Fido Canada Prepaid Cell Phone Deal. Sign up for Emails for Fido and get a $5 credit.

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Well, I was just talking to my husband and his friend Andy who are trying to reno our bathroom, and he mentioned this cool email he got a while ago.

Fido prepaid cell users get $5 of airtime free just by signing up for Fidos email list.

Quick and easy!

Click here to check this deal out.

Thanks Andy for mentioning this, and not handling the torch anymore to solder.


  1. kristin

    great deal!! I don’t think i even know anyone with fido anymore to tell them about this though,ohwell.

  2. tUCC

    it’s probably a fake link… you guys got to be more careful!

    I hope you didn’t fill in your info on to the fake forms.

    The weblink does not take you to Fido.ca, but to some site identified as “kmkapp01.konversation.com”

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