time to let managers know. Everyone likes to hear something nice.

    And I can hear it already – “they should be nice whether I comment or not”!!! sure, but wouldn’t you like to be complimented on your good work too, on a more regular bases. We all would.

  14. supermandy says:

    and apparently I can’t spell this early in the morning… sheesh

  15. Terri says:

    Good customer service is a thing of the past unfortunately. However, I disagree with your comment that you can’t blame them as they are overqualified and underpaid. I agree that a substantial amount of retail workers and restaurant stff are overqualified and underpaid, however you have a job to do and a responsibilty to do it to the best of your ability. There are too many people out there with a sense of entitlement without actually being entitled. I say this from years of exeprience. I was a waitress for numerous years before settling into a 9-5 job. I believe there are more rude customers than service staff, but you grin and bear it and know that you are a better individual for having done so. If you take pride in your job and give the absolute best that you can, you might be underpaid, but I can guarantee you will always be employed and even more than that can hold your head high.

  16. Faith says:

    On the other end, from someone who works in customer service – it would be nice if the customers were nice as well. I honestly think people get what they give out. I will be nice as pie on a daily basis but if you treat me like crap, don’t expect me to bend over backwards to get you in faster to see a Doctor.
    I had a gentleman yesterday check in to see a doctor and he just came in for test results, I didn’t even get a second to open my mouth before he starts freaking out – “what’s taking so long? yes, my address has never changed. I’ve lived in the same place my entire life. Is this really necessary? Why all the questions? You called me down here in the first place. etc. etc. etc.”
    And for that, he sat and waited for the Doctor even though there was a room open at that moment.
    I work in industry where people are sick and want to be treated with nothing but kindness and understanding, and I get that but if you act like an idiot from the moment you walk through my door and you aren’t bleeding out of your head, then you will wait a long time to see a Doctor. Never piss off the person between you and the man with the prescription pad.

  17. alex says:

    The reason staff greet you and say hi how are you and ask if you need assistance is so you dont steal anything, its been proven people are less likely to steal if someone at the store has acknowledged their presence. Funny 🙂

  18. c_mcarthur says:

    I work in retail, generally I think i’m nice to customers.
    If your not nice to me, don’t expect me to be nice to you.
    I’ve had some of the most RIDICULOUS customers that once they leave the store, all the employees talk about how stupid they are.
    Don’t think that happens often? Oh boy it does.. the second an employee goes into the backroom, or the lunchroom thats where you hear the horror stories.
    Freaking out on a cashier because something rings up wrong/product is out of stock/there’s no sales help on the floor is childish, they are a cashier, they have no control over ANY of those factors.
    Also I don’t know if everywhere is the same but where I work, we have a 3 ring rule. If the phone isn’t picked up within 3 rings, we get chewed out for not answering the phone.
    So yes, we are encouraged to answer the phone while on cash.

    I could go on and on about how horrible 80% of shoppers are but I’m not going to.
    All I say is what goes around comes around.
    Freaking out on a cashier in front of your children for something they have no control over? I fear for your children’s future. :/

  19. oh well says:

    Just had a Bell employee tell me to “change my f’n attitude” yesterday. Then tried to offer an apology after I told him I heard what he said away from the mic. It really warranted this time :s

  20. Pauline says:

    Ditto what Terri said.

  21. onshopper says:

    I’m a retired retail employee who also dislikes bad customer service. In defense of some of the cashiers, they do have a lot of pressure on them to do other stuff than just cash out. For example, in the big box store where I worked we had to – run cash, re-pack the cart, ask if you wanted to upgrade your card to the higher membership, ask if you wanted to apply for a credit card and make sure all th ecoupons were run through because, at my time, they did not come off instantly. Oh yes, we had to balance at the end of the day and get our customer count up. All of this does not make for a pleasant experience on either side of the cash desk.

  22. Xina says:

    I would just like a “thank you” at the till after I paid for my purchase. Anywhere – clothing stores, department stores, restaurants.

  23. Jen says:

    I believe good customer service is declining because the number of rude customers are rising. I’ve been in retail, my husband is in retail, and most companies do strive for good customer service. Unfortunately, there are too many customers who take advantage of this and have outrageous, unreasonable demands, and most are very rude and can get very insulting. So i do feel for these employees that have to endure this constantly, most who are earning minimum wages. At the same time, there can be employees who don’t do what they are suppose to or do not know what they’re doing, but instead of getting rude and upset, all you need to do is to ask to speak to the manager. If you find a particular store that does not care to give good customer service, just stop shopping there. Sometimes, even when you have to pay a little bit more for something but knowing the store actually care about the customers and that you’ll be looked after right, it’s worth going.

