Spc (student price card) List of Participating Retailers Has been released for the 2010-2011 cards.

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The long anticipated list of retailers has been released by Spc! Some were worried that Zellers wouldn’t be participating this year and they still are. Great news if you shop there.  Theres even some new retailers this year. Click here for the full list

Thanks Couponlady for posting this.

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  1. honeydoo

    the Bay is gone? :'( the card saved me a few hundred dollars there this year. boo.

  2. Richie Rich

    Yeah, seriously sucks about The Bay.

    Btw Nikki, Best Buy never was on the list O_o

  3. 2010

    @Shannon: If you get a VIP card, then no you don’t have to be a student. You can get it through Lou Lou magazine:-)

    I’m excited that they added American Eagle.. gives me a bit of an excuse to buy their overpriced clothes;) and their jeans are amazing… no hemming needed when I buy the “Short” length lol, perfect fit! Love it!
    Personally, I’m not too disappointed that Garage isn’t on the list. They suck, seriously. They charge say $45 for a shirt for example… and odds are it will be marked down to $15 the next week! And their jeans are terrible, they don’t fit right at all!

  4. Amolia

    Yay! & Btw, American Eagle was always on the list. I’ve used it many times there!
    Gotta buy the student card soon ! :)

  5. Mary

    I’m kind of sad Garage is taken off. I didn’t shop there often, but the shirts I notice are usually only around $15-30… not amazing quality but it lasts for the season, and you were always allowed to use the SPC discount on top of the sales price.

    Are my eyes deceiving my or is Second Cup back??!!!! I started going to Starbucks a lot last year since the free upsize was gone from Second Cup haha.

  6. matrix82

    The Body Shop and Rexall were added :).

    I’m also sad about the Bay, I used my card a lot there, I’m glad Zellers is still on the list.

  7. FunkyMunky

    haha @Mary – ME TOO!! I’m so excited about 2nd cup :)

    Ladies, if I ordered today, when do you think the card will come? I paid right away with my CC.. shall I expect it in August?

  8. sandray

    Has anyone received their VIP card with their LOU LOU subscription yet? I ordered mine almost 2 weeks ago on my CC.

  9. Lily


    American Eagle
    Costa Blanca
    THE BODY SHOP!!! <3 I AM SO EXCITED! This means I don’t have to buy a body shop discount card, I save myself $10 :P YES YES YES!!!


    They Got rid of Garage! What!?

    PS: When are they going to get that Buy SPC card online and get (awesome) giftcards? The giftcards they have right now are pretty useless (for me)

    Hope something comes soon because my SPC card is going to expire soon!

  10. rebbie

    ^ totally agree! I’m sad to see the bay go… but definitely excited about the body shop!! =D

  11. FunkyMunky

    they started – Manchu Wok and Aldo does now

    Aldo’s excused was hilarious – “fraud” lol wut? how is that fraud? :) if the card is readily available for purchase without the student ID then they shouldn’t fuss about it

  12. new to this

    just got a FREE spc card from BMO but it expires in a couple months :'(


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