Avent Canada Freebie: Avent BPA-free Bottles and Cups (New Number)

Avent Canada Freebie: Avent BPA-free Bottles and Cups

Update: Thanks Christy for the new phone number and updated info 🙂

Avent is giving away samples of their new Magic sippy cups. There’s a 7oz one with a soft spout for infants and a 9oz one with a hard spout for toddlers.

They are BPA free.

Call the number and they will send 2 free sippy cups. The new Canadian number is 1-866-624-1906. ..call them if you are interested!


Bumping this freebie up since everyone has managed to order it so far 🙂

Thanks ONmomofthree and christine17 for letting us know about this freebie

If you call 1-800-843-2174 and speak to a consumer care representative they will send you out free samples of their BPA-free bottles and sippy cups.

This is a full page ad in today’s Ottawa Sun.

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  1. Alex says:

    To know if your bottle contains Bisphneol A, check the recycling codes (triangles) at the bottom. A code number 7 may (but not necessarily) indicate that it contains Bisphneol A.”

    The large 18 litre plastic water jugs that we purchase from the stores for our home/business water coolers have this number 7 on the bottom. I checked several different brands.
    Does anyone know if they contain Bisphneol A?

    If it does than I wonder if it is wise to drink water from these jugs? Is this water going to be safe for children and the elderly?

    Thanks in advance


  2. Meg1112 says:

    I called. They are sending mine. What a great post. Thanks:)

  3. MrBT says:

    The large 5 Gallon containers may or may not; If the bottles were cheap in the first place, it could be a sign. If you do question it, talk to your local water store – They may be able to help (Or even know). I have talked to the local business in town and theirs have always been BPA-free. He said most water stores which compete in water contests will steer away from BPA-based plastics due to the fact that they believe there is a flavoring issue.

  4. consumatrix says:

    Fabulous post — many thanks. I called and was put on hold for a long time, so do this while you are watching tv or doing email or something so you don’t waste your time.

    But great freebie! They said they will send me a free sippy cup(s).


  5. Jennifer says:

    Yeah! I am still on hold! However, when you go to the store the shelves are all empty! You can maybe buy a glass bottle from DR Browns. It is worth being on hold. I need bottles!

  6. LPL says:

    The wait-time is pretty long so as others have mentioned, call when you are checking emails/watching TV etc. I was told by the agent that the BPA free bottles won’t be released until this summer. However, they are currently offering BPA free magic cups. They are sending me twin pack of the magic cups as well as $20 rebate coupon.

    Thanks for letting me know of this great promotion.

  7. dunebuggy8 says:

    I keep getting a ring then it switches to a busy signal. I guess I’ll have to keep on trying.

  8. bz says:

    I can’t believe you’re supporting this company. They’re an active member of the PRO-BPA lobby.

    AVOID AVENT. Use BornFree, ThinkBaby or Green To Grow.

    This is a HORRIBLE company. They are not any better than tobacco companies. They PUBLICLY deny BPA causes any harm and they continue to lobby for it’s use.


    If you’re in Western Canada, take your Avent bottles back to London Drugs for a FULL REFUND. You can use the store credit to get legitimate products from companies that adopt a BPA Free attitude.

  9. babymama says:


  10. dunebuggy8 says:

    Yay! Finally got through and was only on hold for 12 minutes! As for the company – you can take back the bottles, sterilizer, and Isis pump to Zellers with no receipt for a full refund (on a giftcard).

    It is an individual’s choice whether or not they would like to access this offer. The information is out there and people are free to access that as well.

  11. Debbie says:

    When I called they said they will send a BPA free sippy cup, and they will also email me a $20 rebate to use if a purchase other BPA products.

    Just thought I’d let you folks know that.

  12. Amanda burgess says:

    Yesterday I brought back my Avent bottles to TOys R US. Apparently, the Isis IQ pump is BPA free and I could not return it. However, I bought 3 of the magic cups and the VIA system. TO my surprise, when I got hom I found that the Magic cup screws right into the Isis pump and can even fit the bottle rings and nipples (in either the new rings or the magic cup rings). I good solution for those of us stuck with an Avent pump (I wish I could switch companies, but I do not have an extra 250 to shell out on a new pump).

    Definately calling for my free magic cups

  13. courtney says:

    You can also return bottles to walmart without receipts, they have a list of all the recalled bottles/sippy cups in the infants department.

  14. katherine says:

    I tried to return Avent bottles and an isis manual pump but zellers, the bay, and london drugs (in Winnipeg) they told me I need a receipt. The pump was a gift and most of the bottles. The two bottles I did buy I no longer have the receipt for.

    I’m still using the avent bottles and pump because I can’t afford to buy new bottles and there aren’t any in stock anyway (besides the dr brown glass ones). I was hoping to exchange my bpa ones but now it looks like I won’t even be able to return them at all! I am hand washing them but I know it’s still not good for my baby. 🙁

    Is anyone here from Winnipeg and knows where I can still return bottles without a receipt? I have 11 bottles and one pump.

  15. katherine says:

    I should have mentioned the stores said they now (as opposed to a few days ago) require receipts. I wish I knew about the deadline.

  16. Monique says:

    I have to say that I can no longer support this company after they knowingly put our children in danger. I’ve used all the avent products for my first child and was using them for my second. I definitely appreciate how zellers/walmart/toys r us have been responsible enough to take back all their bottles for refunds. BPA free or not avent isn’t getting anymore of my money.

  17. Lisa says:

    yes does anyone know where in winnipeg will return the avent sterilizer and bottles???? I wish i knew the stores had a deadline too im a single mom i really need help the avent 18008432174# is giving me a busy signal

  18. Meg1112 says:

    sears? I know they have it in there catalouge. Worth a try.

