Zellers Store Closing Liquidation Locations And Dates


As most of us know, Target has bought the leases of over 200 Zellers stores across Canada. As a result, Zellers has announced that certain locations will be converted into liquidation stores. If a store is listed as a liquidation store: All sales final. All flyer offers, price match guarantee, Kidurable guarantee, rain checks, Senior’s Days, SPC cards, and HBC promotions are NOT AVAILABLE.

For the complete list, CLICK HERE.

74 responses to “Zellers Store Closing Liquidation Locations And Dates”

  1. minimusiclover says:

    So soon. Is this all going to be this year?

  2. lorressa says:

    to bad no winnipeg locations!

  3. Shanna says:

    nothing in Manitoba yet..even tho some of our stores were on the list probably just going to have to watch. I`m amzed Medicine Hat,Alberta store wasnt listed too was there at Christmas and it was obviously gearing down

  4. Shanna says:

    well just the first 50 listed sure it will be done in tiers.

  5. danielle says:

    🙁 my stores not on there. jeeze zellers, you cant even have a good closing sale

  6. lavenderplum says:

    yay!…my store is in there!

  7. carlyincanada says:

    Geez! Chatham, ON not listed yet! 🙁 Our store is so sad looking & messy!

  8. Allison says:

    Nothing in Vancouver/lower mainland either. My store looks like a war zone already despite the fact that it isn’t closing yet. You can tell they don’t care!

  9. mary says:

    Does anyone know what will happen to the HBC reward points? Should I redeem them now?

  10. Gisele says:

    WOW. I thought Target was not taking over till 2013. what are they going to do with these stores till then? and what about the stores that are not being zellars?

  11. Jonathan says:

    Hooray……Cole Harbour Dartmouth NS is one. That’s near me! 🙂

  12. bhlombardy says:

    >> WOW. I thought Target was not taking over till 2013. what are they going to do with these stores till then? <<

    By most of the stores I’ve checked on that list, and what I know about the ones in my area, these are stores are closing permanently and not converting to Targets. The stores that were mentioned to be conversions (in a previous press release) are not on this current list.

    So as for the Target “taking over” by 2013, that could mean the conversion of the remaining stores.

    Also, keep in mind that the liquidation doesnt begin for another month and then most of them don’t close until June.

  13. A.L. says:

    Good riddance to this chain. I’ve experienced the worst customer service from Zellers stores over the years. Can’t wait for Target.

  14. saver says:

    any one know the details on the percent off the first markdowns will be?

  15. Tiggy says:

    I like Zellars and I’m sad to see it go :o(

  16. Kim says:

    When does the liquidation begin?

  17. I love to travel says:

    I see Oshawa : )

    227 Oshawa Kingsway Village Shopping Centre- 1300 King St. East (905) 434-6500 Start: Fri.Mar.16 Closing: Sat.Jun.02

    Wooooo Hooooo.

  18. Stahr says:

    @mary HBC reward points will be fine. Nothing to worry about as it is just Zellers that was sold. You can still use your card and redeem points at the Bay and Home Outfitters

  19. Alexandra says:

    There has been a liquidation store in bells corners for the last few months. There isnt anything special.

  20. Blue Blazer in Fredericton NB says:

    I cant seem to bring up the stores they are closing for any of the provinces ?? how come everyone else can see ?

  21. Natalka says:

    One of our stores is listed – will be interesting to see the markdowns.

  22. Gazpache says:

    Dang nothing in Manitoba. I was kind of hoping for some good deals!

  23. jen says:

    Sort of sad – soon all stores will be American owned – a bunch of big box Walmart type stores….

  24. Tammy says:

    Sad to see Zellers going but not sure what else can be done to keep our Canadian businesses profitable with all the US competition. I always shopped Zellers (over Walmart) but this wasn’t enough I guess.

  25. Faith says:

    I believe these stores might not be targets. I hear a rumour that the Fairview mall location in St. Catharines was turning into a Walmart instead of a Target and it’s on the list of liquidation sale locations.
    Could be that all the location closing down early might not be converting?

  26. kate says:

    >>By most of the stores I’ve checked on that list, and what I know about the ones in my area, these are stores are closing permanently and not converting to Targets. The stores that were mentioned to be conversions (in a previous press release) are not on this current list.

    So as for the Target “taking over” by 2013, that could mean the conversion of the remaining stores.

