What was the weirdest deal that you’ve seen/bought?

Sort of a follow-up to this post about there being waaay too many group buy sites, I have had a change of heart: I no longer think that there are too many of them. In fact, the more, the merrier…BRING ON THE DEALS!!! 🙂

Over the past few months, I have been really getting into snatching these deals! Highlights include the spend $10 and receive $20 at Whole Foods (Living Social) and spend $5 and receive $10 at Artisano Bakery (WagJag) – which I have to buy soon before it goes away.

One downfall to these deals is that you can easily get caught up, forgetting about the deals as quickly as you snatched them up!

Aside from missing expiry dates, I’ve seen some pretty strange deals and I’ve even picked up 1 of them. I bought 1lb of tzatziki for $5, usually $10.

The tzatziki was from a Greek restaurant that I like. And since my bro-in-law loves it too, I bought 2 deals, i.e. 2lbs of tzatziki. Although I like tzatziki, I honestly don’t know what 1lb of the product looks like.

Another weird deal that I saw, and almost bought, was $49-59 for a wine making session that includes 50 bottles of wine! This deal can go either way, either really GOOD/BAD ’cause if the wine doesn’t turn out, you’ll have 50 bottles of it to deal with.

What’s the strangest deal that you have seen? And have you purchased any of them yourself?

18 responses to “What was the weirdest deal that you’ve seen/bought?”

  1. Crystal says:

    Well if the wine does not turn out stellar at least you can use it to make mulled wine for the holiday season … you can use plonk to make mulled wine. Good luck!

  2. R_C says:

    i, too, love these sites, the $10 referral credits, i love groupon guarantees….i used to hate all the sites but now i really appreciate the deals!

  3. Wine girl says:

    My family runs a custom wine making store with deals similar to those prices. guaranteed that is NOT a weird deal or will you be left with 50 bottles of bad wine!! Unless they are shady and dint care for their customers. Most custom brew wine shops are trained enough to produce quality wine similar to any winery.

  4. sfaraz says:

    I buy lot of these from groupon , wagjag , groupon , teambuy etc today i buy deal from teambuy(mississauga) 10 $ for two medium pizza three topping plus choice of garlic bread , fries or 3 pops

  5. jamie says:

    Today I got a notice from SwarmJam advising me that I had a voucher that will expire soon. How cool is that. The voucher expires Oct 20.

  6. Sally says:

    I bought that 1lb of tzatziki. Just picked it up the other day. It’s about the size of a KFC large salad. The tzatziki is so yummy I wish I had bought more!

  7. Alex says:

    I bought greg frewin tickets (niagara falls) and got platinum seats for just under $50 .. reg price about $110 … Awesome deal… I also did CNE tickets for $8 reg price $16 🙂

  8. Stephania says:

    @Sally – Maybe I’ll pick up the 2lbs…all for me! Besides, I never told my sis/bro-in-law that I got it for them. 😉

  9. Stephania says:

    Has anyone ever purchased this deal?:
    “$25 for $200 Worth of AAA Grain Fed Alberta Beef, Free-Range Chicken, and Seafood from Gourmet Secrets”

    It sounds really fishy. Here’s the website:

  10. adora says:

    The weirdest deals I’ve seen are hypnosis, fortune telling and magnetic therapy. Pseudoscience stuff.

  11. Tom says:

    Speaking of special deals, here is what some might be interested in!

  12. cushiebunny says:

    Well well Tom… you win for the weirdest groupon type of thing I’ve seen yet. I’m not quite sure it will be appreciated here as they try and keep things somewhat clean… at least to my understanding. His name takes you to some sort of, ‘grope on’ site.

  13. Marci says:

    I bought the wine deal for my husband’s birthday – as it included a introduction to different wines/grapes around the world…and he loved it! The wine he made at the facility – was honestly one of the best whites we have ever tasted. You would never know the difference between store bought and this. The only thing to beware of – you must purchase the corks and bottles – which come to $1 a piece. We will be returning next year to make the same white wine.

  14. Brooke says:

    Bad wine = excellent Sangria. I’ve done this one several times and the wine is usually ok.

  15. Sallycat says:

    I purchased a couple of Salt Therapy(Halotherapy) sessions. I was just recovering from bronchitis at the time and read that salt therapy can cure breathing problems associated with asthma or bronchitis. Halotherapy is a method of treatment that recreates the natural salt mine or salt cave environment. It was very relaxing and I think it worked.

    I love these group deals and have a folder to organize them by expiry date. The vouchers without expiry dates go to the back while the vouchers which are about to expire go in the front.

  16. Super Mel says:

    Stephania, here that low down on that deal:

    25$ gets you 4 X 50$ vouchers = 200$ worth of food… The catch is that you can only use one voucher a month.

    Food MUST be delivered = 19.99 delivery charge plus tax X 4 = about 100$ (depending on the size of the order)… 150$-400$ is 28.99

    Your 50$ voucher does NOT apply to shipping.
    There are certain items that are around the 50$ mark, making this deal basically 125$ out of pocket for 200$ worth of food… Not that great of a deal if you ask me… However… (See next point…)

    The food is considerable cheaper if you buy at least 8 items at a time. ie: Scallops are 42.99 if you purchase 8 items (any kind), OR 81.99 if you only buy one item. It is way more cost effective to but 8 items at a time as opposed to one, making each order around 350$ or so…

    To get your moneys worth out of this deal, you’re committing to spend about 1000$ there within the year to fill you freezer.

  17. natashas says:

    ohmygoooodness tom. interesting find, lmao!

  18. Funkymunky says:

    lol @ Tom! YIKES!!


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