  19. Lisa says:

    ok anyone who’s interested i called london drugs(253-1650) ,stvital centre today & there ARE takinking back avent (without) reciepts at a limited item of 6 for returns …that includes steralizers ,bottle warmers and bottles
    on friday when i called that london drugs a different person told me they were not taking them back ughhh…as well i called zellers polo park 775-7011 and they are returning them as well without reciepts but only bottles no limit though on amount you can return wich is great I hope this helps out all moms i have not tried sears meg but thx

  20. Lisa says:

    p.s. london drugs told me that today is their cut off for returns but again maybe that depends on who you talk to …but im returning my sterilizer and bottle warmer there as zellers does not return on those items
    hey Katherine maybe LD will return the pump?? i hope you get this today

  21. Zandra says:

    the 1-800 avent number no longer works and I can’t find anywhere to take bottles back without a receipt. It looks like baby 5 will be breast to cup for sure as the born free bottles are very expensive.

  22. Doris says:

    we brought a Thinkbaby bottle and my baby love it. It is cheaper than born free. The born free bottle is not spill proof , it leaks.

  23. N says:

    The 1-800 number still works AND they not only can send you a magic cup, but also a VIA storage system (to pump/store breast milk for later use, if you are breastfeeding). Don’t give up if you get a busy signal!

  24. Eri says:

    also, if you get the magic cup the sippy part (the drinking spout i guess) fits kleen kanteens so long as you have the adapter (the nipples will fit too but the kleen kanteens are for cold liquids only)

  25. Indy says:

    What I find totally amusing is that this isn’t a crisis anywhere in the UK, having been there 2 weeks ago and saw shelves lined with AVENT bottles.

    So, my question is, with a ‘new’ product on the way this summer, is this all a marketing ploy? And have you looked at the research? how many of us boil broken up bits of our bottles for 24 hrs in milk? that’s not natural use and of course it’s going to cause a reaction.

    Thanks for the number though, all free things are good.

  26. mark says:

    just got off the phone (9:30am pacific time) with zellers, they told me no limit and they will take back the microwave thing and bottles, no limit no rec. required

  27. Kellie says:

    Just to let you know that the Avent nipples will fit on the sippycups if you remove the spout. The nipple & ring from the bottles also fits!

  28. Raquel says:

    does anyone know of a retailer taking back the elecric pump?

  29. Jodi says:

    The 800 number doesn’t work today. London drugs isn’t taking stuff back. The bay wants a receipt. Anyone know about the sippy cups? I’m against using anything from them anymore.

    How about Playtex?

  30. Mom of 2 says:

    Toys R Us is taking back Avent bottles for last sale price. Sears is also taking back Avent bottles and the microwave sterilizer for last sale price. Both places are offering gift cards for returns without receipts.
    In Ontario, Zellers is taking back all bottles, the Isis pump and the microwave sterilizer. I am looking for somewhere to take back the electric sterilizer since I am not sure if it contains BPA or not. If anyone knows of a company that is taking back the electric sterilizer, please post a reply.

  31. Vancouver Mom says:

    I too was unable to get through the Avent 1-800 number as well. i went on the Philips website and found this 1-800 number for Customer Care for Philips Avent. I immediately spoke with the operator and left her my information for the 2 free bottles.
    In case someone might need this # as well, here it is

  32. Mid-Western Ontario Mom says:

    Just called the 1800-542-8368 number listed above. Very stand-offish representative on the phone, who informed me ‘that there was no official recall by Avent, Miss”! She would not send me 2 free bottles and simply informed me that BPa-free alternatives will be available in Aug 2008 from Avent. Confirmed Avent Pump does contain BPa (may main concern right now…as I know the bottles do, but was not sure about the pump system). The microwave sterilizer does not (but wouldn’t heating the BPA plastics ie pump pieces, release it in larger quantities anyways?). I have been using this system for 10+ months….sure I can go and return all the BPa containing bottles/pump etc now, but what damage has this stuff alredy done to my child?!?!?!

  33. RadioRedHead says:

    I just called the recently posted 800# and was given a different # to call: 1.866.624.1906 and I got through to a rep who gave me some options as to what I wanted for samples.

    All I stated was that I was calling about the BPA sample offer and I was a current Avent user (well I WAS) and she offered me a few choices for sippy cup and I couldn’t decide so she said I could have one of each as they were authorized to give away 2 items. She offered sippies when I said my son was 11 months old.

    I get them in 5-7 business days…


  34. RadioRedHead says:

    BPA-free that is…

  35. RisaB says:

    I’ve already returned all my Avent bottles to Zellers here in Northern Ontario. However I still have the Isis manual pump and a sterillizer that I no longer want seeing as though they are made by a company who knowingly put our babies’ health at risk. Will anywhere take these items back even though they are not packaged together with the bottles that originally came with them? Thanks for the help.

  36. Sasha says:


    I was also told to call the 1.866.624.1906 #. I am currently on hold, so hopefully I can get through…

  37. Jacquie says:

    Just to let you know that Toys R Us is taking back Avent bottles too. If you dont’ have your receipt they will give you the last sale price onto a store credit.

  38. Mid-Western Ontario Mom says:

    I learned this afternoon that Zellers and Walmart are taking back the avent pump and microwave sterilizers (regardless of age) without receipts until Friday May 9th. Walmart in my area is giving back cash value of last sale price for these items. Zellers is giving back an in-store credit. Not sure if this is a region thing for these stores or Canada wide.

  39. Saskatchewan Mommy says:

    I just went to Walmart to return my bottles and they would only take the Playtex bottles and my First Years pump. They would not take my avent bottles or sippy cups. I’ll try Zellers or ToysRUs tommorrow.

  40. Aneta says:


    Does anybody from Calgary know which stores will take back the harmfull baby bottles without receipt?

  41. Mom of 2 says:

    Called the 1-800-843-2174 today and it is working and they will be sending the sippy cups and rebate certificate by mail.
    Got through on the first try, so looks like the lines may not be too busy today.

