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Food Basics Canada: Now Flyer/Ad Price Matches!

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Thank you Forum Member Momi for letting us know about this fantastic opportunity in the Smart Canuck Forums!

If you are a Food Basics shopper, then you will be excited about this announcement! As FallenPixels has previously mentioned, Food Basics has advertised in their flyer that they now Ad Match! Make your grocery shopping a one-stop shopping trip at your favourite supermarket again! Food Basics is always fresh, always in stock, and now: always great prices.

I personally am a Food Basics Shopper but had always gone to WalMart because of their price/ad matching. Now I no longer have to! Is this worth changing your supermarket for? Or will you still shop at WalMart and other competitors?

On a side note.. this Food Basics flyer page also says Trophy Cashews are on sale for $1.02 off regular price.. Someone stock my stuffing with those please?

Check out Momi’s post about Food Basics Ad Matching in the Smart Canucks Forum here.


  1. Shirnette

    Walmart can be a PITA(pain in the derrière) to do price matching. Never ever had a bad experience @ FB..hope it doesn’t change with PM policy as its more work for cashiers..One good thing about WM is that they PM with local Asian based ,grocery stores like Seasons, Oceans & Ample. I will still go to WM but I will go to the others as well depending if I’m in the vicinity…distance is a factor too.

  2. Wawa

    I was so happy to read this so I went to my local Food Basics (Gerrard Square, Toronto) and the cashier told me that they don’t do price matching! I checked the flyer and didn’t see it. Did they changer their mind?


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