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The Body Shop Canada Mother’s Day Deal: Tote Gift ($107 Value) Only $35 with Any $30+ Purchase

The Body Shop Canada is always a great place to shop for gifts, but this year, when you’re doing your Mother’s Day shopping, The Body Shop is going to be your best option. Why you ask? Well, right now, when you spend $30 or more at the Body Shop, you can pick up the exclusive Mother’s Day tote gift bag – valued to be worth $107 – for just $35.

The bag will include all of the following goodies:

  • Drops of Youth Youth Concentrate 30ml
  • Coconut Body Butter 200ml
  • Satsuma Shower Gel 250ml
  • White Bath Lily
  • Almond Hand Cream 100ml
  • 40% off coupon that can be used on your next in-store purchase

To receive the discounted tote, you will first have to add the tote to your bag (don’t worry, it’ll initially show up in your cart as $107) and then add $30 worth of other products. Once you do this, your Mother’s Day tote will be reduced to $35.

The Body Shop offers FREE shipping on all orders that are $75 or more.

Click here to begin shopping at the Body Shop Canada.

La Vie En Rose Canada Mid-Season Sale: Save Up to 70% Off

La Vie En Rose Canada has done it – they’re finally unleashing their mid-season sale where you’ll be able to save up to 70% off on everything from bras and panties to swimwear and pjs. The mid-season sale will basically go until most of the stock is gone, so it could very well end at any moment, meaning you should act quick if you find a size/style of something that you like, as tomorrow it could be gone.

In the bra sale, you’ll be able to find strapless and push-up bras being sold for as little as $14.99. For instance, this black lace push-up bra is currently being sold for $14.99, though it’s regularly priced at $42.95

If you’re not looking for a new bra, you may be gearing up for swimsuit season and so the swimwear sale may be where you want to head. In this sale, I was able to find this fabulous and flirty basket weave motif push-up bikini top for just $22.99 (reg. $45.95).

La Vie En Rose offers FREE shipping on all orders that are $75 or more.

Click here to begin shopping at La Vie En Rose.

Pizza Pizza Canada and Visa Checkout Canada Offer: FREE Pizza With Purchase of $9.99+

Are you tired of always having to fill out your card information (number, expiry date, address, etc.) every time you make a purchase online? I know I certainly do. Visa Checkout is trying to keep the convenience factor in online shopping by allowing you to fill out your card information once and then simply log into your Visa Checkout account each time you’re making a purchase online.

What’s even better? From April 17 to June 11, when you spend $9.99 or more online at Pizza Pizza or on the Pizza Pizza mobile app (not the iPad app) you can receive a unique voucher code that can be put towards a free pizza on your next visit at Pizza Pizza. To receive this voucher code you will have to use Visa Checkout to pay for your order and there will be a limit of one voucher per account.

Your voucher code for the free pizza will be valid online until June 20th, 2017. These codes will not be allowed to be used in conjunction with any other promotion at Pizza Pizza.

Click here to begin shopping at Pizza Pizza Canada.

Robeez Canada Sale: Save Up to 65% Off on Baby Boots and Shoes

Robeez Canada is the place to shop for baby shoes. Having worked in a children’s store that stocked Robeez shoes, I can attest to their popularity with parents, grandparents and friends of mom’s who have just given birth. The shoes can be pretty pricey though, but if you’re interested in shaving a few bucks off these adorable booties and shoes, then you should check out their sale section where styles are being sold for up to 65% off the original price.

One of the biggest discounts was on these cute and quirky Dennis the Dino rainboots, which are being sold for just $14.99. The boots were originally being sold for $46 so that’s a savings of $36.01. They only have sizes left for 3-6 month olds, so I’d suggest only buying these if you know your bundle of joy is coming during the rainy months, otherwise they’ll most likely grow out of them before they can get any use out of them.

Since it is Canada’s 150th anniversary, and before you know it we’ll be bringing out the BBQ’s for the 1st of July, you might want to grab these patriotic O Canada Baby Shoes, which have conveniently been reduced to being just $16.99 (reg. $34).

Robeez offers FREE shipping on all orders that are $50 or more.

Click here to begin shopping at Robeez Canada.