  42. Crystal says:

    I am a Winnipeg Mom and just want to say that we returned our bottles last night at the Zellers Grant Park with no receipt and no problem.

  43. shirley says:

    so these aren’t BPA-free…..

    they are free bottles… with BPA ??

  44. eddie says:


    I am not sue if there is anyone taking bottles back at this stage of the game. But I do know a mom who is looking for used bottles as she doesn’t believe in the BPA findings. I’d suggest selling them locally if you can’t return them. I personally don’t want anyone using BPA bottles and supporting the manufacturer to produce BPA bottles. I returned all mine to LD in April. But I guess this is a choice up to parents to make whether to let their kids using BPA bottles (which I can’t believe someone would put her baby at risk).

  45. Lindsay says:

    To everyone wanting to return sterilizers or pumps and bottles, regardless of whether you have all parts/reciepts, etc…. go to Sears and make a fuss, they will eventually give you a refund, since they are getting the refund from Avent, and there is no cut off. The Sears in my city just began returning Avent products last week, and refused until I insisted. Sears is all about their customer service, so for all of you out there who were told no, don’t take no for an answer, go back and talk to a manager if you have to.

    Good Luck!!

  46. Star says:

    My sister returned her bottles and was given $9.02/bottle Zellers London ON. I tried at Sears and only go $23 for 5 bottles. Some of the bottles Nuby, they wouldn’t take back.

  47. Star says:

    I also called the 800 # for avent first, since they have not recal;led the nipples or lids, the lady told me to return the bottles only…when I got to the store they refused to give any refund unless I gave them the complete set? What is the consumer to do. I needed the lids and nipples for the disposable drop in set that I have.

  48. NBHotMomma says:

    My daughter is now 2 and out of bottles. I’ve been using plastic Gerber sippy cups (not polycarbonate) but just found out today that the Gerber Comfort Hold line *IS* polycarbonate and contains BPA and this is what we used when she was an infant. Does anyone know if Gerber plans to get on the ball with this? I know that some of their products are BPA-free, but quite honestly, my child is 2 now so by the time all of this fuss was made, the damage is already done!

    So, I called to get my free sippy cups. They are the “Magic” product line, and I am getting 2 of the sportster models. Kudos to Philips/Avent for the giveaway and for admitting their other bottles may be dangerous. Now the other companies need to step up and make a statement.

  49. LGM says:

    FWIW the Avent rings and nipples fit on Smuckers Jam jars (250ml ones).

    I’m returning my bottles and using the store credit to buy new rings/nipples because I really like how they work with my babies.

  50. Mom of 2 says:

    FYI … May 9th is the last date to return to HBC (Zellers or the Bay) without a receipt.

  51. ontario Mom says:

    Shirley-The free bottles they’re sending out are bpa free, however, it’s the via system which is a disposable system so better to opt for the cups.
    The study was meant to stimulate repeated use, so after daily dishwashing/sterilizing you would expect to see toxins leaching out into the milk. why would you take a chance anyways w/ your infant at risk.
    Plastics overall contain a whole mess of crap, there just hasn’t been any research done on it.

  52. Aneta says:

    Went to Toys r us today, they took the bottles back w/o receipt, however said that Avent breastpump will no longer be accepted (have to go through manufacturer). Went to Sears and they will not accept without receipt or original packaging. A mom told me however that Walmart is accepting bottles and pumps without recipts or its packaging, I guess its Walmart tomorrow.

  53. KBJ says:

    Hello all.
    did you all know that BPA has been investigated since 2004, and the companies have known since then that it was not safe to give to our children. I have never liked avent since it makes soooo many health claims and cost so much, and never used it.
    Good luck to all

  54. eddie says:

    Yes – Avent is aware of the BPA isssue all years long. I did a little research and found out that there were class actions lawsuit against Avent on the BPA issue in US. I know there are class action lawyers practice in Ont. If I live in Ont, I’d definitely contact the class action lawyer to start a claim against Avent for this. How could a company knowingly use harmful material in baby products?

  55. Evelyn says:

    Anyone know how much you can get for the Avent ISIS pump? Where is the best place to go get a refund for that?

  56. HONEYBEE says:

    i retured my advent isis manual pump to zellers and got back 79.99 without the receipt. i would try to go to the bigger stores. and i returned my playtex avence bottles to walmart and got back some $20 or so dollars. i was lucky i had kept the packageing (the box) for both. so they just scanned the box. zellers had cheap glass bottles for $3 smthing.

  57. Jenn says:

    Hi, I was wondering if there is a cut off still? I keep hearing that only certain stores will take them for a certain amount of days etc. And then you need a receipt. And what stores take what? I know babiesrus is taking back bottles but no pumps or sterilizers without receipts. I live in Ontario and was wondering if any other Ontario parents know what stores are still accepting these without boxes or receipts and how long. Thanks

  58. dunebuggy8 says:

    Has anyone received the rebate email from Avent? I haven’t yet (nor have I received my free sippy and Via system but it’s only been a week).

    Jenn – I think you may just have to call around to individual stores. I went to Zellers. You could try there and Sears as they both sell the pump. Someone else suggested the Bay as well.

  59. Dale Gagnon says:

    I just called and they answered immediately 😀
    They’re going to send 2 cups and 20$ woohoo!

  60. Tara says:

    Just called, less than 1 min wait – now are only sending 1 cup as they say they have had an overwhelming response today. Can’t complain!

  61. Joyce says:

    Has anyone in the N. Scarborough/Markham (Ontario) area been successful in returning their Avent baby bottles without a receipt? I understand that Toys R Us (at MArkville Shopping Centre) had a cut-off date of Sunday May 11th. Thanks in davance…joyce

  62. Andrea says:

    Hi There, please let me know if anyone knows of anywhere in Winnipeg where I can return my avent bottles.

