GlowGirl Coupon Organizer Winners *Order Today & Save*

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Thank you again to GlowGirl Fibers for providing two of her amazing coupon organizers for us to giveaway.

We had 706 entries into the contest and the winners chosen by a random number generator are:  Holly Quaiscer & WendyJane who both chose the same fabric (and coincidentally, the same fabric I have for mine – the chocolate and turquoise damask proved to be quite the favourite).

winner1 winner2

Check your email ladies, you have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen.  You can still change your mind on which size/fabric you want.

GlowGirl3-500x487If you did not win, you can still take advantage of the 10% discount by entering SMARTCANUCKS at checkout on either her website or Etsy store,  Shop early, USPS are increasing the cost of shipping to Canada next week.  Order by next Tuesday 22 and save on the extra shipping costs (it will be approx $3.50 extra on an order for shipping).  Check out our review of them here.

  • 2″ coupon organizer $15.95
  • 4″ mega large coupon organizer $19.95
  • 6″ mega large deluxe coupon organizer $22.00
  • 6″ double wide mega large deluxe plus coupon organizer $35.00
  • with many affordable add-ons like a longer strap for carrying and more dividers/customized labels for them available when you order.
  • Glow Girl Fibers also offers some amazing environmentally friendly items like shopping tote bags, mesh produce bags, fabric & nylon reusable snack bags and a wallet organizer for your cheque book, receipts and cards.

Are you ordering one?

UPDATE Jan 23 – LAST DAY to order and pay the regular shipping costs, any orders placed tomorrow or later will pay almost double the shipping cost as a result of a USPS increase


  1. Sophia Laframboise

    Congrats ladies!!! So funny that everyone chose the same color – I did too LOL!!

  2. Jo

    Congrats on the win gals! Both comments were nicely said. :) Enjoy those amazing coupon organizers!!!

  3. wendyjane

    I came to congratulate HollyQ then noticed my name below hers I think I scared my son and the cats though with my squeal of delight and excitement thankyouthankyou! My dollarama binder is shredding and I will love my new coupon holder and name her George :D Congratulations Holly!

  4. Danielle

    Congrats Ladies :) I couldn’t wait to see who won this contest, so I went ahead and ordered one as soon as I saw the post!! Can’t wait to be super stylish and super organized ;) Hope you enjoy them!

  5. Scubabare

    :( very jealous… But absolutely happy for both of you. Enjoy your prizes ladies. Thanks for letting us all play

  6. Mings

    congrats ladies. If you don’t want yours, feel free to donate to me. My coupons are in a tupperware container that looks like an explosion of chaotic disorganization that is one part archive of expired coupons. Inevitably, expirons are lurking behind each flip… like a graveyard of fallen soldiers, sadly forgotten in action. I’m currently attempting to cull the herd, I would rather be tea bagged by uncle bens then do it. But, welcome to my life. Coupon organization for me, does not exist. It is a myth. How I’m able to find them, I think I’m one part savant. The coupon whisperer. The best ones often hide in my purse under the flap in the bottom. Why hello free Kashi, never thought I would find you, did you? Don’t worry, FPC’s don’t go into “The Box”.

    Maybe my problem isn’t that I have negative coupon organization it’s that I talk to my coupons…

  7. Steffigirl

    Congrats to the winners! I am excited for you!
    I went to her website and ordered one! Yay! It gave me the 10% discount but still charged me $4 for shipping to Ontario, Canada.

  8. Bargain Seeker

    I already have the mega holder but could not resist ordering the smaller one in chocolate and turquoise damask too!

  9. Kelly

    Thanks for the discount! I just ordered one as my reusable bag holder holding all my coupon folders was falling apart and looked nasty!

  10. Dominique Dallaire

    Wow congrats!!! I was so jealous I had to order one of mine! I just wish I knew how to get more coupons than I do now, I live in QC (very restricted right?) and I don’t know all the good sites except for Smartsource, Save.ca, Websaver and GoCoupons.

    • FallenPixels

      Most coupons are good in QC (except drug ones)
      That is where most of us get coupons, but the best ones are from stores (tearpads) or facbook/other promo coupons

  11. amandabananda

    Congrats!!! Glad you had this contest, these look great! I’m going to order one now!

  12. Caitie - couponclippercaitie

    I ordered mine last week, it shipped yesterday and should be here in 2 weeks! Very excited :)

  13. Nuala

    I just received the one I ordered and it’s great. I got the 2″ one but it seems like it would hold a heck of a lot of coupons.


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