Canadian Freebie: Subway Canada Free Breakfast August 19th 8-10 am At Participating Locations Customer Appreciation!


So I guess theres something just as cool as me turning 30 on August 19th. Subway has decided to try and one up me and offer a free breakfast from 8-10am at select participating locations to celebrate customer appreciation.  The offer is for a ham and egg muffin and a coffee.  I highly suggest you call your Subway ahead of time and ask if they are running this freebie since Subway seems to be hit and miss with promo offers.  Click here to visit Subway’s website

Thanks so much to 7Kids for using the “suggest a deal” feature on the blog.

* This was posted on August 4th and I’m bumping it up since I’ve received about 20 suggest a deals on this offer, this way everyone else can see its blogged 🙂

33 responses to “Canadian Freebie: Subway Canada Free Breakfast August 19th 8-10 am At Participating Locations Customer Appreciation!”

  1. dealsniffer says:

    Woohoo Sally!!! Happy early bday! Thanks for posting this!!! I will totally try to get in for this!!! thanks!

  2. a1bunny says:

    I’m wondering what are the participating locations

  3. Pinkydot says:

    Again, I dont lnow what is wrong with the freebies.
    I went on the Subawy wbsite, and it didnt mention about the free breakfast.
    Where can I see wich Subway rest are on the promo?

  4. Nikhil Parikh says:

    Sally, Canada ll celebrate ur b’day in Subway! Gr8!

  5. Pauline Dyck says:

    How do we get the free breakfast

  6. Pauline Dyck says:

    Breakfast is the best

  7. Sally says:

    Pinkdot, Subway never has these promos on their site. Call your local Subway and ask.

  8. Steve Schacher says:

    As a Subway franchisee let me set the record straight…All Subways across Canada will be offering either a free English Muffin cheese and egg or Ham and Egg breakfast along with a FREE 8oz. Seattle Best Coffee. This offer is one day only Thursday August 19th 7 am – 10 am (depending on store location). NO coupon necessary.
    This promotion will be advertised on Local radio stations and National TV starting Sunday August 15th to Thursday August 19th. I suggest you come early.

  9. kerry says:

    I don’t do mornings,so Im out…

  10. Zonny says:

    I’ve been hearing it on the radio in Halifax the last couple of days. I’ll be there!


  11. Annie76 says:

    This time it’s good for Québec!

  12. MeMew says:

    @Steve Schacher: Thanks for your info. However I see the word “coupon” mentioned in the fine print of the picture of this promotion that Boo posted above. So I wonder if a coupon is required for this free breakfast and where we can find it?

  13. Sally says:

    This was posted by me not Boo 😛

    stores were giving out coupons but you dont “HAVE TO HAVE ONE”

  14. Aastha Sahni says:

    This is an amazing deal.. its my bday on the 19th too.. and nothing makes it more fun than free bfast before work! 🙂

  15. MeMew says:

    @Sally: Oh I did not notice that it’s you not Boo who posted it. Thank you so much for this info. I hope we can enjoy our first free meal here in Quebec

  16. Ladybug Angel says:

    I work for Subway..This is going to be huge!!! And it is from 7am until 10am…It is also across CANADA…And you don’t need a coupon…Just please be nice, it might take a while to get through line…

  17. TJ says:

    There is a BIG sign ( banner ) posted on the window of my local subway 🙂

  18. Steve Schacher says:

    NO COUPON needed for this special event…we are handing out coupons just for informational purposes…if the restaurant runs out of product…the store will offer customers a raincheck good up to September 7th. If you live in Ontario, some Subway markets are offering bounce back coupons good until October 31/10
    This will be BIG so I suggest you come early…

  19. myself says:

    they’re also giving rain checks to people who may be standing in line and miss the 10:00 am deadline.

  20. 7kids says:

    🙂 yipee.. I love when I dont have to make breakfast!

  21. The_Scarecrow says:

    I called one place in Winnipeg and they said all the restaurants have this offer.

  22. Sarah says:


  23. theweave says:

    I am going tomorrow too! I will have to be up early I guess! I have to visit two different Subways to get the deal for both mom and I since it is only “oner per person”! If I could pull people off the street to wait for me too, I would so I could get even more then two! Good deal!

    Just wondering, how many people would think to go to a Lowes Subway for the deal? That may just have the shortest line in town! I am not saying where I live either so you all can’t line up ahead of me! LOL

  24. showler says:

    Well, I’m back with my free breakfast. The free part was sufficient incentive for me to go out early today, but the breakfast part is not sufficient incentive for me to ever go buy one. Liquid eggs, a quarter slice of processed cheese, one thin slice of ham and an english muffin that is barely toasted.

    An Egg McMuffin it is not.

  25. Willie c wuddle says:

    This is an excellent deal. Being a sub eater, I never even thought about purchasing one of their breakfast sandwiches. Thanks to their coupon I got to try one out. Mine had every Subway ingredient that could fit on it. Compared to it Egg McMuffin is a toy. I will be back to purchase many more of these in the future.

  26. 7kids says:

    We went and had our free breakfast, it was awsome. The kids loved it and customer service was awsome. We only wait like 3 mins in line Thank you Subway! 🙂 Personal I though it was way better then the Egg McMuffin!

  27. tanya says:


  28. Steve Schacher says:

    To all that came out to try our new English Muffin Breakfast sandwich and Seattle’s Best coffee….Thank you for making it a BIG success.
    To Showler, I would be interested in knowing where you live. All Subway restaurants as far as I know are not using liquid eggs. We have been using an egg patty for several years. What you tried is just a sample of the different breakfast sandwiches which we offer. If you have a good appetite, try the 6″ or 12″ Mega breakfast. It is a bacon, sausage and egg sandwich.

  29. showler says:

    Lower Sackville Nova Scotia.

    It may not have been liquid egg, but it appeared to be. They offered either the “egg white” variety or the regular variety, which was a consistent yellow colour. Either liquid egg mix or scrambled eggs. The eggs were sections cut from a larger portion (like they made one big omelet and then cut it up into sections). One slice of white cheese, one slice of ham. Everything was pre-made of course and reheated at purchase, which is understandable, but the muffin seemed very underdone by my taste.

    If I was someone who enjoyed having extra ingredients on my breakfast sandwich then Subway would be the way to go, but with just the basic three ingredients McDonald’s Egg McMuffins are much larger and more filling, and the ingredients seem better as well.

    I’m hoping the local store didn’t skimp on the normal ingredients due either to worry about cost or worry about running out. It was the first breakfast sandwich I’d gotten there and it did not impress me at all. If it wasn’t properly representative of the normal sandwich then it was a true failure as an advertising special.

  30. tm says:

    Those were the thinnest english muffins I’ve seen!

  31. tiffany says:

    Thanks for your posting, i am just a newbie in the internet business, need to learn a lot from the gurus

  32. Ken says:

    Sally thanks….but some of the subway does not honour this promotion. I think it is up to the individual outlet to honour it.

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