  63. arma says:

    I just called the number above.6 min wait and they will send me the cups and rebate.Try it for sure.free stuff are always good!

  64. Shayn_ella says:

    I’d like to know if any store still accepting bottles without receipt too. Thanks!

  65. Alison says:

    I just called the 1-800-843-2174
    gave my name, address, ages of children

    She said they have 1 free sample
    A sippy cup – hard or soft spout

    And it will be here in 2-3 weeks.
    Lucky for you guys who got more then 1 sample, money back, and quicker delivery time.

    What is up with that?~!

  66. Andrea says:

    I was told by a public health dietician today that every Wal-Mart and Zellers has their own list they are going by, which explains all the discrepancies on this board.

    I just caled the Avent 1-800 # and am getting 5-8 oz bottles sent to me. She said it would take 2-3 weeks.

  67. JML says:

    just called avent – on hold less than 15 minutes (much better than last time when i gave up after 35).

    sending me bottles & a 10 pack of via storage containers. Should be here in 3 weeks. Offer varies by day maybe?

  68. Kauline says:

    I just called the number as well. They answered in under 5 minutes. I asked if my Avent bottles (with BPA) could be replaced. He said they are NOT taking them back but they would be happy to send out a 5 pack of 8oz bottles. Takes 3-5 weeks.

    Note: He also told me there is no formal recall. They are doing this to maintain strong consumer relations.


  69. Nicole says:

    I called the number today and they told me because of the response they would only send out one. In August they will have BPA free Avent bottles available and that it only leaches into Milk at extreme temperatures. It does not leach out if the bottles are used correctly. I wonder who is heating their bottles up that much? My son has never had a heated bottle. If they never have it heated they don’t know the difference. I think that if this BPA was so bad that Health Canada would have banned it.

  70. ricky says:

    I called the n ew 1 866 624 1906 # and out of service so i called the 1 800 843 2174 # and was asked how many children and ages, when i told the gentleman a 2yr old and 8 mths old he said 1 sippy cup would be sent and the $20 rebate form is included in all cups mailed out, guess we wait & see

  71. Sarah says:

    I have triplets and we spent over $500 on Dr. Brown plastic (bpa) bottles and now I can’t trade them in anywhere. I am so upset! I bought six evenflo bottles which are so cheap and don’t help prevent colic – so thats two bottles per baby. It’s all we can freakin afford and I am not very happy I can’t even exchange them! I missed the Toys R Us deadline (the only place in Winnipeg who sells Dr. Brown) because, seeing as I have TRIPLETS I have no time to watch the news or read the papers. I barely have time to type this message!!!

  72. Lori-Ann says:

    Called Avent # – will receive 1 sippy cup in 2-3 weeks. Called Zellers and no longer accepting Avent bottles for store credit – will only allow if you buy similar product that is equal or more value????? Guess we’re too late to save them from the blue box? Also called Walmart and because the one in Oakville doesn’t carry them they will only offer credit on their cheaper bottles – guess it’s better than nothing? 🙂

  73. Connie says:

    Traded in Avent bottles at the Bay last week – they only had “Chicco” glass bottles available. They happen to fit perfectly on the Avent pump. Also I called Avent, apparently the only part of the pump containing BPA is the pedal insert.

  74. Lamont says:

    Nicole, Health Canada has stated that BPA is harmful when exposure reaches certain levels. The “safe” ammount varies by age of a person. It mimics the Estrogen hormone and has been linked to increaed risk of breast cancer, testicular cancer and early onset of puberty (which in itself also increases cancer risk). The issue at this point is that current research is indicating that perhaps the chemical is dangerous at levels LOWER than previously suspected. When baby bottles or other food storage deveices, containing BPA are heated, it increases the rate at which the BPA leaches out into the food. If you are following the manufacturers’ recommendations and sterilizing your bottles regularly (or putting in the dishwasher), then that action will cause the plasitc to begin to break down, speeding up the release of the chemicals, including BPA into food. The food and/or milk does not have to be in the bottle at the time it is heated, rather the heating causes changes to the plastic which will cause it to leach over time.

    At this point, there is no official recall on the bottles, but the Canadian government is in the process of declaring BPA a dangerous substance. Knowing that, why take the risk and continue to expose yourself and/or your child to a possibly harmful chemical, when there are other, safer, alternatives?

    Incidently, BPA is also present in the lining of canned food, liquid formula cans, cheese slice wrappers, plastic pop bottles and cans, plastic water bottles etc.

    For those of you who do not believe that BPA is harmful, you have the right to your opinion, but please leave these freebies for those of us with legitimate concern for the safety of our children.

    Incidently, about 20 years ago many disblieved the “propaganda” about the harmful effects of second hand smoke…….and look where that got them.

  75. Lamont says:

    Sarah, I feel so bad for you. If I were you, I would return to the store, with your bottles and demand a refund. Speak to a manager, or whoever you need to. I would suggest taking all 3 babies with you….eventually the staff will exchange those bottles, even if just to make you (and 3 crying babies) go away 🙂

    Good luck.

  76. leanne says:

    I just returned 14 bottles and the ISIS pump to Superstore! They gave me $7.49 for each bottle and $79.99 for the pump! I was expecting a store credit, but they gave me a credit on my VISA!

  77. leanne says:

    By the way, I live in Calgary!

  78. Kari says:

    Sarah, I also live in Winnipeg and have just noticed that Zellers also carries Dr. Brown’s (I saw them at Grant Park). Maybe they would be more flexible, or let you exchange them for the newer Dr. Brown’s that are BPA-free? Good luck!

