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Someone asked me how long I had been on SmartCanucks yesterday (I had to look it up, I knew I joined in January to thank someone for a Boxing Day/January sale but not the year) and I thought it would be fun to see what the site looked like back then.  The above screenshot is from 2006 when the blog was first started.

When did you join SmartCanucks?  What did it look like back then?  Find out below

This is what the site looked like in 2008 – I imagine it had some background that Wayback Machine couldn’t save.


and in 2009


and in 2011 some minor tweaks


So when did you join SmartCanucks?

5 responses to “A Blast From The Past”

  1. Erica says:

    i lurked for a while and joined in 2009. i remember the old layout 🙂 i must say I love how it currently is today 🙂

  2. FDF says:

    i joined in October of 2006…seen a lot of changes

  3. hollyquaiscer says:

    I joined in July of 2009, it’s a great place to meet fabulous people and share in the best of the best deals, coupons and information. I’d like to thank everyone who works so hard to keep the site a great community for us all. My….how time flies!

  4. Josh says:

    i also lurked for a while joined in 2010, i love the picture 34.99 for a 256mb usb flash drive now you can get a 64gb one for that price shows how technology changes in price lol

  5. Amitabh says:

    I use to be a lurker since 2006. I still am but I use to be as well.

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