    Also, keep in mind that the liquidation doesnt begin for another month and then most of them don’t close until June.<<
    This is not true the stores that are going into liquidation are stores that have either been chosen to be a Walmart or Target stores. The Target stores are closing because Target plans on doing major renovations and will not re-open until 2013.

  27. laurac86 says:

    This is the list of stores that are being converted first. http://www.ctv.ca/CTVNews/TopStories/20110526/target-conversion-zellers-canada-110526/

    I’m in NL, and the Corner Brook one is on the list for one of the first ones being converted, and it’s also listed in the sale and when it’s closing. In the list of locations converting, it says extensive renovations, so I am assuming they are closing with enough time before 2013 to do their renos.

  28. Shanna says:

    I don’t know why people keep saying Zellers is Canadian it hasn’t been for a very long time! If you were shopping there because it was Canadian you were mislead. Biggest Canadian chain is probably CANADIAN TIRE (which ecently purchased Forzani group and also owns Marks work warehouse) or LOBLAWS(and all the companies under it including the new Joe stores)

    Why are they closing so soon am I the only one who has noticed how run down Zellers stores are? They need a lot of time to fix these stores up(some would probably be better with a bit of TNT and a bulldozer)as most places would be leased locations and need to be returned to original conditions. there is also a lot of merchandise that need to be liquidated can’t throw a bunch of stuff no one wanted into other stores to take up space brings their sales down too (have to remember when an item sits month after month the company is taking a hit because its taking space that something that might have sold could have used instead of a sale you have a bill (electricity, staff cost,lease of the square footage). I wouldnt be surprised if by the end they actually use Zellers selling to get rid of stagnant stock at other stores as they know people will come in for the deals and buy stuff cheap.The shopper will even be be excited about getting that blanket that no one would touch at Home Outfitters (because all the pretty new ones were in) for half price at Zellers Selling Out Clearance sale.

  29. emma says:

    I wonder if this means all liquidation stuff from the other stores will be transferred to these stores. Does any one know?

  30. Stahr says:

    @jen Zellers was owned by an American business man for many years before Target purchased the leases. Thats why they stopped wearing “truly Canadian” on their uniforms. Sad, but true.

    @Emma yes it will be transferred to other stores. Watch carefully as well because some locations that will be Targets are slowly getting in Target merchandise ie: clothing.

    For anyone in Oshawa, the 5 Points Mall location closes up shop the end of this September. Employees there have received official notice about the end or their jobs.

  31. Sarah says:

    I’ve heard that the Edmonton Westmount location is being turned into a Walmart and it’s one of the liquidation stores listed.

  32. natalie says:

    I don’t see my store on here – Cobourg, however I know that the lease it up this summer and they are not going to renew. I guess everything will just get shipped out elsewhere.

  33. starrynight8765 says:

    Went today and bought a patio set.. wonder if it will be cheaper during this sale. It was 50% off today

  34. Michi says:

    Yes I also heard that Walmart bought alot of leases that were Zellers so possibility that many of the locations will not be a Target at all..

  35. Adam says:

    Wow, the one in Hamilton on Mohawk Road is on the list! Weird enough because they said this one wasn’t going to be converted.

  36. AnnV says:

    One of the Guelph, ONT Zellers (175 Stone Road West) is on both the “1st 105 stores converting to Targets” and “Liquidation Stores” list, so there’s probably something to the argument that they’ll empty these stores first, then close them for renos ASAP.
    Sorta sucks that I can’t do returns nearby anymore… Don’t shop there much as it is, but SPC helped make it worth it.

  37. dm says:

    Just write target and ask them if your store is going to be a target or not that is what I did . That way you will know for sure .

  38. bratnic says:

    I think there will be a second wave of liquidations and closings. Most of the news reports on the subject stated that Zellers locations will receive between 6 and 9 months notice of closure. If your Zellers is on the list of those bought out by Target but is not on the current closure/liquidation list, then they will most likely be having a liquidation sale eventually as Target will not be operating any of those locations as Zellers stores. The “Zellers” brand still remains the property of HBC… Target has bought the property leases, not the Zellers stores. All Zellers locations in the Target agreement will be closing at some point this year.

  39. Deborah says:

    Our local Zellers store has cleaned up and it looks great. It is scheduled for closure and to become a Target store. Not looking forward to that. Just another Walmart….think they have great prices but they don’t. Oh well, I guess there is always the Bargain Store. Shopped Target on vacation in the US not impressed. Hate to see Zellers go. The other Zellers close to me will become a Walmart. No competition, won’t be good.