  79. Samantha says:

    I went to Zellers today… to go take back more Avent bottles… I went to go take back 4 8oz Avent bottles at $8.99 each and they wanted to give me 4 8oz glass Evenflo bottles at $3.29 each…. I just went on Tuesday and returned 3 4oz Avent at $6.99 a bottles and 1 8oz Avent bottle at $8.99 and I got 11 glass Evenflo Bottles at $3.29 each… Explain to me how that one works…I did not take the other bottles in the 4 oz bottles I waited till i got home and called Avent and I called Zellers as well…}
    When I called Zellers I was told that they are only doing bottle for bottle.. Then I talked to a manager and she said the same thing..
    Then I called Avent at 1-866-624-1906 and I was told that the Avent bottles have not been recalled Health Canada put out a paper saying about the BPA but they didnt tell you that it is only when the bottles are heated to a very extream temperature that will burn an adult 450 Degress F. And it is released only when the bottle is heated and you are not suppose to put the bottles into the microwave so really what difference does it make in all reality.. And if you call Avent and talk to them they will send you Free Sippy cups.. as well as free samples of BPA produces… you just have to provide them with your address and it will take about 2 to 3 weeks before you will recieve them..

  80. Samantha says:

    I was told by a Zellers manager that just called me that if you dont show up with you child they will only give you one bottle doesnt matter the value for one bottle, because they have had people come in with there 7 and 8 year olds trying to return bottles…

    Zellers in Brantford, Ontario

  81. Samantha says:

    Walmart Doesnt Sell Avent bottles

  82. MISHA says:

    ok at this stage now I just delivered a newborn $ was given over 12 bottles in total as baby shower and welcoming baby gifts. Where do I go from here or what steps do i follow as most retailers already had cut-off dates for bottle returns?

  83. filza says:


  84. J says:

    I called and the bottles will only be available in August….this info is incorrect….they are only sending me a sippy cup…..?????

  85. Sandra says:

    I haven’t received any sippy cups yet. Still waiting…it has been 3 weeks.

  86. Aurora says:

    Returned my bottles (and nipples too!) at Zellers. They have Born Free (glass bottles) and Adiri nursers (too expensive). Still, I got the Adiri nursers and some nipples for my Playtex disposables. Do the microwaveable sterilizers have BPA too? I have it too. I think their deadline is on the 9th of June. I will try to return my sterilizer. I live in Calgary.

  87. Eddie says:

    Is Zellers still accepting return? Do they give out credit or just exchanging for bottles? Thanks!

  88. honeybee says:

    anyone recieve anything from avent? its been more than three weeks for me…

  89. dunebuggy8 says:

    Nope. I haven’t yet. Still patiently waiting with baited breath!

  90. Aurora says:

    As far as I know Zellers is still accepting returns until June 9. Even Toys R Us is still accepting returns BUT it you have to have a receipt and it should be unopened (and saleable). With Zellers, you can return the Avent bottles (and nipples in my case) even if they’re used. I exchange it to buy 2 Adiri bottles and 2 packs of Playtex nipples. I think they will probably give you store credit if you can’t find the bottles (or accessories) that you want/need.

    Hope this helps.

  91. Winnipeg says:

    I live in Winnipeg and tried at Toys R Us, Zellers, A Child’s Place etc. to no avail BUT Superstore on St. Annes road did return my Avent Isis On The Go Breast Pump, Avent Microwave Sterilizer, Avent 4oz and 9oz bottles. They are a bit grumpy about it but it’s not like the money is coming out of the customer service reps’ pocket. They have a HUGE list of products that are returnable. I DID NOT have a reciept. If parts are missing they will not take them back.
    Good luck.

    P.S. Toys’ R Us said they are only taking returns, unopened and with rc’t. They said they “already gave us a 30 day grace period from the start of the recall”.

  92. Nicole says:

    Still waiting for my sippy cups as well. 3 weeks and counting.

  93. dunebuggy8 says:

    I’m still waiting too….and I called the first day.

  94. mememe says:

    Seems NO ONE has received them yet?
    Maybe it’s 4-6 weeks?

  95. meena says:

    I’m still waiting …..

  96. rachel says:

    Couldn’t be a ploy just to get our e-mails/ phone/ address could it?

  97. Diana says:

    I called the new number and the message says that the free offer ended on June 12th. I called on the 13th 🙁

    However they are offering a rebate form on their site for $5 when you spend $20.

    if you call that number they will give you the url.

  98. Sally says:

    Couldnt of you just posted it?
    When I ordered mine it said everyone would get an email but I never did.
    I recieved the sippy cup though.

  99. Joanne says:

    I called the number more than 3 weeks ago, and I still haven’t received the cups… The guy on the phone told me that I would receive them in two weeks…

  100. Sally says:

    I just looked it up on the forum, mine was sent out May23rd purolator and I got it next business day, is there anyone else out there who did recieve it?

  101. Hannah says:

    I called in 1st week of May and still haven’t received anything. Has anyone received anything yet?

  102. Jill McCreary says:

    The Avent offer finished on the 12th… now they offer a rebate by mail for a portion of the cost… you have to check out their website… http://www.phillips.ca and find the Avent section.

    Thanks for the info.

  103. benji says:

    I still haven’t received anything either. I had no problems ordering over the phone, but nope, nothing yet.

  104. Jenny says:

    I called at the end of April to request mine, as did 2 friends of mine and none of us have recieved them. I hope soon, my daugther is needing to move to a sippy cup like yesterday!

  105. Joanne says:

    I called for my free sippy cup at the beginning of May and nothing has arrived…….

  106. dunebuggy8 says:

    It’s very frustrating as you’d think that they would have been ready for such a response. Makes me have less faith in the company (and it was pretty low to begin with).

