Cineplex and Toys R Us Canada: Buy a Toy Story 3 Kids Combo and Get a Free Toy

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A lot of people are looking forward to seeing the newest Toy Story movie when it hits theatres this summer (I know, I’m one of them). And I bet a lot of you will be bringing a little loved one with you too.  Well, if you see Toy Story 3 at a Cineplex Theatre and buy the kids Toy Story 3 combo you will get a coupon card to redeem at Toys R Us for a free Toy Story 3 wind up toy and a $5 off Toys R Us coupon! In case you’re not familiar with the kids movie combo, it includes a kids sized popcorn, drink and kinder surprise.  The Toy Story Combo also includes a figure drink topper.

Coupon Cards will start to become available at Cineplex theatres on May 19.

Click here for more information on this offer.


  1. MagicalDreams

    Not sure where you got May 19th from, but Toy Story 3 hits theatres on June 18th

    • maybe

      The coupons become available on May 19 when the Toy Story combos do, not when the movie comes out. It’s in the ad.

  2. Mtlmom

    Shrek 3 is coming May 21st, guess I’ll be getting kid combos!!!!




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