  24. jen says:

    Yes – also customer service for online shoppers – so turned off by the new body shop american customer service (no longer speaking to canadians) i don’t deal with online any more – only deal with local store – so much nicer! Some customer service online people are terrific – really care and truly want to help – customers remember and shop at these places because the people who work at the store make the difference whether online or in person!

  25. Sharon says:

    My daughter was recently employeed at a well known fast food restaurant – her first job! And I cannot believe some of the stories she tells me about the RUDE CUSTOMERS she has to serve. Taking on these rude customers shift after shift after shift can get to some people some time. Treat people with the same respect and kindness you want to receive. That goes for both customer and cashier/sales person. The list you provided in your blog, could also apply to the cashier/salesperson so they know what to watch for in a good customer! My daughter loves customers who come up to her with a smile and are friendly.

  26. tnmo says:

    Good service = a good tip guaranteed. I don’t want to answer you’re “are you Ok?” 8 times in 5 minutes or when I’ve just stuffed my mouth with a forkful of food! Nor do I want you sneering/smirking at me when I ask for an extra pump of syrup in my 6 dollar, 500 calorie frappuccino. Yesterday I was at a restaurant with my family of 5, and we had the most lovely waitress – not pushy, attentive when needed and not overbearing, NOT FAKE and perhaps most importantly, very honest – and she got a hefty $30 tip on a $50 meal.

    There’s a fine balance between helpful and annoying. Like many of you have said already, I find it extremely helpful when store clerks offer to get me sizes and offer their (honest) opinion, and I will make a concerted effort to make sure I remember their name and give it to the cashier when I am making my purchase so they can get their commission (if applicable). But hounding me in the store everywhere I go is not cool. On the flip side , neither is staring me down like a a cold fish if I just so happen to not fit your clientele ‘standards’ (for swankier stores – you know, like the top level of the Eaton Centre lol).

    Service Canada (this gets its own paragraph):
    Totally hot or miss. And it’s usually a miss. I always feel like I’m part of a herd of sheep lined up & ready to be sheared. It’s a ‘tough’ job, I get it, dealing with people all day long is not an easy task, but it’s my right to be treated respectfully nonetheless.

    All that being said, rude customers really do get what they give…whether it’s a bit of spit in their food or a delay in an application, the fact of the matter is that it is a two way street.

  27. tnmo says:

    I echo supermandy, my spelling is rather off today

  28. tudorchick says:

    @faith while i think it incredibly rude the way that man acted,you making him wait in a doctor’s office out of spite is unprofessional and shocking,and makes me question who is working in our clinics….i really hope this isn’t something you do on a regular basis.if it is you may need another field to work in or seek an anger management course.

  29. Xina says:

    I live in Saskatchewan and we have a booming economy right now. That’s great but the downside is that jobs (especially lower paid jobs ie retail, fast food, etc) are a dime a dozen. What that means is the people in those jobs get to do (or not do) whatever they please, because if the boss doesn’t like it, they quit and it is too hard for the companies to find a replacement. I know of a grocery store in town that just hired a known thief because there wasn’t anyone else and they needed a body.

  30. Sunday says:

    @tudorchick Thank you! I was just scrolling down to comment on Faith’s comment as well. But you took the words right out of my mouth.

  31. Damaskito says:

    i called koodo client service, i talked whit 4! people! nobody understood my issue… i ended up filing a complaint… i told the 3rd guy…. “I want COSTUMER SERVICE, no just information” they keep telling me that the system is almighty, i ended up very upset ( crying ). finally they communicated me with the “supervisor” and she treat me even worst… i had the same issue with fido, and they to shut me up offer a 20$ credit, and if wanted more i had to talk with the supervisor… the point of “costumer service” its to make you happy, no to read the contract to you… anyways now i have a no phone =(


  32. Sally says:


    here if its a small store that has the same line as the phone if they answer the phone it will cancel the transaction but if you keep letting it ring your transaction will go through….