  40. Emma says:

    My local Zellers not on the list but stating liquidation sale on the same date.

  41. Sue says:

    The Zellers in London staff still wear the “Truly Canadian” tags. Both the Masonville & Westmount locations listed on the Liquidation will also be converted into Target. Same store, different name. Price points not much different right now between Zellers and Target, especially given how high the Canadian dollar is. I’ll check out the liquidation because, hey, that’s what I like to do!

  42. Jackie says:

    I would like to see the new upper management go ‘undercover’ at some of the stores that are closing and some that are not. I feel bad for the staff at all Zellers stores; I have been through something like this and it is nerve-wracking. There are often cuts in employees’ hours ahead of time and they are given too much to do in too little time, so it is hard to care if the upper management doesn’t.

    Even if your store is not closing, when your store is converted to a different store or taken over (even if the name on the sign stays the same), things can change as to hours you work and pay – and there may be cuts in staff there too. And, of course, they have to deal with disgruntled customers face-to-face, something upper management gets to avoid.

  43. sue says:

    im confused. The stores on the list are being converted to Target what about the ones not on the list. Also the ones on the list are the liquidation stores?

  44. kate says:

    Sue…Haven’t worn the Truly Canadian tags in years. Wear the same badges as every other Zellers in Canada

  45. denise says:


  46. Disappointed says:

    Blow-out Clearance sale, everything must go. What a disappointment. The signs in the store read 10% – 30% discounts. Everything was 10% off with very few items at 20 and 30%. How misleading could the sign on the Zeller’s store be. I walked in and walked out. A 75% off everything sale would be more like it if they wanted to get rid of everything.

  47. MIKE says:


  48. NONSENSE says:

    What a disppaointment , they want to sell everything @ mostly 10-20%
    discount which is a normal discount for any store even when they are not running a sale, what is target thinking that canadians are dumb or stupid !!!!!!!!!!! we have other better stores with better stuff we will not fall for this and would like to see the store have mercvhandise left when they shut the doors in 2 months.

  49. Shelley says:

    Why is Lethbridge not included in the New Target store opening?? We really need it!! Instead of everything going to Calgary and Edmonton why not Lethbridge!!

  50. cecilia brophy says:

    miramichi a very small city ..looks like we will not be getting a Target ….will zellers be staying? Walmart will have it made…..so make sure of you customer service and Canadian Tire you can,t find an staff member to fine something..

  51. CW says:

    I agree with being disappointed (but not surprised) over the whole whopping 10% – 30% off, with most items being at the 10% mark. What a joke. The prices even at the sale price, were no better than what I could get regular price any where else. They are actually hoping to clear out their merchandise?? Good luck at these prices. I too, just walked in and walked out after not finding one item worth spending $$ on. We have a Target Apparel store in Calgary already and was disappointed with them as well. Didn’t look anything like the stores in the states (merchandise wise) and the prices, again, not like the states.

  52. John Pedersen says:

    My sense is that discounts will grow deeper the closer the stores get to ultimate close date. As for Target Apparel, that is not the Target they are referring to. Target Apparel is owned by Fairweather, who will need to change their name after reaching an agreement out of court with Target USA.

  53. screw zellers says:

    Zellers will close all locations that were not chosen. This will be the last Christmas for all Zellers stores natiowide.

  54. Peggy Jeffrey says:

    Im sorry to see the Zellers closing in our area. I have loved shopping in Zellers for a long time, and it was always my first place to go, and usually the only place to go. I am sorry that Wal Mart has pushed Zellers out. We have a Wal Mart close by, and I never go there. I hate bully’s. I am sorry that we will not have a choice where to shop. Sorry to see you go… A satisfied costumer.

  55. cecilia brophy says:

    sorry to see Zellers go as i worked for them for 39 years….lookslike their will not be many places to shop on the miramichi…..i feel sorry for the staff,as their are some long term employers in our store…a lot almost ready to retire….what do they do or where do they go.customer service has gone out the back door…it,s shoplifters paradise out there in the world today,nobody cares anymore. no matter what store you go into….no customer service.

  56. Livingdeadgirl says:

    who cares honestly think about all those people that worked at the job for YEARS and dont get a retirement or get to work in a new job like target they are letting all of these people go in all of canada.. they have already hired people for target.. its not them.. Think how screwed up that is and now theres going to be worse to get another job.. when thousands are out of a job just from this.. unbelievable.