Well.ca Deal: Ionix Paw Patrol Tower Block Set Only $38.50 with Free Shipping

Well.ca is offering a super hot price on the Ionix Paw Patrol Tower Block Set right now. A set that is ordinarily sold for $54.96 at Well.ca, and about $50 at other stores, is currently on sale for just $38.50. That’s a savings of $16.46!

The Ionix Paw Patrol Block Set is designed for a younger group of kiddies, since it is a Jr. collection. The blocks are designed to be bigger so that they’re easier to hold for the smaller and less dextrous hands. When you compare the price of this set being sold at Well.ca with other retailers that commonly sell Paw Patrol products, you really understand how great a deal this is.

At Amazon.ca the same set was being sold for $49.99, and it was being sold for the same price at Toys R Us as well.

Well.ca offers FREE shipping on all orders that are $35 or more, so this order will also qualify for free shipping.

Click here to buy the Ionix Paw Patrol Tower Block Set.

Canada’s Wonderland 2017 Pre-Season Sale: Save $24 on Single Day Tickets or Save $34 on Gate Opening Sale

If you’ve never ventured to one of Canada’s most treasured manmade creations (no, I’m not talking about the CN Tower…), then today might be the day to buy yourself tickets to Canada’s Wonderland as they’re having incredible sales on their pre-season tickets.

Usually, a one-day ticket to Canada’s Wonderland would cost you $63.99, but right now, if you buy a pre-season ticket or a gate opening sale one-day ticket, you can save up to $34 on your ticket!

The gate opening sale one-day ticket will only be valid from April 30-May 31, but you’ll still be able to enjoy all of the same great rides and games that regular season ticket holders get to enjoy – just just have an earlier time deadline that you’ll have to use your tickets by. These tickets are currently being sold for just $29.99!

The Pre-Season tickets are being sold for $10 more at $39.99, but you will have the flexibility to use your tickets at any point over the season. The only exclusions that apply to this ticket price is that it can’t be used on the Halloween Haunt night. Other than that, you’ll be free to use this ticket whenever suits you this summer.

Click here to begin shopping at Canada’s Wonderland.

Naturalizer Canada Promo Code Deal: Today Save an Extra 25% Off Sale Items

Naturalizer Canada is helping you give your spring footwear an overhaul with this excellent promo code where you can save an additional 25% off on already reduced sale items. Though you’d assume that most of the items in this sale would be categorized as ‘winter wear’ shoes, there’s actually a rather decent selection of spring and summer options. To get the discount, use the promo code STOCKUP.

If you’re looking for a flattering pair of flats for the office that are both cute and comfortable, then you may want to check out these Vine taupe flats, which have been discounted by 39% off the retail price of $99, now only $59.99. But, when you add the promo code, STOCKUP, you’ll be able to receive an extra 25% off at checkout, meaning these shoes are just $44.99.

And while the initial discount on these Zahn Mauve Leather Pumps isn’t that significant (only 12% off of an original price of $159), when you add the extra 25% off the savings become much sweeter. These fashionable pumps were previously being sold for $139.99, but with the discount they’ll just be $104.99.

Naturalizer will be offering this discount until 11:59pm ET tonight.

Shipping costs $6.50 for the first item, then $2.00 for each additional item in the order.

Click here to begin shopping at Naturalizer Canada.

While U.S. Plans to Cut Trans Fats, Canadians Reflect on Lack of Measures in Own Country

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is moving to ban all trans fats in the United States, citing the fats as being “a public health concern”. While the U.S. is taking steps to formally remove the artificial fats from their market, Canada still stands steps behind their southern counterpart as they have yet to meet their own 2007 goal of eliminating trans fats from products.

Trans fats can be naturally found in some meats, but the kind we’re talking about is the artificial kind, which are made by making oil into a solid through the addition of hydrogen (hence why they are also known as partially hydrogenated oils). Trans fats are often used to create a softer texture in manufactured goods, like baked treats, breads, deep fried foods, and margarine. They also extend the shelf life of food.

The problem, among many, with trans fats is that they raise your bad cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein) while lowering your good cholesterol (high-density lipoprotein). These artery cloggers have been linked to a greater risk of stroke, coronary heart disease and sudden cardiac death.

And so, with the U.S. finally making steps to curb the use of these proven heart stoppers, where is Canada’s plan?