  33. Erin says:

    Customer service is not always employee only – I think it needs to be a focus for the entire business form owners on down. I think it’s good to remember that the consumers pay your bills by supporting your product. Therefore you need to work your butt of because every interaction you have with them is an opportunity to make you business more successful. I work with a number of retailers and I find a lot of them don’t recognize this, which is sad because it not only reflects badly upon their business, but upon mine.

    I also think it is important for consumers to remember thier power and not settle for shitty service.

  34. Mischa says:

    Agree with Erin on customer services being top-down driven.

    I really hate when I go to most grocery stores (or drug stores) and because I bring my own bags, the cashiers won’t bag my items. I’ve even tried waiting and pretending to struggle with the receipt into my wallet to test them to see if they will bag the one bag of groceries, but they just go to the next customer. With so many people bringing their own bags, why do we have to do part of your job. Now don’t get me wrong, if I have more than 3 bags, I’ll help hold them open for the cashier as some are floppy.

    I’ve noticed that the smaller chains (like Buy-Low in BC) has some sort of happy juice they give their employees! I’ve had stock guys climb shelving for me, two cashiers check me out and be very friendly. They are all always smiling and jovial.

    I guess the smaller the store, the better – in this case anyway!

  35. Mischa says:

    Oh and customers should recognize good customer service to have it continue – so I’m going to send an email the my new favourite grocery store about the service I’ve been receiving!

  36. Lori says:

    I don’t mind when a cashier has to answer the phone if they excuse themselves, ask the caller if they mind holding, then finish off the transaction before they return to the phone. After waiting in line at Sears yesterday,I finally get to the till and in the middle of the transaction the cashier answers the phone and spends quite some time dealing with the caller leaving me STILL waiting, as well as the people in line behind me.

  37. Sad2C ItGo says:

    I don’t appreciate the photo of a Starbucks cup reading “i give decaf to customers who are rude to me!”

    All the Starbucks locations that I have visited no longer have decaf ready to go. For the cup to be true, it would mean that the barista specially made the decaf either as drip or as espresso. In future please pick on another chain instead.

  38. Shannon says:

    What drives me nuts is when I have gathered clothes and I’m ready to get into a change room and then I’m standing there, waiting, waiting, waiting to get in. There have been several occasions where I’ve waited more than I could stand while the employees gabbed to each other and I just ended up putting down my potential purchases and walking out of the store, figuring I guess they don’t want my business. Old Navy seems to be excellent at customer service in all regards, in my experience.

  39. JadeSpade says:

    I walk into an accessory store to find the only employee behind the counter yapping away on the phone. She didn’t even acknowledge me in the store. I wanted to ask her for help with locating an item but didn’t want to bother.

  40. Reality says:

    It’s just not one party to blame, it’s both side to blame. I had meet pretty f*** up people while working on the cash, who I don’t regret telling off. There are some people who I have meet that I really like. Just people & cashiers need to learn how not to be a complete jerk and put a smile.

  41. Nicole says:

    I work in retail so i see both sides of the story. The company i work for has a great training for the employees to teach them about there roll and how to conduct great customer service. I believe more stores should have this kind of training and the result would be a more confident, helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable employee. Also it’s very important to have managers be respectful towards the other employees. When you have a rude manager(s) you have rude (and/or miserable) employees.

    SuperMandy i agree with your statement “Happy people create happy people.”

  42. Nicole says:

    P.S employees are only human and cannot read your mind!!

  43. Faith says:

    I’m sorry you feel that way but he was waiting for x-ray results, not bleeding on the floor dying, so I honestly think I did the right thing making him wait. If he wanted to be seen by the Doctor on time, he should have been polite and not yelled at me before I even opened my mouth.

    I would never actually hold up a patient if they were truly sick even if they were rude, however a patient that’s walking, talking and cursing at me can stand to wait a bit longer – and I’m not the only one behind the desk that feels that way.

    Besides why is it okay for someone to treat me like garbage and get away with it just because they’re sick?

  44. artsy1 says:

    I own my own business and I totally agree that customer service is bad. I try very hard to build relationships with customers. It takes 70 times more work and money and advertising to bring in a new customer than it does to keep a goo customer happy! I hand write thank you notes to customers when they buy above a certain amount and I had a lady once send me a thank you card for my thank you card! Still we do live in a time where many people believe they are the only person important in the store and that really is hard when you are the only one in the store helping customers and answering phones. If I’m on the phone I apologizes to the customer who is waiting. I only stay on the phone if ti is important ( an order or something) and I never take personal calls while a customer is in the store. Nor do I text or anything else. If you get bad service tell them they need to know. But do it in a business like manner no one will take a outraged person seriously, you give them an excuse to continue the behavior. Be rational and logical and you will get a better response.

