What’s the Real Capital of Canada?


An awfully long way to say Ottawa. This student will be a great politician.

5 responses to “What’s the Real Capital of Canada?”

  1. Gnorman says:

    One of the reasons I so rarely check this page. Is this funny? Moderately. Is this the place for it? Not by a long shot. Post such things to your Facebook page and keep this site free of vacuous posts.

    • purplebunny89 says:

      I completely agree. I can hardly even read/see what the person wrote but then I see that they “hashtagged” it makes me disgusted in the world. Its a test paper for SCHOOL not the twitter you idiot.

  2. Jimmy says:

    I’ve seen a trend lately of posts where I thought to myself “Why is this here?”

  3. Anjie says:

    So….what I’m getting from this is that :
    1) evidently the student DOES NOT KNOW the capital of Canada, and
    2) apparently neither does his/her teacher.

    The student did not answer the question at all, and upon re-reading it, the student makes it sound as though we have not yet named our capital. Just as the aforementioned commenter posted, the hashtag at the end makes it worse.

    The teacher, rewarding the student with a bonus +1 indicates that he/she accepts this response as correct, wherein it is actually not much of an answer at all.
    The student should receive either a 0.25 or a 0.50 for the response, but normally this would indicate that the student is rambling purposefully, so as to make it appear as though he/she knows what they are talking about.
    As many of us may be aware of, In higher education institutions (academia), this would be called out on.

    Maybe if I wasn’t a curricula policy maker, this wouldn’t bother me much, but as a parent, aunt and educator, this is highly unusual to me.

    Question : what mark does the student receive with the correct answer ? a +2 or more ?

  4. Konohamaru's Friend says:

    Why is this in the category “Canadian Deals & Coupons?”

    You do realize that email subscribers received this in their smartcanucks email, right?

    I appreciate what content providers of Smartcanucks do, but please preserve the quality of your content.

    Do we want Smartcanucks’ emails to become an archive for forwarded emails from mom?

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