  57. Eric says:

    What Is A Liquidation Store

  58. Ragin' Ronic says:

    Nonsense, Target and Walmart are not responsible for Zellers liquidation pricing….HBC, the OWNERS of Zellers, is. If you have issues, yap at HBC, not Target or Walmart.

  59. Ragin' Ronic says:

    And Eric, a Zellers Liquidation Store is a Zellers that is selling off everything in the store, meaning that remaining inventory is being sold off, as well as the shelves, display cases, tables, checkout counters, cash registers, security equipment, restaurant chairs, the ovens and grills in the restaurants…in short, they are selling the liquidation stores down to bare walls, clearing the store out entirely.

  60. Leanne says:

    Everytime i have visited a zellers store i can ALWAYS count on either being stuck in line behind someone waiting on a price check!!! Or be the one who needs a price check! Their stores have always been terrible no matter which i have been to. The prices never seem to scan correctly, their stores are out of date an disheveled. Their prices are generally always higher than anywhere else and their sales ESPECIALLY clearance is usually a joke! Cant wait to see the back of zellers!

  61. Holly says:

    I worked at a Zellers through liquidation until closing and am now working at another location that will be liquidating soon.

    For all of you wondering, discounts will start VERY low (like almost the entire store 10% off) but within the last 2 weeks is when the deals really get good. For those of you shopping at the liquidating Zellers: please stop complaining about the low discounts and verbally abusing the employees. We don’t make the pricing and are dealing with enough stress trying to keep the store organized and thinking about finding new jobs.

  62. Geovanni says:

    First 2 weeks everything was 10-30% off. I was told every 2weeks into the liquidation process the percentage will increase but by how much?

  63. Kb says:

    I have seen discounts up to 40% on clothing at the two Calgary stores that are closing in early August. Also, heads up that they ate using these stores for clear out of Bay clearance items. Found some extremely good buys from the old bay stock, because those prices are more deeply discounted than the Zellers prices. On top of that, you get the 40% off. It’s a bit of a mess in the stores but if you hsve time and inclination, worth a look.

  64. Amanda says:

    Its sad that Regina,Sk is not on the list 🙁 does anyone know about the Regina ones?

  65. Pim Delfgou says:

    The Zellers store in Elliot Lake, Ontario closed June 23. This is because the Algo Centre Mall where the store was located in collapsed. I don’t know whether merchandise that could be salvaged may go to another store in liquidation.

  66. Tallaght says:

    We’re all assuming here in Elliot Lake that the mall, including Zellers, will be demolished. Don’t know if any of the inventory can be salvaged – or if anyone is even willing to go in there.

    I guess we have to go to Sudbury now, since the Soo location is closing too.

  67. marcie says:

    I am coming away with a thought that there are customers who do not think very much of the staff at Zellers. The feel is that when Target comes in, all will be better. Where do you think Target is liable to get the staff to man their fancy-smancy stores? I am thinking from the pool of unemployed Zellers persons. Hummm..

  68. Pikalin38 from Hamilton, ON says:


  69. Liz Ward says:

    the lindsay, on store still has half the store at 10% and they jacked up the prices! almost $2 for 1 small box of kraft dinner!..plus 10%

    What a flipping joke!

  70. bud says:

    bye zellars

  71. Pim Delfgou says:

    The Elliot Lake Zellers store closed suddenly on June 23, 2012 when the building collapsed. Obviously there will be no Target, Walmart or other store moving in while the investigation continues into the Algo Centre Mall collapse. The remains of the building will likely be demolished and the site cleaned up.

  72. chris wickens says:

    I shopped at the liquidation this Saturday and it wasn’t that big of a deal. Items were mostly 20-30% off and I heard from a customer that the prices were jacked up so that what you thought was a deal really wasn’t. We bought something that was defective. I should have checked it closely. They were frying pans that were garbage. The coating came off and you could taste it in your food. I tried to return them and forgot that all sales were final. Customer beware!! They had better sales at Sears. Jeans as low as $5 and they were good quality. I think I will shop more at Sears. I feel bad that we are losing our Zellers but oh well….

  73. Michael`` says:

    I went to get a Tosiba flat screen TV and ZELLARS LISTED IT AS 1099.00

  74. susan says:

    This is a joke. 60 to 80% off. They are misleading the public. I was in Belleville and they have an end table for 100.00 regular price 1000.00??? REALLY? a pressboard dresser regular price 1380.00 ya right. Go to leons, walmart, sears, canadian tire and you can buy the stuff cheaper than they are liquidating it!


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