Canadian Coupons: Free Nature Valley Bars Coupon on


General Mills, Life Made Delicious and are doing it again!! They are offering yet another free product coupon. This time it is for Nature Valley bars. Like the rest of there coupons you must first be a member of Life Made Delicious to access the link. So once you join follow these steps:

1.Log into

2.Close the window.

3.Click the link to Life Made Delicious.

4.Click on the Shrek coupon and fingers crossed the free coupon is there.

Click her to go to threw Life Made Delicious to order your coupon.

Click here to go to the discussion thread.

Thanks to coupondiva for the great coupon post.

Edited to add that you should first log on to, close the window and try the link. I sure hope it work for everyone as it did for me.

39 responses to “Canadian Coupons: Free Nature Valley Bars Coupon on”

  1. Sally says:

    link doesn’t work

  2. ccmp1974 says:

    Oh no!! I just ordered mine and it worked for me.

  3. ccmp1974 says:

    Did you try and log onto first and then go back and try the link?? I did and it worked that way.

  4. Sally says:

    Ok I had to log into, log into life made delicious, click on the shrek, close the window relink through, twinkle my toes, scratch my nose then I was able to link through and order. Its really silly.

  5. Chrissy says:

    Link doesn’t work

  6. ccmp1974 says:

    LOL Sally!! I know they make you do tricks to get free stuff!! Chrissy try logging on to and Life Made Delicious first…..then all the rest Sally said.:)

  7. melissa says:

    dosent work for me to

  8. Annie76 says:

    can’t login, nothing works…

  9. Diane456 says:

    Could not get the free Pillsbury item coupon and now the same thing is happening for the bars. It keeps saying I have already ordered it, like the previous time, and I haven’t…. frustraed at why I can’t seem to get these coupons….any ideas?

  10. ccmp1974 says:

    Not sure why the link is not working now?? Both the pillsbury and this one worked for me.

  11. Diane456 says:

    I have tried all that you did Sally, but still nothing I just can’t figure out what is going wrong……

  12. Insane says:

    I logged onto to and life made delicious and no luck either.

  13. Dissapointed says:

    This is so stupid, I have a membership with these terds and it doesn’t even work! Why don’t they email this stuff out to members? Waste of time!

  14. v says:

    go to Lifemadedelicious and sign in.
    Click on the shrek coupon on bottom left corner.
    copy and paster the link into address.
    you’ll then see the with free nature valley.
    sign in to and voila, it should come.

  15. sunshine88 says:

    it worked for me…phew!

  16. TJ says:

    It worked for me too :-)..when I followed the instructions step by step..took a couple of minutes but well worth it 🙂

  17. Dissapointed says:

    That is absolutely moronic but it worked.

  18. monalisa7 says:

    what she said

  19. sweetmomma says:

    I hope this comes! I never received my FPC Pillsbury.

  20. amandamck says:

    Didn’t work for me, said I already got it, but I didn’t. I did get the $1.00 off coupons a few weeks back but that’s all!

  21. mnyyoungs says:

    only option was a buck off shrek gummies :-s

  22. Nice Sass says:

    Check the actual discussion page – how it works seems to vary depending on where you live. For me absolutely no amount of pasting the link would work, but typing it out did. This makes no sense to me from a technical perspective, but I had success in ordering it eventually by changing the steps. Never did receive the Pilsbury FPC, so I’m not holding my breath on this one.

  23. sara says:

    ok, finally got it to work after checking the discussion thread. I logged out of then went to the LMD website. Once there I pasted the link.

  24. hana.z says:

    it worked for me.Thanks

  25. Nettie says:

    When I did all of the above, the only thing available was a $1.00 coupon…

  26. Terri says:

    Same here Nettie…no free coupon there.

  27. bluerose says:

    After many,many tries I got it Thank-You. Its almost like a treasure hunt L0L…..:)

  28. kate says:

    same here.. just $1 off

  29. curls says:

    Dunno – any other from AB get this? Some coupons were removed from your order either because not enough time has elapsed since you last ordered them or because they are not available in your province.

  30. CarlyinCanada says:

    Finally got it to work after reading the instructions on the thread…Very confusing & alot of work having to sign in/out of accounts! But got it to work & got 3 coupons for 3 accounts! 🙂

  31. Sandra says:

    It did’t work for me either.

  32. BL says:

    It now says you found the page through an unauthorized link. 🙁

  33. saraL says:

    it was a bit confusing, but after tinkering i got mine. i missed the pillsbury one but i would also really like this.

  34. AKE says:

    I tried all the steps in here too…Wasn’t working either.
    Tried cutting and pasting, (just got $1 off coupon) tried clicking the link that is in the original post (just got the unauthorized link)

    Finally I tried openging the link in the orginal post by right clicking with my mouse and opening it in a new tab. And IT WORKED!!!!

    However, I tried it again with a different account…didn’t work, so I tried all the same silly trial and error steps again…and it worked. I think you just have to jump through hopps to do it!

    Good luck!

  35. KoonB says:


  36. KoonB says:

    nvm, its just 1 dollar off…

  37. SnowWhiteFanatic says:

    Wow – next time I have to stretch before trying to get a freebie, please let me know!!!! LMAO

  38. julyprincess says:

    Worked for me..thanku for the awesome freebie!

  39. wbmommy says:

    worked here, but said to reorder in 7 days – which was a surprise since I never ordered it before….


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