  45. artsy1 says:

    Seriously I do know how to spell!( Most of the time)

  46. abbasgirl says:

    I think I have a totally different list than the OP. I hate it when sales associates keep asking me if I need help and I certainly don’t want anyone following me to the change room to give me their opinion! I don’t think my clothing choices are any of their business if I don’t even know them. I want the cashier to be pleasant and sales associates to be available IF I need to ask for help. Other than that, leave me alone! If I wanted someone to talk to while I’m shopping, I would bring a friend!

  47. Chuck says:

    what do you guys think of Tim Horton’s customer service? I’ve traveled the country for work and been to lots of Tim Horton’s (what can I say, my co-workers love their Tim’s coffee 🙂 ) to date, I have not had one good customer service experience in ANY of the restaurants. Yet for some reason, people still go there in droves… Why? For me, if it weren’t for my co-workers, I refuse to go there…I just go to Starbucks, where I’ve always had great customer service…

  48. Lori says:

    That’s funny, we just went there for supper tonight (drive-thru) and once again they screwed up both sandwiches. We don’t go there often but when we do, they mess up 90% of the time.

  49. hello says:

    I totally agree customer service has to come from the top down. I’m a former employee of H&M and i’m not going to shy away from the fact that i was shocked how ANTI customer service driven they are. It was weird considering everywhere else I went theres always some focus or even pretend focus. But the managers at H&M were not shy about it

    1. for returns all clothes must be put back on the back rack with all buttons and tags on before any new customer can be attended to. This is even while customers were waiting in line to be cashed out – “they can wait” manager said

    2. put numbers on doors that are empty in the change room to make them look full, this way we can catch up on hanging up clothes

    3.tell us to tell people to hang their clothes back on the hangers when they are done — even i cringe when i tell people to do that 🙂

  50. Mary says:

    BED, BATH AND BEYOND for fabulous customer service!

  51. GD says:

    #1. Greet the customer within 15 seconds of seeing them for the first time
    #2. Answer the phone within three rings.
    #3. Never leave a customer on hold for more than 30-45 seconds. A minute feels like eternity when on hold, try it sometime.
    #4. If you have a customer at the desk, and the phone rings, excuse yourself, answer the phone and ask if you may call back as you are with another customer. If the caller cannot wait, ask to place them on hold while you page another associate to help them with their call.
    #5. 4 or more customers in line, call another associate to help, or call to have another till/station opened.
    #6. If you have a belligerent customer, do not argue with them! Call a manager, and let them handle it. They have the authority to offer promos, discounts, ect., if the complaint is legitimate. If the customer is acting completely inappropriate, the manager also has the authority to ask them to leave the store, and/or call the police.

    These are just a few simple guidelines to help when interacting with customers. There are more, and they work. You want to deal with irate customers, you should try the automotive repair business. I get yelled at regularly because the customer did not maintain ther car, and now it is undriveable without $$$$$ in repairs. I have even had people get violent because they were mad that their car was in such poor condition. Never mind that it was because they declined suggested maintenance over a long period of time.

  52. GD says:

    looks like I cannot spell today, either, lol!

  53. Anna says:

    I agree customer service is going down the hole. BUT, people want/need DEALS…..
    I’ve worked in customer service 10+ years. Yes employees today need lessons on proper manners. Say hello, acknowledge customers promptly, be courteous, easy common sense stuff.
    Another problem is the demand for cheap products and the demand for perfect, name brand, top of the line products for CHEAP. That means retailers have to cut staffing, pay low wages to cut costs.
    I work in an industry that is starting to see the effects of online shopping. When we purchase things online, it’s cheaper, why?? because you are not paying for a physical store. You are paying for one warehouse that doesn’t have to deal with a lot of the troubles a physical store does.
    My example Cleary Contacts, Zenni Optical…. In a sense you are outsourcing jobs. Yes you are getting “free glasses” in some cases, but at what cost? You have absolutely no physical customer support for this, you can’t call them and ask them to adjust your glasses, tighten a screw. A person would go to a physical store, like mine and have me do it. I find this extremely rude sometimes, people come into the store tell me they got these glasses “online” and say adjust these they are falling off of my head. We can’t charge for this type of service, but why should our loyal customers have to wait for people that chose to buy online. Also people honestly have the nerve to come ask me to give them advice on which lenses to buy and what their measurements are and then get mad at ME because I tell them to ask the computer??
    Think about it, you need physical stores for somethings and stop taking advantage of workers. CHEAP people are the reason businesses(ever big ones) are having to shut their doors and people are loosing JOBS everywhere!!

