Zellers Canada Moonlight Madness Sale Friday June 17th Only


Zellers is having another Moonlight Madness sale! 

Click here to view your flyer and what time your closet store is open until.  From what I saw theres lots of BOGO sales and something for everyone.

9 responses to “Zellers Canada Moonlight Madness Sale Friday June 17th Only”

  1. KT says:

    Can’t wait to pick up that mattress! Was talking to a sales associate about it, and he said last time they hardly sold any. Is it just me? Is it not a really good deal? Maybe I’m excited for nothing… Does anyone had any issues with Seely mattresses?

  2. ivanna-save-alot says:

    i think its a great deal aswell. normally i spend around $80 on an air mattress like that..

  3. ivanna-save-alot says:

    lol, i guess i had me a moment. i was talking about about the air mattress for camping. :p

  4. Catherine says:

    We just bought a new mattress set from Costco last Monday – a Sealy Silvermist. It is horrible. Every time one of us moves the other one wakes up. The first night I woke up thinking someone was shaking me when my BF rolled over and if you’re too close to the edge you feel like you’re going to roll off because of the slant of the pillowtop. My BF wants to take a loss on it and get another set, but I just can’t justify throwing away that much money and I don’t know where we’d come up with the money to buy a better one. I don’t know if all Sealys are the same but I know next time we’ll be paying the extra money to get a set we can actually sleep on comfortably. Hope you have better luck KT if you decide to buy the one at Zellers:) This is only my experience with a Sealy mattress, but I’m sure others love them.

  5. Tracey says:

    I believe it’s not just the mattress quality that affected the quantity of mattresses left over from the sale. I worked for the company in B.C. and I must say that in my 15 years of working retail, Zellers is by far the most disrespectful, awful company to work for. Which, sadly reflects in our customer service because we were all tired from being very over worked and severly under paid. I say good bye Zellers!!! No one shops there out of frustration, and I don’t blame them. I refuse to give that company a dime no matter how good the sale, and I’ve heard the same from many, many other people in my community. That, my friend, is why there is such a huge number of left overs from a “madness” sale.

  6. KT says:

    Yes, It’s funny you say that, because I am a former Zellers cash supervisor of five years, and am VERY GLAD to have moved on. I got treated like trash, and I know what you mean about lefotver madness stuff being thrown into totes and brought out again at the next one..

    I’m so torn on what to do about this mattress, I doubt there will be one on display either… Maybe I could call and find out the exact model and look up some reviews on it… ANyone know any good review sites?

    Thanks for all your help guys!!

  7. Colin says:

    I find it hilarious that a Zellers in my area that closed a year ago is still listed with hours for this Moonlight Madness sale.

  8. Graham says:

    Anyone have any idea about the quality of the bonded leather storage ottoman? I’ll try and get one because it is a good price and if it doesn’t work in the livingroom then I suppose I can always return it.

  9. thisisgreat says:

    People were so angry…..those barbeques and ottomans created quite the emotions!!


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