  107. Tellie says:

    I called the beginning of May and have not received anything yet. They told me they would send me a rebate by e-mail which I never received and 2 sippers…
    I just called the first 1-800 # posted and they told me that the thing ended on June 12th but to go to http://www.philips.ca/aventoffer for a rebate…. well the link does not work…
    The msg on the 1-800# also said that all free samples should be out by June 30th, so if you’re like me and still waiting… apparently we need to wait until after then….
    I think they are very well organized *sarcasm* LOL
    Oh well free sippers are free sippers…

    just to let you know this is for free playtex bottles BPA free:


    I filled out the form the same time as the avent one and I got my bottles last week.

  108. Rachel says:

    Tellie, the link is working now.

    For those who are interested it’s a $5 rebate when you spend at least 20$ on Avent products, expires Dec 31/08.

  109. alisha says:

    I have also ordered, but never received, has any of you received platex bottles

  110. Eddie says:

    Still waiting for Avent’s sippy cup. Ordered in mid-May.
    I received the platex bottles several weeks ago.

  111. deb says:

    I just called and spoke to someone at Avent….they explained that due to high volume, they decided to hold ALL orders even from the beginning and ship everything on June 30th….the women explained that everyone should receive their samples in approx. 7-8 business days…I explained to her that I felt that they had misled us and that in the meantime after waiting for 10 weeks, I have gone out and purchased other sippy cups and since Avent wasn’t on the market for awhile, my sippy cups weren’t profiting them….I’ll use them as back up now….

  112. Sally says:

    Im really not overlly impressed the way avent has acted, they should of been prepared for an overwhelming response IMO.

    I recd mine a long time ago, I guess maybe they sent some of the cups to the first few days worth of callers.

    I got one cup, when they said Id get 2. But I guess they decreased that, theyve really gone back on there word imo.

    I dont know why theyd ship out cups to begin with, it would of been wiser and more cost effective to mail out FPC coupons, lol.

  113. CAB says:

    I called and Avent said the sippy cups are on their way. But really they didn’t have to do anything for us Canadians. Health Canada has not banned or recalled any of these products!!! The retailers VOLUNTARILY took the products off the shelves, without really knowing what was going on, in other words to save their own butts incase anything came about from the RESEARCH that Health Canada is doing on numerous chemicals, not just BPA. Maybe if you think about it, if everyone in Canada called in for a free sample, that is over 33,308,136 people in the country. I am sure many people have called more than once to get the offer, grand parents, people without children because your sister told them to call in for the offer. We could’ve not received anything. You all should stay informed on updates at the Health Canada website http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca and do you research as I have been. Are you also aware the the fillings in your mouth contain BPA, Heins alphagetti(and the other tomatoe/noodles), Gaves apple juice, lots of Hospital equipment, including Baby incubators, and nalgene bottles all contain BPA. I personally do not blame Avent, many companies used this chemical not expecting that after years of use it would be harmful, I’d blame it on technology. There are chemicals that we don’t know about in everything today!!! Imagine what we have been exposed to. BPA is still used in the states and Europe apparently…

  114. Msjachie says:

    I look at it the same way. I got my bottles the next week I called, I didn’t expect a refund from Avent because my sister works in a retail store and told me that the stores took them off of the shelf. Alot of my girlfriends ordered bottles as well, this was such a great deal, it really shows that Avent cares about their customers even though there wasnt a recall in Canada. Not much they can do about millions of people calling in! We got free cups, I cant complain!

  115. annie76 says:

    Bottles, sippy cups was ordered at the end of april. Did not received things from them. I received my Playtex faster, even if the bottle was order many times after Avent. I think they don’t like people from Montreal(Quebec).

  116. Yvonne says:

    annie76: You being from Montreal has nothing to do with it, A LOT of people have yet to receive their free samples. They’ve been backed up with our samples and restocking the store shelves as well. Just gotta be patient and wait.

  117. Sandra says:

    Just wondering….has anyone received their sippy cups yet?

  118. dunebuggy8 says:

    I haven’t received mine either. I’m on a chat board with many other moms who have yet to receive their samples as well.

  119. Meg1112 says:

    still waiting for mine too

  120. sweetdejah says:

    HEy let me tell all you moms out there that advent sucks royally. I just found out about the bottles and I am trying to get a rebate but they wont do it anymore.I have been in toys r us , walmart, zellers ect for the past 3 months and never heard of this before. I called the company and you know what they told me??? That they dont know why I have no numbers on my bottles..maybe they are a knock off..and that they dont have issues with their bottles..they told me they are no longer offering the rebate plus if you go on to the website to try to get free sippy cups the web page is no longer in use. I called twice and everytime I get a different story. I was on with my home phone and cell phone wanting to talk to a manager who could explain why they are only offering the rebate for 1 month. Each person told me different stories and when I tried to call for a manager i was on hold for hours and then hung up on and when on the cell phone was told that the manager was not available. If you go on their website which I did later I read why the bottles have no numbers. I so do not get this company..

  121. Sally says:

    Its really unfortunate theyve decided to be like this, but I do think its moreso the lack of trained customer service agents that makes the situation even worse. I got mine back in May, i’m not sure why I was sent mine and noone else really got sent theres.

    I hope Avent reads this and realizes how terrible there customer service agents are and have been and just how much business or potential they have lost over this offer.

  122. Nicole says:

    The in store rebate that Walmart, zellers etc. gave was just a nice things to do, they are hoping that BPA will become illegal to sell (which is has not) and that they can get money from the bottle companies. They were not required to give rebates and so could limit the timeline on the rebate.

    Also, I know it is frustrating that we have not recieved our sippy cups, I too am waiting. But this again is a nice thing not a required thing. So beggers can’t be choosers.

    Hopefully they come, soon but until then, we, who are too cheap to buy other cups must wait.

  123. Morgana says:

    please be advised, this offer has expired.

  124. filza says:

    first f all every body plzz write clearly,this thread is about free sippy cups,so please talk abut it.i read the previous comments and couldnt get it??????the offer is expuired….which offer???????and in the end ne hopeful news…..i called avent??asked abut the sippy cups,lady said yu can get it by july 28th.

