Canadian Deals: Addition Elle Take an Extra 50% Off Already Reduced Merchandise!


Awhile back there was a contest here for $50 worth of Addition Elle products. That was that first time I’ve browsed their website and I must say they carry really stylish fashion for plus size ladies. Right now Addition Elle is offering an extra 50% off their already reduced merchandise. Prices listed in the website are the sale prices and when you add the item to your cart it will show the extra 50% taken off.

They also have a petite and a tall section. Who says you have to be a size 2 to be fashionable?

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5 responses to “Canadian Deals: Addition Elle Take an Extra 50% Off Already Reduced Merchandise!”

  1. Sara says:

    I was just doing some shopping on the website and found that the 50% off prices changed when I updated my cart… they went back to the regular sale prices. I tried refreshing, and the problem remained.


  2. Natalie says:

    I’ve shopped at Addition Elle for years as well as have their points card. Note that this 50% off sale prices and 30% off regular prices was on for boxing day too.
    During the week of your birthday they will give you an additional 10% off of the 50% off price.
    I spent less than the total I saved on my bill!!

  3. evil.kitten says:

    Additional elle/penningtons all the same company [reitmens]

    Their clothing quality has really gone DOWN hill. I JUST bought an awesome pair of panties they were tight or loose they were PERFECT. I bent over to pick up the laundry this morning and I heard a rip.. than another and another; long story short the stitching was terrible and th thread was wrong [too thin].

    I’m finding this all over the board at penningtons/addition elle. 2 years ago I bought a lovely black top [very soft material but it attracts dog/cat hair like nobodies business =/] I never wore it except to try it on when I was working there, once upon a time. Forward to this christmas I put it on.. It fit a little looser than before [yay?] Well my dad and I were about to walk out to the car so we could get going to our party and I just slipped my arms thru my jacket and one of the large decorative black buttons on my shirt just FELL off and onto the floor.. ugh… I pick it up to show my dad and the SECOND button fell off! I just stared, livid.. GRR! Lo-and-behold at the party I’m helping my sister in the kitchen when I hear this ting sound.. my 3rd and final button fell off and onto the floor…. WTF! They were not stitched at all properly to the shirt..

    This happens with about 80% of my clothing I buy there.. it ludacris! The only thing that isn’t falling apart are the pants I buy there.. go figure.. But the bras, shirts, panties… fall apart [ven the purse I bought there].

    I’m actually finding better looking, more durable and WAY better priced plus sized clothing at zellers and wal-mart!

    Reitmen’s should be ashamed to own addition elle and penningtons.

    I’ve tried to formally complain but the website wants you to be a member to do that… so I used my mothers card… but there’s no way to email a complaint.. I’m not wasting my money to call them nor am I wasting stamps to send a letter.

  4. evil.kitten says:

    Also their clothes are so fricking UGLY now! They’ve reverted back to 10+ years ago when the clothes were lovingly referred to as “Granny wear”.. shudder.. I’m remembering my terrible public/high school years… =(

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