To understand Canada’s history with trans fats, you have to go back to 2007, when Health Canada asked the food industry to eliminate or at least reduce the use of trans fats in their products. They were given two years to meet this deadline, and if they did not meet it voluntarily, then the government said they would step in to make regulations that would force them to alter their trans fats usage.

In 2009, even with the voluntary bans in place, trans fats were still found to be in 25 percent of the food consumed by Canadians. And since then very little has been done (officially) to stop trans fats from being put into our food. What’s more harmful is that under food labelling regulations in Canada, if the food product you are consuming has less than half a gram of trans fat per serving, then producers are allowed to list the amount of trans fats as being ‘0’.

This may not seem like a lot, but trans fats are one of those unsaturated fats that any amount is considered bad for you, and those hidden amounts can really add up.

That being said, Health Canada is attempting to follow the steps of our neighbours to the south. On Friday, Heath Canada presented a “Notice of Proposal” which would prohibit the use of industrially produced partially hydrogenated oils. If passed, this shift would be the first major step in completely eliminating trans fats from the Canadian diet.

*Note: In B.C., they decided to take matters into their own hands and removed all artificial trans fats in foods prepared and served in the province in 2009. This included restaurants, schools and health care services.

Until then though, here’s a helpful little list of some of the biggest offenders for containing trans fats that you should be on the look out for (though you should always be checking the nutrition label to be sure your specific brand does or doesn’t have trans fats in it):

  • margarine (stick or tub)
  • shortening
  • microwave popcorn
  • deep fried fast foods
  • doughnuts
  • cream filled candies
  • frozen pizza
  • pie crust
  • pre-packaged frostings and baked goods
  • pancake and waffle mixes
  • non-dairy creamers
  • frozen/pre-packaged biscuits
  • frozen treats/creamy drinks (e.g. Dairy Queen blizzards)

This just a cautionary list of places where you could find trans fats. This is by no means an exhaustive list and it also doesn’t mean that because margarine is listed as one of the usual offenders for using trans fats that your specific brand of margarine also has trans fats in it (e.g. Smart Balance is a popular margarine that’s trans fat free).

Happy and healthy shopping!

The Source Canada Easter Flash Sale: Save Up to 60% Off Online and In-Store

The Source Canada is hosting a grand flash sale where you can save up to 60% off on everything from laptops and computers to headphones and smartphones. Most of the deals will be disappearing tomorrow, or while supplies lasts, so don’t hesitate should you find one that you like as it could be gone!

One of the deals that I found in this sale, that I thought was pretty excellent, was on the iPod 6th Generation 16GB. Usually, this music carrying device would be sold for $249.99, but right now you can pick it up for just $199.99.

And if you’re on the market for a new laptop, but aren’t willing to dole out the massive amounts of cash that some of the newer models will run you, you can pick up this Acer Aspire 14″ Cloudbook with Intel 2GB RAM & Windows 10 – Grey – Open Box right now for just $349.99!

The Source offers FREE shipping on all orders that are $35 or more.

Click here to begin shopping at the Source Canada.

Dynamite Canada Easter Sale: Save 25% Off Sitewide, Plus Buy One, Get One 50% Off Dresses and Rompers

Dynamite Canada is getting in the Easter mood today with a quick and hot sale where you can save 25% sitewide until Monday, April 17 at 10am ET. Plus, they’re also going to be hosting another sale on dresses and rompers where when you buy one, you can grab the second one for 50% off. This sale is also lasting until tomorrow, but will be ending at 10pm ET.

So as an example of just how much you can get in this Easter offer from Dynamite, I grabbed this slip dress and this knotted maxi dress and the total for both was just $41.21. The slip dress was originally being sold for $29.95 and the maxi dress was originally being sold for $25, which means that with today’s offer you’ll be saving $13.74.

Dynamite Canada also offers FREE shipping on orders that are $40 or more.

Click here to begin shopping at Dynamite Canada.

Live Out There Canada Sale: Save 70% Off on Winter Outerwear, Spring Rainboots, Workout Gear and More

Live Out There Canada – your go-to stop for braving the Canadian outdoors – is hosting a sale right now on everything from spring rainboots to winter coats and parkas. In this sale, you can save up to 70% off, with most of the heavy duty winter wear being the most significantly reduced while the spring items will be discounted between 10%-50% off.

