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Donate $5 to the Boston Pizza Foundation and get 5 FREE kids meals.  Your donation goes towards supporting organizations that help children and families in need.  Available while quantities last.  I remember when they did last time and I found out about it too late so we were unable to get the deal.  Hopefully we have luck this time!

Find more information here.

14 responses to “Boston Pizza Canada Donate $5 Get 5 Free Kids Meals”

  1. sweetmomma says:

    That is a good value for the kids and for the cause! I will have to check it out! Thanks!

  2. Saving Moola says:

    Just called my local BP in Burnaby & they had lots in stock & apparently there’s no expiry date. Yes, they’re a good value since each kids meal is $6.25 ea. I plan on going to SDM & use my SDM gc to buy a BP gc to get a few of these to give away to friends. These GCs are probably really handy to keep in the car as well if you’re late going home with the kids or just don’t feel like cooking. Just watch all the fat & calories on all those fries as well as the sodium level and nutritional content. I don’t know if BP makes their fries in big batches, but tell you don’t want any salt & you’ll get a fresh batch which is what I do @ Mickey D’s on the Happy Meals. At least there is baked salmon.

  3. Shannon says:

    They did a Facebook posting about this and said it expires June 30, 2012. The ones I got last year at valid through November 2011, and I still have 4 more meals to get through!

  4. sfaraz says:

    Is this card is limited /kid or i can use same card for my two kids

  5. LovingMyCoupons says:

    I bought these last year and they’re GREAT! I’m going to buy more this time.
    @sfaraz – they can be used for any number of kids you like. They have little stickers on them that are just peeled off for each child dining with you. 🙂

  6. brunomars says:

    fantastic deal…love u guys xoxoxox

  7. Saving Moola says:

    Shannon – thanks for the info about the expiry date. I will double check when I buy some & hope that the dates will be for at least a year. Shannon, if you don’t think you can use them up before the expiry date, perhaps it may be a good idea to donate it to the food bank with a note attached so that the recipient knows how to use it.

  8. mhk says:

    Can you use it for kids take away meals or do you HAVE to eat in?

  9. terry r says:

    how can you go wrong $5 gets $31.25 (5 x $6.25)… pretty sweet deal. use em all at once with 5 kids or sporadically… great deal

  10. Anon says:

    I went yesterday, and purchased 2 cards. I was told that there is an expiry date, but that no one looks at it, and people that had them last year still use them now.

  11. sfaraz says:

    Is it valid for take out or just dine in , and you need to take your child with you to place order ,they have any veggie options available for kids

  12. sue reinberg says:

    This deal sounds great but when it mentions free kids meals I have 3 kids all under the age of 17. Is this good for me?

  13. Anon says:

    typically “kids meals” are 12 and under…

  14. Shammy says:

    They expire June 30, 2012 and you must dine in and spend a minimum of $14 per kids meal. I believe you can have more than one kids meal, as long as you spend $14 per, so if you eat $28 of adult meals, then you can get two free kids meal (punches on your card).

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