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Yippy thanks so much MissScrooge for letting us know that Chapmans has brought back their $5.00 coupon as one of the prizes on their site!

To receive this coupon you need to first join Chapmans site (see link below) and then play games until you hit 6000 points. Really its pretty easy to get the 6000 points, but sadly Chapmans limits you to 750 points a day – so it will take a few days of playing before you can redeem for the coupon. You are allowed two coupons per year, and anyone can join – young or old!

Click here to join and start playing.


  1. bob.

    haha..good website..but man..chapman’s is scamming/ripping ppl off

    i played solitaire.and i was looking at the bottom and i was like WOOT..i’ve got like 600 points..click quit..

    “Congrtulations you win 40 points”
    haha..getting to 6000 is going to be impossible.

  2. Prue

    I was just going to say that! I do the all the jigsaw puzzles on the medium level which gives 45 points then go back and do them on hard for 50 points until I reach my 750. :)

  3. Spiritedside

    I just played geography about ten times last night lol it seems to be the quickest for me but not too much fun doing over and over again. I also like the jigsaw but only on medium! Thanks MissScrooge!

  4. LisaLisaBoBisa

    I think it is relatively easy – I stat around 11:30 get to my 750 points for that day and then the points for the next day too… I’m gonna love free ice cream..

    :) May be up for trade too

  5. Anna

    There seems to be some glitch in the scoring…I got 750 points yesterday and now today it only allows me 50 points for a two day total of 800 and says my maximum of 400 has been reached…it shows 800 of 750 points available….when I check the allowable points section it says daily totals are 400 points….very confusing!!!


  6. Veronica

    Even better is to play the little kids games, I like playing matching, and puzzle on easy. ^^

  7. Advantus

    Last week when I heard about this I wrote them an email asking if they had any coupons and they said they would mail me one. Yeah!!!

  8. Tom

    Thanks for a great post, I am moving to Canada in two months and would appreciate any advice from all you shoppers!

  9. mememe

    This is SUCH a great site, I can’t believe how much stuff they give away … if you look at the items you can get many of each per year! So exciting for kids to receive the things in the mail!!

  10. budgrrl

    an even easier way is to just email them and ask for a coupon – they limit you to 2 a year….but just ask and they will send them – i have gotten 3 in the last couple of months :o)


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