You… are Not Fooling me, I Know You Secretly Watch Jersey Shore.


Jersey Shore.  Total crap right? But if it was truly that bad ratings would be so low that the show would of been cancelled after the first few shows.  So someone has to be watching it.  I don’t think that people like to admit that they are fans of the show.  How many people have admitted to you that Jershey Shore is always on their Tivo list? I can honestly say I’ve never sat down with the intent to watch the show. In fact, up until recently I had never seen it.

Realistically  I should have put two and two together a long time ago. I’d be watching TMZ and asking who these people were and my husband would always fill me in.  Yet, oddly enough he’d never seen the show either.  The other night I came out of the shower and caught him. In all his glory there he was sitting watching Jershey Shore.  On purpose. The horror!  He was and is in fact a closet fan of Jersey Shore and had always tried to watch it when I was not around.  I still love the guy, but now I wonder about him. Are you a closet Jersey Shore fan?

33 responses to “You… are Not Fooling me, I Know You Secretly Watch Jersey Shore.”

  1. coup5 says:

    I watch Jersey Shore every week its my own guilty pleasure. Instead of me going out drinking like its water, partying and bringing “juice heads” back home, I get my fix. HEHE

  2. Amanda says:

    oh, Jersey Shore. Hardly anyone wants to come clean that they actually watched the show 😉 Btw, not to sound snobby here, but there is a typo in the title of this article (Jershey Shore)

  3. Sally says:

    ^ The “Hershey” edition 😛

  4. Koolaid says:

    I can’t stand that show….I would rather reveal my secret crush on House than watch…opps did I say that????

  5. Em says:

    I have never watched the show but I can name pretty much all the people on it, only because they’re everywhere! Every talk show, gossip site and magazine…you can’t escape it!

  6. Violet says:

    I love those dirty jersey kids. I watch it religiously with my boyfriend every week. love when the meatballs marshmallowed the house.

  7. kim says:

    i tried watching this show, but I was just utterly bored, but I can name all the people on the show as well, from hearing about them in random places (other tv shows, etc). I couldn’t get into it and didn’t understand what the point of it was. I must be getting old -_- ..

  8. Shocked says:

    I have never seen the show before. Honest. I don’t have cable. 🙂

  9. Sara says:

    Not a closet fan. I love it, its my mommy time. I do nothing but look after everyone else day in a day out. It makes me laugh and I think about nothing other than how funny these people are. And how our priorities are soooooo different. Every Thursday night from 10-11 no one bug this mom she is in fist pumping mode!!! 😀

  10. Scarecrow says:

    No, I really do have you fooled, never seen it, never will.

  11. Cmoody8107 says:

    I watched it twice I believe last year – but then the 8 year old girl I care for pointed out that she watches it with her mom – I haven’t watched it since. IMO not a show that 8 years olds should be watching.

  12. Natalka says:

    Nope, not a watcher. Watched a few episodes when it started to see what all the hype was about, that’s it.

  13. Stephania says:

    I do watch it and it’s no secret! However, I will admit that this season, so far, is the most BORING. Maybe it’s bad ’cause it still counts as part of the ratings, but if it’s a snoozer, I’ll just keep it on as background noise!

    I also watch THE BACHELOR which is also beyond fake and boring this year. I do the same thing, leave it on as I do other things. It’s my strange addiction…

    There really isn’t much on tv, so people without cable really aren’t missing much!

  14. ssss says:

    nvr watched it, but i intend to one day to see what the big deal is. Only person’s name i know is snookie…

  15. twin says:

    I LOVE JERSEY SHORE!!!! Vinny is my favorite.

  16. Alicia says:

    Everyone I know is obsessed with it! But I honestly can’t stand it… I watched it once just to see what the big deal was and hated it! I know it’s on because everyone on my FB starts posting quotes from it as their statuses… ugh!

  17. Allie says:

    I’ve actually never seen it but all my friends are into it, so I might have to watch one day to see what all the fuss is about 🙂

  18. Kiri says:

    I’m seriously starting to think the producers control every person’s actions. No normal people would call themselves meatballs or look for “juice-heads” A lot of this has to be fake.

    yet I’m an open jersey shore fan. gosh darn!

  19. Airline_guy says:

    I tried to watch the show but couldnt make it to the end.. are there really people like that in this world? well ok at least the guys are hot.. but still.. no brains

  20. IRefuseToPayFullPrice says:

    I tried to watch this show once and my conclusion is this: I would rather fall off a cliff and have my eyelid caught on a nail than watch this show.

  21. FreebieChick says:

    One of my fave shows! Love it!!!!!

  22. T.M. says:

    Offensive in every way, bad role models for teens… but I can’t turn away! It’s like a train wreck. And I’m 40!

  23. tracey says:

    My name is Tracey and I watch Jersey Shore…but only if it’s on, I don’t wait for Thursday 10pm. I too love Vinny, mainly because he doesn’t talk much lol. The show is like a train wreck you don’t want to watch BUT YOU HAVE 2!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol….’get crazy..get wild………’

  24. shmegz says:

    not me! my sister watches it though and i make fun of her.

  25. Mrshappy says:

    I watch it but only on Rogers on Demand…the past seasons….I dont get that channel…..I also watch, Kendra, that Holly Madison show, any Kardashian show, Amazing Race, Survivor, the Bachelor, Hells Kitchen, Americas Next Top Model….love love love Reality TV!!

  26. Scotia says:

    Yep, I watch JS every Thursday night, even though when it first came out I thought it was stupid. Watched 1 episode to see what the hype was about and got hooked! Vinny and Pauly are my faves – I was quite disappointed to miss Pauly D DJing in my hometown last night (couldn’t find anyone to go with, but learned the day of that lots of people I know were also closet fans and wanted to go haha)

  27. Eric says:

    I don’t even watch the channel.

  28. katjwt says:

    I watch it, it is my guilty pleasure! I love the drama.

  29. candice says:

    I’m a TOTAL reality junkie.. but I have never seen this show. I tired to watch one time.. but I don’t get MTV. Oh well LOL

  30. misskitty_79 says:

    This is why I do not own a television.
    Utter rot.

  31. Sally#2 says:

    yupp i watch it every week, in fact i’ve sold 100’s of copies of recorded episodes on ebay for $10 and sell out every day… not sure y those dead beats dont just get cable

  32. cdnmom says:

    This show makes me laugh and also question what the hell is wrong with our species? It is hilarious and sad all at once.

  33. bri says:

    I watch it cause the utter stupidity of these people and their actions make me laugh. I can’t believe there are people in the world like that. The sad part is, they are getting famous and rich by basically doing nothing.


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