I got a Letter from the Canadian National Exhibition :-(

Praises and Complaints

I was checking my email now when I found an email from J.B. (I won’t write her name to protect her privacy) the Corporate/Group Sales Administrator at the Canadian National Exhibition asking me in a very polite manner to remove the post I had on the Canadian National Exhibition reduced ticket prices and also remove the CNE logo.

Here’s the letter:

Dear “Boo Radley”:

Kindly remove the CNE logo and corporate code information from your website as the use of these items is unauthorized.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

J. B.
Corporate/Group Sales Administrator
Canadian National Exhibition

I understand the code I posted is especially for corporate customers so I will remove it today as she requested.

What I don’t comprehend, is why J.B.’s asking me to remove the Canadian National Exhibition logo? :-( . This is an exhibition all of us Canadian are proud of… why can’t we get to promote it and spread the word? The CNE logo I posted had CNE’s date and website address. This logo did nothing more than promote and provide some sort of free advertising for the CNE. How would removing it help CNE?

When I posted about the Canadian National Exhibition I was very thrilled (you’ll notice I added two smiley faces which I don’t often do). I’m disappointed that this exhibition has turned from something all Canadians pride and cherish to yet another commercial production. I will remove the logo and I don’t care about the CNE anymore.

and J.B. if you read this (and you probably will), let me give you some advice before you contact someone else:

– I suggest you don’t use your sympatico.ca email address because there is no way of verifying whether you really work at the CNE. Use a username@TheEx.com

– Your email was short and to the point but a word of motivation thanking the blogger for promoting the CNE for nothing in return but goodwill would have been nice.

– It looks like several websites out there have the CNE logo so you better start emailing them to have all logos removed before CNE 2007. Some are as old as 2004.


  1. MRomero

    I can understand their position.

    As for the removal of their logo and link you provided, I don’t get it. Perhaps she felt there was no need for you to keep any of it up, since the reason you have it up is because of the corporate code.

    Maybe if you advertised to Tour Operators she would have appreciated your “linkage” but what can you do?

    As for the @sympatico email, she was probably trying to protect her work account incase you decided to splash it all over your front page for little kiddies to spam. :p

  2. jimmycanuck

    What a load of crap. I’ve never liked the CNE – it’s like Conklin exploded and tripled their prices while enticing with such thrilling exhibitions as “A Canadian History of Looming” and “Don Knotts, We Hardly Knew Ye.”

    CNE can go **** up a pole. Viva la SmartCanucks!

  3. Boo Radley

    MRomero, I think the main problem is that these companies still cannot appreciate the power of online marketing. Many Canadians spend some time on the Internet everyday. Instead of spending millions on marketing they can easily and more cost-effectively make use of online marketing; and CNE was lucky: it got free marketing from many deals websites! Even though the code was intended for corporate members the code would have probably motivated new people to go to the CNE who would otherwise have not gone to the CNE 2006.

    @sympatico email looks like her personal email so spamming it is worse for her lol.

    lol at your comment jimmy :)

    I replied back. You can read my reply here:

  4. Vicky

    I can’t figure out the rational behind that request… to remove the exhibition logo.

    As you stated it is a public exhibition for all .CA peeps…
    Oh well…

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  5. sally

    Guess they cant recognize FREE PROMOTION of the CNE.
    Bah throw em in the trash like giant tiger.

  6. tattoodprincess

    I cant believe they would do that. That is just rude and plainly not good PR on their end. I have never been to the CNE before, but if this is how they operate their business, I’m glad. You would think they would be more worried about preventing the shootings and stabbings that happen EVERY YEAR at The Ex, than removing a logo from a blog. It’s not like you’re pretending to be someone from The Ex, trying to sell tickets under false pretenses, they had no need to write to you and ask for the removal of their logo. If anything, you were giving them FREE publicity! They act all high and mighty, but they’re no better than a travelling carnival with ex cons manning the rides. BOOO TO THE EX!!!!

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