Canadian Coupons: $1 Kellogg’s Eggo Waffles With Coupon At Walmart(QC) Aug.18-24

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wafflesThis coming week Walmart flyer in Quebec has Kellogg’s Eggo waffles on sale for just $2. There are $1 off coupons that were found in store that expire on September 15th. This is the perfect time to use them before they expire and stock up for just $1. These would make a super fast breakfast for the kiddies as they are running back to school in just a few weeks.  It may not be breakfast now after looking at this picture I sure would love some right now!

Thanks to SmackUTwice for posting the flyer.

4 responses to “Canadian Coupons: $1 Kellogg’s Eggo Waffles With Coupon At Walmart(QC) Aug.18-24”

  1. Leon says:

    We can find the 1$ off coupon in every store??

  2. Alex says:

    Wal-Mart Quietly Raises Prices

    “Wal-Mart Stores (WMT), which for years has touted its prowess at lowering prices, has been doing the opposite as it tries to bolster its bottom line amid stagnating sales.”

    “Some of the price hikes were considerably larger. For instance, the price of a 32-ounce bottle of Windex household cleaner jumped 50%, a 12-ounce box of Quaker Oats instant grits climbed 65% and a 50-ounce container of Tide detergent rose by more than 50%”

    “People still want low prices. Unfortunately for Wal-Mart, they just would rather shop at other stores.”

  3. misskitty_79 says:

    Actually, Eggos are on sale for $1.99 or $2.00 at a lot of QC stores this week. So it’s going to be really easy to use up those last few $1.00 off coupons. I bought myself a box at SuperC just yesterday. 🙂

  4. Reign says:

    I have recently bought a huge box of waffles, as the last time I’ve bought them were when the kids were in school. So because I miss them I bought a big box. I am so sorry I did this. Eggo waffles have changed, they are thinner and they just don’t brown anymore in the toaster. I am pretty dissapointed.

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