When’s Bedtime?


While sitting here listening to the clock tick, I started wondering when does the rest of SC go to bed? Do most people have a bedtime, or do you just go to sleep when your tired?  Most nights I go to bed around 1’ish, but it varies.  I’ve gone to bed at 3am many a moons as well as 9pm.

I do need to admit that I have a *sick* addiction.  Group buys.  I feel like I *need* to stay up until at least midnight to scope the new deals.  Once, and only once, there was a deal that I missed for a Cirque show that was very limited.  Because of that I simply cannot go to bed until I check out my Groupon.

I know my body needs to go to bed earlier since I’m up at 7 am with my boys.  I have to make lunches, make sure the kids get dressed and out the door on time.  Then my day starts? No, I go back to bed for an hour or four because I’m exhausted still. It’s a vicious cycle.  I don’t always do this, but on the 3am nights I do.

33 responses to “When’s Bedtime?”

  1. GOLeafsGO says:

    Sunday to thursday 11pm. Fri to Sat. 1am.

  2. chloe says:

    I try to go to bed when I’m tired…but sometimes (most of the time) I can’t/don’t because I’m too busy with school! The past two weeks have been insane for me with tons of midterms and assignments that I’ve pulled multiple all-nighters and gone to bed probably no earlier than 2 or 3am.
    When I’m not as busy, I try to go to bed by midnight to 1am. I’m a night owl haha, but i also take a lot of naps during the day, I don’t think i can survive without them!

  3. joline says:

    I am a night shift worker, so on work nights, I go to bed at 8:30 am. On nights when I don’t work, 3am is the norm. I rarely go to bed before midnight.

  4. FatB says:

    When most people wake up I’ll be just hitting my sheets.

  5. Eric says:

    Almost exactly the same as Joline. Except for the days when I have to do stuff during the day (with no car and a horrible transit system, so very erratic), then I get to go to bed maybe around 9 (when the kids go to bed), and get up again at midnight.

    Wednesdays are the worst though, with a work meeting every week at 9:30 am and for some weird reason, the elementary schools around here get out at noon on Wednesdays.

  6. RegulusLeonis says:

    I have a small baby so I go to sleep around 2am – 3am. It’s the only time I get anything done like cleaning and showering (or time to myself). Some nights I get maybe 4 hours of sleep because he doesn’t always sleep at night like a champ, either!

  7. Lana says:

    My bf works until 3am, when he get’s home we go to the gym, then need some time to wind down before sleeping. So usually between 3am and 5am. When I go to my parents and visit for a few days I have no issue going to bed at 10pm. I have worked shift work for over a year + went to college three years before that so I am pretty flexible in my sleep times and have no issues changing it! Oh btw, I love sleep! <3

  8. J says:

    I work Monday to Friday 7am – 3pm. My sleep schedule is between midnight to 1:30am Sunday to Thursday which gives me an average of 5.5 hours of sleep during work days. When the weekend comes along, I am up until until 2am and waking up around 10am which means I get at least 8 hours of sleep on the weekend. I realized that if my average is less than five hours of sleep during work days, I would crash by the end of the week and would need at least 12 hours of sleep. It is rare for me to have time to take naps, although it would be very nice.

  9. Jeri says:

    OMG! That was EXACTLY what happened to me! I once missed a deal, which was sold out in the morning. From that day on, I have to stay up till midnight to see what the new deal is before I can go to bed.

  10. Melody113 says:

    I get up at 4:30 so I’m in bed by 8:30 or 9 pm : )

  11. Marcy says:

    Bed at 10pm and up at 6am with the boys. 🙂 I’m a up early bed early kinda girl.

  12. Dayanara says:

    I will go to bed anytime between 9pm-12am usually, all depends on how tired I am. I wake up at 6am for work and if I get less than 5-6 hours I am not pleasant, lol.

    On weekends, unless I have something planned in the morning, I go to bed whenever I am tired and wake up when my body tells me to or my cat pounces on me to be fed. Haha!

  13. glowworm2k says:

    I’m a true morning person: I am up at 5:00am or 5:30am at the very latest 7 days a week. I find that no matter what I try, I’m awake and ready to go by 5:30 am; sleeping in doesn’t work for me. I go to bed between 9 & 10pm most nights, although sometimes it’s later when I’m doing shift work or going out for the night. I love the time between 5 & 8am; I can get so much done when everyone’s sleeping and I’m wide awake!

  14. Marta says:


  15. coupon girl says:

    usually 10:00 to 11:00-cause i dont sleep in up at around 6:30 to 7:30-even on weekends

  16. hogama says:

    Lately, on work nights, I’m just hitting the bunk around 1230pm. It’s it’s a w’end, it’s around 130am. I LOVE to sleep, but I just can’t seem to get to bed any earlier. My “little alarm clock” will go off around 8am with a loud “MOMMAAAAAAAAAA” if I don’t wake up before him!

  17. KG says:

    Like clockwork, asleep around 12am to 7am.

  18. vibrantflame says:

    10 or 11 pm. I have to get up at 7:30 am on the weekdays to take my oldest to school, and it’s rare on the weekends that I sleep in. Plus, I am a person who craves sleep. Even sleeping all those hours, I will sometimes take a nap during the day.