    And PLEASE stop promoting online purchases on this site. It’s one thing to talk of store deals and coupons but telling people to screw their fellow people is low!!

  54. Sally says:

    Seriously Anna? That is the purpose of our site, to bring and post deals wether online or in-store. Online purchases aren’t fufilled by robots.

  55. Jen says:

    I agree with part of what Anna is saying. No, we cannot stop online shopping and people bargain shopping, afterall, we all want to get more for our hard earned money and times are tough. However, do not expect to purchase an item from one place and expect to get assistance with it somewhere else. Have the decency, if you do not know what you’re buying or have an issue with something you bought to go back to the source, not go somewhere else to get the service you were lacking. There have been customers who bought their purchases from somewhere cheaper and bring them into our store and asked us to set it up and show them how to use it. We have customers who have trouble with their purchases from somewhere else and expect us to fix it. We have customers who comes into the store and inquire about all different products, after taking time to explain and show them everything, they take that knowledge and go buy it somewhere else. If you choose to do something like that then maybe that’s where the previous post re tipping comes in.

    We all need to understand that you get what you pay for, not just with the products you are buying but also the service you are getting with them.

  56. An old girl says:

    I agree customer service it what it used to be….BUT… with working in different types of the service industry for over 30 years, I’d like to share things from my side of the counter. (I pride myself on my customer service, but there is a limit to how much I can and will take!) After trying on at least 10 different outfits, taking them off by turning them inside out, and leaving them in a crumbled pile on the floor, you have the nerve to complain that there is an antiperspirant stain on the underarm of a garment, after you’ve walked on those clothes for at least 15 minutes? When I answer the phone and say “Thank you for calling (company name)…. How can I help you today?”, Please don’t start by screaming at me. Chances are I wasn’t the one who upset you, and your attitude certainly won’t give me any reason to bend over backwards to help you! You didn’t get your bill in the mail and it’s MY FAULT? You demand that I will reverse the interest because of a mail strike? Did the hydro, cable and phone companies let you off with a late payment because of the same strike? Oh and one last thing – I don’t give a flying fig how much money you have , and that you’ll take your business elsewhere! Don’t let the door hit your butt on the way out! With your holier than thou attitude… be my guest! And have a nice day!

  57. Tessa says:

    Quite honestly, in a retail setting, I would rather be mostly ignored, or rather have myself start any conversations. I don’t want to be talked at while I’m shopping- most of what you’ve listed here I find overbearing. Of course in other situations- food service and restaurants for example, I expect to see these things.

  58. Colin says:

    I’m with Tessa. A greeting is OK, but overall I don’t like being approached, especially in stores where employees work on commission (Future Shop, for example). I’m not shy.. if I want help, I will ask for it.

  59. Joe says:

    So many people who have never worked in retail are experts on customer service.

    I wonder how they react when people with no kids preach about “What is good parenting?”. Isn’t it as easy as it looks?

  60. Sarah says:

    Let me tell you this. I was at Walmart last week with my 2 years old. She was looking at the toys on one side of the aisle and the other side of the aisle was lined with shopping carts that had stuffs to put back. I stopped with my shopping cart while she was looking at the toys. A Walmart employee walks in that aisle out of nowhere and rushed me out of that aisle saying I am blocking everyone. Immediately, I made my child move and I moved and there was only 1 person behind me. I am just surprised that I didn’t scream at her telling her to get the shopping carts out of the way & stop pushing me around. I just rushed out of the store not feeling like shopping anymore. I couldn’t believe how that employee treated me and I didn’t say anything back to her. So mad till today how she treated me & I didn’t say anything. I am just waiting for next time.

  61. Sharon Woolhouse says:

    My brother recommended I might like this website. He was entirely right. This post actually made my day. You cann’t consider simply how so much time I had spent for this info! Thank you!


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