  125. rachel says:

    Just received mine by purolator, no rebate coupon though

  126. stoneweusame says:

    free microsoft sun pets yes america sea head stone red canada clean minor

  127. Muskokangirl says:

    The Avent bottle offer has ended, but they do have a mail-in rebate for $5 when you spend $20.

  128. N says:

    Ordered first day the post was published…Got mine yesterday! Hang in there…they’re coming.

  129. Supershopper says:

    I received mine yesterday as well. Thank you for posting this offer!

  130. filza says:

    i recieved one today and my baby already loves it,now every body please tell on this thread how many they got?

  131. Heather says:

    I know of some people who have received 4 bottles already while some have gotten nothing! They got 2 in first shipment and 2 from second one…. I too called and registered for these bottles back in April and still haven’t received them.

  132. consumatrix says:

    Darn! Mine was sent by Purolater while I was away on holiday. I didn’t get back in time — so it was returned to Avent. Purolater only holds packages for 5 days.

    Crappy timing! All that waiting for nothing. I’m sure they won’t resend them now.

    Ah well…it was a *good* vacation anyway. ( :

  133. Kawunukot says:

    i called and they told me that they dont send them out anymore. what am i suppose to do with the bottles i still have? Zellers doesnt take them anymore n i dont want to pass them off to some other people to make there baby get chemicals in them!

  134. jubligana says:

    they come!

  135. babybreau says:

    Hey all! Thanks for posting about this offer, however neither myself nor my friends have received theirs yet. I understand they may be coming. Are they coming Canada Post or Purolator? Anyone know?
    As for those moms who still have their old bottles, I wouldn’t worry too much about them. I mean we were all brought up eating who knows what, cooked or not cooked, and played with toys made of bad paint, and had vertical blinds on our windows that may not have been safest, but we all turned out ok, right?
    It’s great that they have found these bad chemicals, and are willing to offer the items for free and with rebates.
    I’ll keep looking for mine!

  136. Sandra says:

    I received mine last week and they were shipped by Purolator.

  137. rachel says:

    mine came a week ago, only one not two though

  138. consumatrix says:


  139. Annemarie says:

    Received mine on Thursday. One sippy cup and a pack of 10 breastmilk storage containers and lids. Received by Purolator.

  140. Leanne says:

    Hi, just tried to call the new Canadian number 1-866-624-1906 but is no longer in service.

  141. Honestly!! says:

    Just so EVERYONE know…the number 7 does NOT mean that is contains BPA. If consumers would just do their research and stop listening to the media hype that has been created they would know that the numbers on the bottoms of plastics are recycling numbers and have NOTHING to do with what chemicals are in the plastic. Number 7 stands for OTHER. Yes Polycarbonate bottles are number 7 but so is the new plastic bottles, Tritan that contain no BPA. Just another FYI….the European Safety Authority has claimed once again that the levels of BPA in the bottles in WELL below the legal limit, well below. There are worse things out there people, I am sure there is going to be something wrong with the bottles you are using now and with the stainless steel….please juse educate yourselves and make sure that you read other things than blogs on these issues! Science is golden and the proof is out there you just have to read it!

  142. Daniela says:

    Just called Avent to check on the status of the Freebie promo. Nothing yet!! I called over 2 months ago (when the promo first started). I was told 2 weeks, then called a month later and was told end of June. It’s now the end of July and I just got off the phone with them. NOW it’s the end of August. They are telling me that they didn’t anticipate such a large response. How stupid can they be? Who wouldn’t take up the offer of a freebie?? Chances are once I get the product, my son won’t even use them anymore. Maybe this is why so many people are switching to other products. I used Avent with my daugther but since my recent experiences with their products, I think it’s time to completely ban Avent from this house!!

  143. annie76 says:

    They send out 3 sippy cups with apologize letter. Why 3?
    I phone at the end of april.
    Got mine today by Purolator.

  144. Helene says:

    Got 2 sippy cups today by purolator!!! great!

  145. Lee Ann says:

    Received my long awaited bottles… OK.. what a joke. They sent me the VIA dispoable bases and lids and an adapter. WELL.. that would work with their old bottlerings and nipples – if I hadnt returned them all to the store with the rings and nippes attached… duh!!!

    However, my KLEAN KANTEEN has an avent lid and sippy spout so at least I can use them. BUT stillwhat a joke, no sippy cup in sight!!

  146. Nicole says:

    Got mine today. Recieved two 12mth+ but that is ok, he will grow into them.

  147. Cobehale says:

    I received mine and was quite pleased with both them and the simple fact that Avent made this offer available. For pete’s sake people! Avent made a goodwill gesture that has cost them a pretty penny. You got or will be getting free product how rough can it be?

  148. Jacqueline says:

    to all those so mad about the bpa thing…. I LOL at u all i was raised on plastic bottles and many other NORMAL HEALTHY kids in the world dont u know that in todays world amlmost EVERYTHING causes some health problem or another. Im gonna order my free cups now!

  149. Jacqueline says:

    to all those so mad about the bpa thing…. I LOL at u all i was raised on plastic bottles and many other NORMAL HEALTHY kids/adults in the world dont u know that in todays world amlmost EVERYTHING causes some health problem or another. Im gonna order my free cups now!

  150. COMMON SENSE says:

    Bisphenol A FACT

    “Studies have shown the main source of exposure for newborns and infants is from bisphenol A migrating from the lining of cans into liquid infant formula and migrating from the polycarbonate baby bottles into the liquid inside following the addition of boiling water” [http://www.chemicalsubstanceschimiques.gc.ca/challenge-defi/bisphenol-a_fs-fr_e.html].

    See the Government of Canada website for further information, or click on the link above.