  19. crochetlady says:

    Anywhere from 11:00 to 1:30 I don`t like to get up early. Bear usually gets me up around 8:30 but sometimes I go back to bed for another hour or 2.

  20. saraL says:

    I love, love, love to sleep! But I rarely get to do it. LOL I aim for 10:30pm-1am for bed and up at 6am for work. I do try to get one day a week where I can sleep in as much as I need/want. Sunday I slept for 13 hours because I went to bed early/woke up late. It was good but last night I got 4 hours, so it kind of evens out.

  21. lizziebargain says:

    As a Mum ( i.e. I have more patience if I get enough sleep) and for my own health I try not to short myself on sleep. I usually sleep 9-5 or 10-6 just because having enough sleep is a higher priority to me than scoring a deal but that is just me! I do think many mothers go short of sleep due to children waking in the night, work and simply having too much to do. The worst thing to me is when you get to bed in good time but for some reason( like trying to write a mental list of what you need to do tomorrow) you toss and turn and can’t get a good nights sleep!

  22. itsjustmebub says:

    10:30 – 11pm or else my nerves go nuts the next day!!

  23. nellyc says:

    On weekdays, by the time 10:30pm/11:00pm rolls around, I’m usually exhausted. On weekends, I can sleep in so I stay up till midnight. I find I really need my 7-8 hours sleep.

  24. Seaglass says:

    I’m an animal lover and am addicted to watching the live African Safari Drive at Djuma.com every night from midnight until 3:00 am. If anyone is up then I highly recommend it.
    It’s also on in the morning which is their night hours. I’ve learned so much about the African animals. It’s such a treat to sit (online) amongst a herd of elephants with babies and watch their natural interactions.
    I never get enough sleep anymore 🙂

  25. Mau says:

    I like to be in bed by 10:00 and then I read until 11:00.

  26. daffy1313 says:

    This is so good to read! I tell myself to go to bed at 10:15pm. I actually go to bed 11:30pm-1am. I work 60-68 hours per week, and I just cherish my “me” time to veg out in front of the TV or on the computer or both at the same time. Not to mention that I love to eat junk food at this time too 😉 I try to get up at 6:15am to get a good start to the day, but I usually sleep until 7:15am and then I am rushed and running one step behind the whole day.

    I am exhausted during the day, and I usually feel sorry for myself. After reading that this seems to be the norm (going to bed after 11pm). Good to know. I will start telling myself to “suck it up princess!”. And then get another cup of coffee.

    Thanks for sharing!

  27. Ambiance says:

    I’m a morning person. I go to bed at 10am (sun – thurs) so that I can be up by 5:30am. I’d be too tired for my morning jog if I went to bed any later than that. I’d honestly go to bed at 10am on friday and saturday if it wasn’t for my husband, the night person type. On friday and saturday I go to bed at 1am and I get up at 7am. Very interesting to see others sleep schedules. I’m suprised so many people stay up late during the week. I ride my bike to school with the kids and volunteer for morning reading. I’d be a zombie if I stayed up that late.

  28. Amy says:

    I like to be asleep by 11-11:15 at the latest!! I can’t imagine going to be later. I get to sleep until 730am, am 22, no kids, and couldn’t imagine staying up as late as most of the readers! Im impressed

  29. danifish says:

    I DON’T DO MORNINGS. I even have a sign that says it… My 16 month old goes down 7:30-8pm and then I don’t usually go to bed until at least midnight, usually later. I get up when my baby gets up… around 10:30-11am …. yes I have the best baby ever. We all love sleep in this house!

  30. misskitty_79 says:

    I’m another 3rd shifter, so my alarm goes of at 9pm & I head in to work for my 11:15pm to 7:15am shift. I’ll usually go do groceries or have breakfast w/ a friend in the morning before heading home & to bed around noon or 1pm…

  31. Jillei83 says:

    I aim for about 10:30 and usually get to bed before 11 on weeknights. Weekends it’s more like 1am. I work 9-5, so I’m up around 7- 730 and have a 2 year old to get up and ready and out the door in the morning. I often lay with her at her bedtime (around 830) and fall asleep in her bed somethimes too after a long day. But them I usually wake up sometime between 1 and 3 am and have a hard time going back to sleep, so I’ll go online for like 45 mins then try to go back to bed!

  32. Joana Brandao says:

    I’m happy to see that I’m not the only “own” in Canada, it always seems everybody here does all in the morning and I simply can’t do it! I love to stay up until late and sleepy as many as I can in the morning… rarely I go to bed before 2AM and usually get up around 9:30 AM when my 19 months old son wakes up.

  33. Mist_ynight says:

    on weekdays I go to bed between 9 and 9:30 but read until atleast 10, usually 10:15. I can’t sleep unless I unwind by reading. It usually takes me a while to fall asleep and I get up at 7:30. On weekends it’s whenever I’m tired and I usually sleep till 10. I’m always exhausted no matter how much sleep I get. I found out yesterday that I have severe sleep apnea which would explain that.


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