Zehrs Ontario: Free Tena Products After Coupon

This week Zehrs Ontario has Tena 12-48’s incontinence underwear or pads on sale for $13.99. If you have ordered and still have your coupon for $14 off the purchase of any Tena product. You can use the coupon this week to pick up a package for free. If you have not yet ordered your coupon you can do so by registering for Tena, and then requesting your coupon through the link below. There is a $7 and a $14 coupon available to order.

While you will not receive your coupon to use in time for this sale, these occasionally go on sale for $13.99 and sometimes even less. This week Guardian actually has these same products on sale for $11.99. If you are able to price match this at Walmart you may or may not earn overage on it. They may take off the full amount of the coupon, or they may just deduct the price of the product, because the coupon is worded “up to” $14 off.

Click here to view this offer in the Zehrs Ontario flyer.

Click here to order your Tena coupons. 

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