  151. Ree says:

    I’ve been trying to get through to all #’s that have been posted, but to no avail…any suggestions?

  152. Sandra says:

    I believe the offer is over. Sorry!

  153. Connie says:

    Hi, the new numver for Avent is 1-800-542-8368

  154. Jean says:

    Received mine yesterday by Purolater. Called in mid-May. Thought I was supposed to get 2 sippy cups (that’s what they promised me), but only got 1 sippy cup and the VIA dispoable bases and lids. Well, what can I say….it’s free anyway.

  155. BDS says:


    Although the free sippy cup offer has expired, this is the website to obtain a $5 mail-in rebate on your $20 avent purchase.

  156. Second time Mom says:

    Do you know of any other offers for free baby products.
    I have a toddler almost 2years and expecting another one in March/08. Every bit helps.
    Thank you in advance.

  157. Angie says:

    Does anyone know where I can still get a refund on my Avent bottles and pump and Dr. Brown bottles that have the crappy BPA in it?
    I called Phillips Avent just a few minutes ago and her name was Cathy and she was just rude and told me that the bottles are still safe and told her they are not! I want my money back. She said that they are not doing a voluntary recall and never did and that the stores are doing it or did.
    I don’t have a receipt for either of them anymore and I want to at least get a store credit so I can get replacement bottles and sippy cups. I have over $150 worth of BPA bottles.
    I heard that London Drugs is no longer accepting them without a receipt. Where can I go in the Vancouver, BC area?



  158. Kathleen says:

    I have a daycare and bought a lot of Dr Brown bottles because some of the babies I care for have reflux, so I figured it would be easier to just buy all the same kind of bottle. I bought new glass ones but now I can’t seem to return the old bpa ones anywhere! I spent over $350 dollars on the bpa ones now I feel ripped off because I had to spend another $400 for the glass ones. I would have bought another brand if I had known I was unable to return the toxic bpa Dr Browns! GRRRRR!!!

    Does anyone know if anywhere in Canada takes them back? It would almost be worth it to ship them anywhere if I can at least get part of my money back.

  159. valley mom says:

    I know that Zellers was taking them back for a time, but not sure if they still are. I had the same problem, but at least I only spent a $100 or so on the “bad” ones.

  160. Krista says:

    I would like to know if anyone knows where you can return Avent bottles and breast pumps. I know that it was many, many months ago that the whole thing began, but my daughter wasn’t using the bottles anymore, just the sippy cups, so never really gave it another thought. Now that I’m expecting again, I am now stuck with a dozen BPA bottles I won’t use, out alot of money and just wondering if anyone has any suggestions?

  161. trrifk says:

    sorry krista, now you are out of luck.
    you may want to try and call the manufacturer of the bottles you have and see they allow you to send them to them and if they will replace them with bpa free ones.

  162. Virginia says:

    I bought and used teh AVent BPA bottles.
    I also returned them during teh initial crises.
    In hindsight, I would no longer be seriously concerned. It appears that the issue was overly dramatize, and all plastice bottles for years have contained trace amounts of BPA.
    That includes water bottles. The risks are minimal if you are not microwaving them!

  163. Jen says:

    Hey since the Bpa issue I have switched to the tempo brand Avent bottles. My question is does anyone else have a problem finding the liners for these bottles? My girlfriend was told that superstore is no longer supplying them and toys r us are almost always sold out???
    Thanks for the help

  164. Cher says:

    I have purchased them at Zellers. They always seem to have stock. I did find that Toys R us was always sold out too. I have since purchased extra so I don’t run out!

  165. De-Anne says:

    does anyone know where I can return the avent breast pump and bottles. I just had a new baby but now I’m stuck with these BPA bottles and breast pump. they are so expensive to buy , does any stores still give refund for them?

  166. krista says:

    sears and zellers are taking back the avent breast pump and bottles. and giving store credits.

  167. mummyt02 says:

    Avent also make BPA free bottles now. there are a golden colour I use them and they work great. That way you don’t have to buy the liners. I got my bottles at toys r us.

  168. De-Anne says:

    I tried Zellers but they told me to contact the avent company.but I will try sears. Krista did you return yours just lately?

  169. Kristina says:

    I just called and lady answered right away. She said the promotion expired last year in June!?!?! she didn’t offer anything..blah

  170. jj says:

    De-Anne did you have any luck returning the bottles?

  171. Jason Brown says:

    oh wow! This would be amazing! I’m pregnant with my second right now and I never pumped with my first but plan on doing so with this one! AND..come to find out my bottles from my first pregnancy arent BPA-free!

  172. Marmaduke says:

    Don’t know why this has poped up again it’s over a year old, long since expired…..

  173. koukladd says:

    called…was in Spanish?

  174. koukladd says:

    Called…was totally in Spanish??

  175. koukladd says:

    Called last year for something else…their customer service is crappy..

  176. Tara says:

    Does anyone know a store in Niagara, On area that is still exchanging bottles? I am stuck with a bunch and about to have my third child. I won’t use old ones, but I did like the bottles themselves. Thanks!

  177. AW says:

    I just called avent at 1800-542-8368 and a rude lady told me that they are safe so I made a big deal and told her that I was not gonna put my baby’s health on risk, she ended up giving up and told me to send the bottles and she would replace them.

  178. LM says:

    I just called them and they said they don’t have any samples or rebates right now but to check periodically.

  179. Steph says:

    I have a ton of avent bottles from my 1st child (bought 5 yrs ago). Are they BPA free? I emailed the company to find out but haven’t got a response.

  180. shuvourmi says:

    I want the freebies of the bottles however the phone number that’s being provided here is not working for me 🙁 Can someone know how I can also enjoy of receiving the free bottles. Thanks!!

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  183. plz send me sample for my new born baby girl. at my address 7/46 ,Ramesh Nagar, New Delhi 110015

  184. Alice says:

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