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Right at Home and SC Johnson have updated the coupons that are available to print on their website, and if I do say so myself, they are better than the last ones!!

Here are the coupons available to print:

$2 any one Glade product
$2 any one Windex product
$3 wub 2 Ziploc products
$3 wub 2 Scrubbing Bubbles refills
BOGO Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaners
BOGO Pledge products
Buy one Glade tin get one refill free

All coupons expire on March 31, 2010. 

Click here to get your new SC Johnson coupons from Right at Home.

Huge thanks to ilikedealsss for posting these coupons for us!

16 responses to “Canadian Coupons: New Printable Coupons Glade, Ziploc ect!!”

  1. Setset says:

    I printed these coupons the last time they came out and I couldn’t find any store that would accept them. Shoppers Drug Mart used to, but they found that people were photocopying the coupons and using them again and again and again. Now they won’t accept any printable coupons.

    I’m in Vancouver. If anyone knows of a store that will accept these, please let me know. I’ve tried SDM, London Drugs, Superstore, and Canadian Tire, all with no luck. Thanks!

  2. Celine says:

    Sweet!!! I use most of these product (actualy I think I use all of them!) So to be able to save a few $$$ here and there is great!

  3. Celine says:

    To SETSET. Have you tried wal-Mart??? I usualy go there, but I’m not in Vancouver… Strange that they would refuse the coupon…they get reimburse by SC Johnson anyway, so they do not lose money… weird

  4. Setset says:

    Celine: Thanks, I’ll try Walmart. I don’t usually go there because it’s quite far out of my way. SDM said it was because customers were abusing the coupons. They were meant to be printed once and used once, but with the repeated photocopying… I guess they had problems with the reimbursements.

  5. Pauline says:

    Thank you so much. These coupons are great!

  6. Love Junkie says:

    My Wal Mart wont let anyone use internet coupons unless we have printed webpage along with the coupon(s). A pain in the butt, but oh well!

  7. mcminsen says:

    I printed the coupons and would love to be able to use them. Like Setset, I’m in Vancouver and am concerned about finding a store that will accept them so I emailed the company and asked them to advise me on this. I’ll let you know what I hear. It’s Friday though, and they may not respond until Monday Jan. 11. 🙂

  8. Catherine L says:

    I have the same problem on the other side of the country (Newfoundland). Retailers won’t take the printed coupons. I’ve tried Wal-Mart, Dominion (Loblaws), Sobeys…the list goes on. They did take them at Zellers here, but I don’t usually go there, so I’m not sure that it’s worth the hassle. I even e-mailed SC Johnson and told them the problem I was having getting a retailer to take the printed coupons. I asked if they could send them out instead. They said they couldn’t but they did send me a coupon for a free product up to $5.99. They must know there’s a problem with retailers taking the coupons. I wish they’d change the way they provide the coupons to consumers. So frustrating!

  9. lalalaland says:

    For all the SCers who are having trouble with printed coupons…….Try to print them at 50% of their actual size, cut them OUT of the 8×10 paper you print them on, or print them on a card stock ….if you can find it on sale. I bet it is just the cashier…if you give them a BIG coupon on / or a coupon on REGULAR paper, or a FULL 8×10 sheet …some times for some reason they get freaked out and think it’s a fraud?! I don’t thing most retailers can keep their staff long enough for the cashiers to realize that the coupons can go through without them getting into trouble!? I realize that SC Johnson probably benefits from passing the cost of printing the coupons onto the customer but ….they should probably give the retailers a heads up when new coupons come out so they know to expect them!

  10. Linda C says:

    It’s no better in Ontario. I’m in Barrie and none of the retailers will take printed coupons here either. They only accept ones from companies like or traditional coupons. I think they are worried that the coupon isn’t real. If they give me $2 off something and send a fake coupon to the manufacturer they’ll be out the money. Let’s face it- with computers anyone can make an official looking coupon… I can’t blame them for being careful.

  11. Nancy-Rose says:

    Just a heads-up – – Pledge is on sale for $4 this week at Canadian Tire – – regularly $4.99 – – so 2 for $4 is a rather good deal!

  12. couponmom says:

    Has anybody tried the Pledge duster? It is included. Just wondering if it is better than the Swiffer Duster? I am from Ontario and I think the bathroom cleaners may be on sale somewhere. Cannot say for sure because i don’t buy them so check your flyers.

  13. Missy says:

    I am in Quebec and can’t find any store that accepts them. I am not even bothering to print them out this time.

  14. mcminsen says:

    Here’s the response I got via email from SC Johnson when I told them I was concerned about having stores take them and could they advise as to which stores I could use them at.

    Thanks for your email,

    I am sorry to hear some of your local stores will not accept on-line coupons. While I understand this is due to concern about coupon fraud, it is certainly upsetting to those consumers attempting to use their coupons honestly.

    Each store is at liberty to establish their own coupon redemption policy. You may want to check with the retailers you shop with most frequently to see if they accept internet coupons. Some stores will accept dollar off but not free product coupons printed from the internet.

    Please know that I’ve shared your concerns with the team responsible for our online promotions. Don’t hesitate to contact us again if we can be of assistance in the future. We’d be happy to hear from you.

    Best regards,


    Consumer Relationship Centre
    SC Johnson
    Toll free number: 1-800-558-5566

    Maybe I’ll try to use one of the coupons that I printed but if it’s refused then I will email them back and ask if they can send some to me by snailmail (knowing they won’t) and maybe they’ll send a Free Product coupon for my trouble. Maybe I’m optimistic… or naive?

  15. britishchick says:

    i need help when i press print the active x does not appear at top of screen so my coupons arent printing any ideas anyone?

  16. tracy says:

    very nice, I have been trying to look for this. Thanks!


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