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This week Atlantic Superstore Jan.29-Feb.4 has Gillette body wash on sale 2 for $5.So if you purchase 12 and use 4 of the $5 when you buy 3 Gillette product coupons you pay $10 plus the tax on the full price.But with the double coupon offer that is on right now you will get another $20 back when you mail in your receipt.So you make $10 minus the tax and the price of a stamp.You can still do the double your coupon saving with one coupon but I always like to maximize my rebate!!If you don’t have any of the Brandsaver coupons you can check the  Canadian Coupon Trading and Discussion Section in hopes for a fast trade.Other Loblaw owned store offer similar deals so check out the ones close to you as the mail in offer is valid at most of them.The double Brandsaver offer is only vaild till Jan.31.

Click here to go to the discussion thread.

Click here to get you mail in rebate form.

Click here to order your Brandsaver coupons.

Thanks to phgirly for the heads up!!


  1. crazycoupongirl

    i wonder though, if u have to mail in your receipt won’t they see if u only were to buy the gillette body wash. that u used coupons with it and then not give you back all the money? ..

  2. ccmp1974

    The rebate is to get what you used in coupons back to a maximum of $20.So if you use $20 in coupons you get $20 back.$5 in coupons you get $5back.One rebate per household.:)

  3. Insane

    I would be skeptical that they would allow more than 1 of a certain coupon per rebate. Ie that they would rebate on multiple gillette coupons instead of on 1 gillette, 1 fusion, 1 cat food, ect… I think this is a buyer beware sort of thing.

  4. mcminsen

    I agree with Insane. It’s hard to determine the success of the idea of using multiple same coupons for the mail in deal. The results come in (or not) weeks or months later. I did the deal with an assortment of different receipts just to be sure.

    Of course, we all know that what you can actually do with these systems may be different than what the rules/fine print say or imply. If anyone tries it (using multiple same receipts for the “Double your P&G coupon value” deal) please try to remember to let us know your results, especially if it doesn’t work. Start a new thread if you have to. It would be good to compare notes. :-)

  5. phgirly

    Just a comment since I did the deal posting. I’m just saying that you can get it free. I didn’t say anything about using multiple by 3 save $5. Good luck everyone.

  6. ccmp1974

    If you are skeptical just do the one.I did use 4 and fingers crossed I will get the full $20 back.I will keep you posted.Still a great deal. phgirl should get thumbs up for a great post:)

  7. mcminsen

    I gave phgirly a thumbs up for the thread. :-) It’s a great deal even before the “P&G Double Your Coupon Value” rebate.

    Is Atlantic Superstore different than Real Canadian Superstore?

  8. phgirly

    Its just the different locations. Atlantic is for Atlantic Canada, Real Canadian is the rest of Canada.

  9. Heather

    If you used different receipts i dont think your going to get re-embursed fully,,if you read the fine print it said you had to do everything in one transaction they are only allowing one receipt.


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