If you’re looking for outdoor wear that you can wear right now, you should check out these women’s original Hunter boots, which are being sold for $131.99-$135.99. Normally, these boots are sold for $164-169.99.

Like I said, most of the steepest discounts are going to be found in the winter wear selection. For instance, this ANDREW MARC Women’s Wool Insulated Parka has been discounted by 70% off its regular price and is now being sold for just $300 (was $999.99).

Live Out There Canada offers FREE shipping  on all orders within Canada and the USA.

Click here to begin shopping at Live Out There Canada.

Lancome Canada Online Exclusive: Engrave Personalized Message for FREE on Select Items

Lancome Canada is hosting two great offers right now. The first offer is a complimentary engraving on select Lancome favourites, like lipsticks, foundations and shakers. The second offer is an exclusive 8-piece gift that is valued to be worth $217, which you can grab for free when you spend $65 or more.

To receive the 8-piece gift you’ll have to first add $65 worth of Lancome products and then enter the promo code, ROYAL, at checkout. The gift bag will include:

  • Bifacil- Full size – 125ml
  • Hypnose Drama Mascara- Full size -6g
  • Advanced Génifique 8ml
  • Rénergie Lift Multi Action 15ml
  • Color Design Lip – All Done up 4g
  • Color Design Eye 5pan – Taupe Craze 2g
  • Blush Subtil – Miel glacé 2g
  • Cosmetic Bags

And to receive the complimentary engraving offer on your favourite Lancome products, you won’t have to enter any promo code, nor will you have to pay extra, but you will have to shop within this special features section and you will have to pay for the product you are buying. This would make a great gift for Mother’s Day or a birthday that you want to make the person feel that personal touch.

Lancome offers FREE shipping on all orders that are $85 or more.

Click here to begin shopping at Lancome Canada online.

Sears Canada Easter Daily Deals: Save 50% Off Nine West Handbags and 40% Off Other Handbags, Wallets and Belts

Sears Canada is bunny hopping out a bundle of daily Easter deals today where you can pick up Nine West handbags for up to 50% off and save up to 40% off on other handbags, wallets and accessories. The Easter deals will be running until April 17, but they will be changing each day. So the deals here today, may be gone tomorrow with a new set of deals.

The handbag that is being sold for half-off the regular price is this Nine West Women’s Cruise It Girl Tote. It comes in black, magenta, blue and a leafy floral print pattern. The bag is normally sold for $99, but today it’s being sold for just $49.99.

If that specific bag doesn’t fit your preferences, there are still a number of other great handbags available in this sale where you can save up to 40% off on select styles. A fabulous find that I found in the handbag sale was this Roots small cross body bag, which is currently being sold for just $33 (reg. $55).

Sears offers FREE shipping on all orders that are $99 or more.

Click here to begin shopping at Sears Canada.

TurboTax Canada Smart Canucks Exclusive Deal: Save 20% Off When You File 2016 Tax Return With TurboTax

Smart Canucks and TurboTax Canada have partnered together to bring you an exclusive deal to make filing your 2016 tax returns a little less of a headache. Right now, between today and tomorrow (April 17th) you can buy TurboTax software for 20% off the regular price.

The standard online tax filing package, the standard package, is currently on sale for just $15.99 (reg. $19.99). That’s about the same price you’d pay for a nice lunch out, but for this you’ll be getting a simple and clear system that helps you file your taxes correctly and without the typical frustrations.

Click here to buy TurboTax 2016.

Forever 21 Canada Easter Sale: Save an Extra 30% Off on Sale Items and FREE Shipping on All Orders

It’s the last day at Forever 21 Canada to take advantage of their extra 30% off sale items promo code, plus FREE shipping on all orders with no minimum threshold required. The offer will be ending tonight at 11:59pm ET, and to receive the extra 30% off you’ll have to enter the promo code, EXTRA30, at checkout.

An example of just how inexpensive things can be in this offer is on something like this open-front longline cardigan. The normal retail value of this cardigan was $22.90, but then it was reduced to being $15.99 but with the extra 30% off promo code it was further brought down to being just $11.19. Plus, free shipping!

Forever 21 Canada will be offering free shipping on all orders until the end of the day.

Click here to begin shopping at Forever 21 Canada.

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