BlockBuster Canada: $299 40GB PlayStation 3 (Spider-man Bundle Only)


Have you been holding off on picking up a PS3?  Now’s the time!  Blockbuster Canada is clearing out it’s 40GB PS3 Spiderman 3 bundles for $299.  The MSRP on this one is $399, so you’ll be saving $100!

It might seem like a move prompted by the recent announcement of a new 80GB model that will be replacing the 40GB’s at the same price point, however if it was I would have expected all 40’s to have suffered the same fate.  Chances are we’ll see something similar happen with the remaining 40GB’s when the 80 hits store shelves, though there’s no guarantee the savings will be this big.

Make sure to call your store first.  These ones are going fast.

27 responses to “BlockBuster Canada: $299 40GB PlayStation 3 (Spider-man Bundle Only)”

  1. Too bad the 40GB model doesn’t support backwards compatibility with PlayStation 2 games. =\

  2. Jim Squires says:

    The new 80’s won’t either. Sadly, asides from the price, that’s all that’s new about about them. If you want backwards compat, you’ll need to hunt down one of the current 80’s or an old 60 before they disappear.

  3. Craig says:

    Does it come with a DualShock3 or a SixAxis?

  4. Jim Squires says:


  5. Craig says:

    Ugh, thanks for the info.

  6. Samuel says:

    Checked two local stores in Calgary yesterday, the promotion has gone.

  7. Jim Squires says:

    Samuel — it’s not a promotion. This is the clearance price on this model. Any store that has any left will have them at this price.

  8. Adam says:

    Why aren’t they clearing the non-Spiderman Bundle at this price? My Blockbuster was out of Spiderman bundles, but had a 40gig which was still priced at $399.

  9. FMJ says:

    I’m assuming these are used….what ppl rent for the weekend etc..? Or are these New..never opened

  10. Jim Squires says:

    These are brand new. They come with the sixaxis controller and a movie that’s nearly a year old, so nobody is paying full price for them. $299 – brand new – only spiderman bundle.

  11. FMJ says:

    Just called a store in St Albert, Alberta and they never heard of selling them for 299….. they don’t even carry the Spiderman bundles

  12. Ian says:

    Has *anybody* taken advantage of this offer? If so, please let us know in what city you live.

    Thanks 🙂

  13. Webster says:

    I just got mine in Vancouver. They had one left. I called before going there to pick it up.

  14. sylvia says:

    Here in Laval, it ****** sucks!!!

  15. Keven says:

    Yesterday I called all of my stores and none of them have it and half of them said they ran out of them a long time ago.

  16. Keven says:

    that was Winnipeg ^^^^

  17. Craig says:

    Yeah, I just called all the BBV in my area and they ran out of them at Christmas. So, I guess only a lucky few people will be finding them 🙁

  18. sa says:

    cant we go to future shop and see if they have these and do a price compare and buy it from future shop / best buy? if they have any left..

  19. FMJ says:

    well bestbuy or futureshop will price match if you have a flyer or something saying that Blockbuster has it for 299…but i never seen it in a flyer or on their webpage

  20. Adam says:

    They won’t sell the non-Spiderman bundle for $299, unfortunately. Hopefully this is just a sign of things to come.

  21. XD says:

    Was not available in Toronto at all! They never even heard of that deal!

  22. m says:

    I work at blockbuster and we get about 3 calls and a few visits a day about this. We don’t have such a deal that I’m aware of…all stores are notified usually every week about these kind of deals and so far there is only the 40g ps3 with a blueray contoller for 399.99 (oh and 1 month free gamepass).

    It could be a quebec only deal…I know that they have some of there own deals so that might be the cause for confusion!

  23. Sally says:

    I think a lot of blockbusters have different promos store to store, maybe it was only select stores.

  24. m says:

    as far as I know the deals are same for an entire district of stores. This way they run them all the same and have the same promos.

  25. Brandon says:

    the 40G’s are discontinued!!!

  26. Jim Squires says:

    That’s why this post was made AUGUST 4th!! Brandon — investigate before you criticize.

  27. spencer minard says:

    Whats the difference between six axis and dual shock


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